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Maximize Branding

Branding centric design

Each merchants website design is unique and focus in bringing out your brand value and company image
to ensure maximum confidence from your customers.

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Koi Synergy

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Perfect Agro

Inah Superior

Busan Bio

Rizal Trophy

Get Halal Verified status for your products

HalalVerified is an indicator awarded to our merchants who have the JAKIM Halal Certificate or the other 56 International Halal Certified Bodies which recognized by JAKIM. This is to ensure that muslim consumers and corporate buyers can find genuine Halal products from DagangHalal e-Marketplace portal in peace of mind.

Where you can find Halal Verified logo?

Product Listing Page

Product Details Page

Company Profile Page

Manage Your e-Commerce Website

An easy management tool for your e-Commerce website

We provide a very simple and yet a comprehensive and effective tool to manage your e-commerce website. It is called Halal Trade Manager.

Halal Trade Manager will helps you to add new products, manage orders, manage shipping charges, accept payment from customers, publish content for your store and others. You can easily access all these features by loging in to Halal Trade Manager on DagangHalal.com.

Adding products and managing orders never been so easy with Halal Trade Manager.

Receive Instant Alert

You do not need to monitor your e-commerce website 24/7 as you will receive instant alert via SMS for any new orders and enquiries from your customers. So you can always get the updates on what's happenings with your e-commerce website even when you are on-the-go.

Easy online shopping experience

Your customers will be able to buy any of your products through your e-commerce website with a single click. You also can update the transaction status with your customers whether it is being processed or already shipped.

Some screenshots of e-commerce website frontend.

Complete Online Payment Gateway

DagangHalal e-Commerce does solve the limitation and expensive cost of having online payment gateway to your online store. Your e-commerce website is built-in with the popular bank and credit card payment method.

Let Customers Find You

DagangHalal e-Commerce include built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features. These SEO features ensure that your e-commerce website get listed on the top page in the most popular search engine - Google. SEO will helps you to generate large traffic to your website and increase your sales conversion rate.

Cosmoderm is No. 1 in Google.com.my for keyword “Halal Scar Healing”.

Integrated B2B Marketing

As the world’s no. 1 Halal business portal, DagangHalal will promote your business to our genuine buyers, manufacturers and agents all around the world. We will build your branding in Halal industry to expand your Halal business globally. With 3.55 million visitors traffic worldwide in a year, we believe that we can help to increase leads and sales for your Halal business.

Place your business in the world’s largest Halal e-Marketplace portal

Your Halal product will be published in DagangHalal B2B e-Marketplace with high priority listing (for Silver or Gold merchant).

Increase your e-commerce website visibility on DagangHalal landing page (for a limited time only).

Sales lead in major Halal trade fairs worldwide

As for the offline marketing channel, your business will be matched with the buying leads from major Halal trade fairs worldwide which participated by DagangHalal. You will be able to get big order enquiries from the genuine corporate buyers locally and internationally.

So you no need to spent so much money to participate in the local and international Halal trade fair. We'll find buyers for you!

Advantage to take part in highly traffic consumers carnival event

Discover new segment of customers and make more sales by joining our consumer carnival events such as 1Malaysia 1Halal Campaign which has been held nationwide, Jelajah BEST! - an islamic entertainment concert event and Bulan Pengguna Kebangsaan - a month of campaign for consumers.

Promote your business directly to the consumers

Promote your e-commerce website in 1Malaysia