Zoey’s Natural Tomato Soup Paste - 200ml

  • Zoey’s Natural
  • Sweet & Sour
  • Rich tomato flavour with a balanced sweet and sour taste
  • 230 x 190 x 430 mm
  • 200g x 36 boxes per Carton
  • 200 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Zoey’s Natural Tomato Soup Paste - 200ml

Usage: Are you prepared to go on a gastronomic journey that will titillate your taste buds and advance the quality of your cuisine to new heights? You only need this Tomato Soup Paste, a magic ingredient that will turn your dishes into mouthwatering works of art. This Tomato Soup Paste is a need in any kitchen due to its robust, genuine flavor and adaptability. The color and scent of Tomato Soup Paste are the first things you'll notice about it. This paste captures the flavor of sun-ripened tomatoes in every mouthful since it is made from the best tomatoes that have been painstakingly chosen and mixed to perfection. It is like preserving summer in a jar!

How then may you include this enchanted Tomato Soup Paste in your culinary endeavors? Let's explore some tantalizing possibilities:

1. Classis Tomato Soup: A big dollop of Tomato Soup Paste should be added to a foundation of sautéed onions and garlic to make a traditional tomato soup. You'll have a velvety-smooth, flavorful tomato soup in no time if you let it simmer. For a hearty and filling lunch, serve it with some fresh basil sprinkled on top and a crusty bread roll.
2. Pasta Perfection: Make your favorite sauce recipes better by adding Tomato Soup Paste to your pasta meals. A tablespoon or two of this paste will provide a depth of flavor that will have your family and visitors pleading for more, whether you're creating a traditional marinara or a thick Bolognese.
3. Amazing Sauces: Using Tomato Soup Paste as a basis, make amazing sauces to elevate your grilled meats, poultry, or veggies. It will enhance any dish when combined with herbs, spices, and a little cream to create a creamy tomato sauce.
4. Flavorful Dips and Spreads: Enhance your appetizers and snacks with Tomato Soup Paste for flavorful dips and spreads. Spread it over toasted baguette slices and top with mozzarella cheese for a quick and simple bruschetta or combine it with mayonnaise or cream cheese for a tangy and delectable dip.
5. . Unleash Your Creativity: Experiment with Tomato Soup Paste as your culinary inspiration. Use it to add flavor to casseroles, stews, and even homemade pizza sauce. Only your creativity can stop you from the unlimited possibilities!

With Tomato Soup Paste, you can easily transform bland meals into outstanding ones. This product is a must-have pantry staple for both beginning cooks and seasoned chefs due to its robust flavor and adaptability. Tomato Soup Paste is your key to culinary success whether you're making hearty soups, enticing sauces, or delectable dips. What are you still holding out for? Make Tomato Soup Paste your secret weapon to open new flavor possibilities in your kitchen. Prepare to wow your loved ones and guests with every meal you cook. Take advantage of the tomato soup paste revolution to boost your culinary abilities.

Certifications: Since its establishment in 2017, Zoe's Food Supply Sdn Bhd has dedicated itself to producing baby food items of the greatest caliber. Their dedication to producing infant meals of the greatest quality and degree of security is supported by honors and qualifications.

  1. Halal certififed from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM): The Halal certification from JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) is required for products manufactured by Zoey's Food Supply Sdn Bhd to be marketed to Muslims in Malaysia. JAKIM is the Department of Islamic Development. All food products from Malaysia shares the same characteristics. The Halal certification proves that the product conforms with Shariah throughout manufacture and that the ingredients are appropriate for consumption by Muslims. JAKIM certified us as Halal because of our adherence to the stringent legal standards outlined by Shariah.

  2. Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI): Corporate employees must successfully complete the Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) training in order to receive the MeSTI (Food Safety is Industry's Responsibility) accreditation. Then, depending on what they discovered during the course, they will be audited. If they meet the requirements, they will be given the certificate and be allowed to sell their products in Malaysia. Zoey's Food Supply Sdn Bhd has been acknowledged as a Malaysian-made brand based on its qualifications.

Storage Instructions: To ensure the longevity and quality of Tomato Soup Paste, proper storage is imperative. Follow these simple guidelines to maintain the flavor and freshness of your products:

1. Cool And Dry: Keep Tomato Soup Paste away from heat sources and direct sunlight in a cold, dry area. A pantry or kitchen cabinet is the finest area to preserve the product's quality unaltered.

2. Airtight Container: Once the paste has been opened, place the leftover mixture in an airtight container. This will lessen the likelihood of spoilage and flavor deterioration by preventing air exposure and moisture absorption. Ensure that the container is tidy and securely closed.

3. Refrigeration: Although it is not necessary, refrigeration can make the Tomato Soup Paste last longer, especially after opening. Refrigeration is advised if you live in a hot, humid region or if you plan to store your food for an extended length of time. The main compartment of the refrigerator is preferable to the door for the airtight container.

4. Avoid Contamination: When scooping out the paste, always use a clean spoon or spatula to avoid contamination. Moisture and extraneous materials might encourage bacterial development and deterioration, keeping them out of the container.

5. Check For Signs Of Spoilage: Before using the Tomato Soup Paste, examine it visually and olfactorily for signs of spoilage. Keep an eye out for any mold development, odd color changes, or unpleasant odors. If you spot any of these symptoms, throw the product away right away.

The rich flavors of Tomato Soup Paste may be enjoyed for a long time by following these storage rules, which also ensures that it will offer a distinctive touch to your culinary creations. The Tomato Soup Paste may survive for a very long period even after it has been opened and should have a shelf life of up to 12 months with careful storage.

Packaging Information: For simpler shipping, Tomato Soup Paste is wrapped in a plastic bag that is then placed inside a box. The label offers crucial details and serving recommendations while the box displays the paste's vivid red color. The packaging, which comes in 200-gram boxes, provides easy portioning and storage. To preserve the goods during transit, additional protective packing materials are required. The carefully created packaging preserves the product's freshness and quality while bringing a touch of elegance to your cupboard.

Zoey’s Natural Tomato Soup Paste Overview

The flavorful, tangy aromas of sun-ripened tomatoes are brought into your kitchen by the flexible and delectable Tomato Soup Paste. Any food fan should have this culinary treasure in their cupboard since it provides an easy method to improve your meals and open a world of culinary opportunities. The flavor of ripe tomatoes is captured in tomato soup paste, particularly the traditional version, which adds an intense natural flavor boost to any dish. The thick and velvety texture of the paste gives soups, sauces, and other foods body and depth, enhancing their satiation and robustness. It saves you time in the kitchen while assuring consistent quality and flavor by enabling you to experience the robust tomato flavor without the trouble of chopping and cooking real tomatoes. Tomato soup has a long and rich history. Originally from South America, tomatoes made their way to Europe where they finally gained popularity as components in a variety of dishes. However, tomato soup didn't appear until the 18th century. Due to the exorbitant expense of tomatoes, tomato soup was once only enjoyed by the rich. However, as time went on, it gained appeal and eventually became a treasured comfort dish and an American culinary classic.

Tomato soup has changed over time, giving rise to various recipes and iterations. It is a common ingredient in kitchens all over the world because of its adaptability as a stand-alone meal, a basis for other soups, and a flavor enhancer in other dishes. By providing a quick and tasty method to taste the flavor of tomato soup in a concentrated form, tomato soup paste carries on this heritage. The versatility of Tomato Soup Paste in your kitchen allows you to create everything from traditional tomato soups to substantial pasta sauces. You are transported to a world of flavor and culinary adventure by its vivid crimson color, mouthwatering flavor, and rich perfume. Tomato Soup Paste becomes your secret tool for improving the flavor and attractiveness of your meals, whether you're preparing a warm bowl of soup on a chilly day, a tangy tomato-based pasta sauce, or making spicy dips and spreads.

Tomato Soup Paste is the undisputed king of culinary ingenuity. It makes it simple to incorporate the bold flavors of tomatoes into your dishes, bringing your culinary creations to new levels. Its flexibility has no boundaries, allowing you to experiment with other cuisines and give your meals a little tomato-inspired charm. A staple in the kitchen, Tomato Soup Paste provides the advantages of tomato soup in a tasty, practical, and easy form. It is a cherished ingredient in kitchens all around the world because of its lengthy history and dedication to flavor. Embrace the magic of Tomato Soup Paste and unleash your creative culinary side, whether you're a seasoned chef or a budding home cook. Discover the extraordinary flavor and culinary options it provides and enjoy the classic allure of tomato soup in every meal you make.

About Zoey’s Food Supply Sdn Bhd

A reputable business in the food sector, Zoey’s Food Supply Sdn Bhd is dedicated to giving clients all around the world access to outstanding culinary items but is more focused on baby food. The business has built a good reputation for its services by placing a significant emphasis on quality, innovation, and client happiness. Producing a broad variety of food items that meet various gastronomic demands is the area of expertise of Zoey’s Food Supply Sdn Bhd. The business takes pleasure in producing mouthwatering alternatives that improve the dining experience, from sauces and pastes to ready-to-cook meals and condiments.

Zoey’s Food Supply Sdn Bhd is driven by a desire for perfection, emphasizing the use of premium ingredients and strict quality control procedures across all stages of manufacturing. Modern production facilities are used by the firm together with rigorous adherence to food safety regulations to guarantee the highest levels of product quality and safety. The commitment to innovation shown by Zoey’s Food Supply Sdn Bhd is one of its main advantages. To keep on top of culinary trends and satisfy changing consumer tastes, the firm continuously experiments with new flavors, recipes, and product offers. Zoey’s Food Supply Sdn Bhd creates goods that are not only delicious but also a reflection of modern tastes and needs by fusing traditional culinary methods with technological breakthroughs.

Zoey’s Food Supply Sdn Bhd is dedicated to quality and innovation, but it also prioritizes client pleasure. By offering top-notch goods and dependable service, the business aims to create lasting ties with its clients. Using a customer-centric strategy, Zoey’s Food Supply Sdn Bhd pays attention to criticism, comprehends client wants and constantly enhances its products to meet and surpass expectations. The commitment to excellence at Zoey’s Food Supply Sdn Bhd has contributed to its success in both home and foreign markets. The company's goods are well known for their high quality and have a following of devoted customers. To further expand its reach and make its goods available to a larger audience, Zoey’s Food Supply Sdn Bhd forges solid partnerships with retail chains, food service providers, and distributors. A prominent business, Zoey’s Food Supply Sdn Bhd, takes pleasure in offering outstanding cuisine. The business has established a prestigious position in the food market by placing a strong emphasis on quality, innovation, and customer pleasure. With a vast variety of products and a dedication to going above and beyond, Zoey’s Food Supply Sdn Bhd continues to excite taste buds and improve dining experiences for customers all around the world.

Tomato Soup Paste's Specifications

- Brand Name:
Zoey’s Natural
- Taste: Sweet & Sour
- Feature: Rich Tomato Flavor with a Balanced Sweet and Sour Taste
- Dimension: 230 x 190 x 430 mm
- Packaging: 200g x 36 Boxes per Carton
- Net Weight/Unit: 200 Grams
- Shelf Life: 12 Months
- Country of Origin: Malaysia

Ingredients: Tomato, Tomato Paste, Palm Oil, Yeast Extract, Natural Chicken Stock, Anchovy, Dried Squid, Vinegar, Vinegar Powder, Pepper, Sugar, Salt

Ideally Served:

- Can be made into classic tomato soup.
- Can be made into pasta sauces such as marinara or Bolognese sauces.
- A delicious base for stews and casseroles.
- A tasty dips and spreads.
- A delightful flavor booster.
- Best served hot or warm in most dishes.
- Best served cold for spreads and dips.

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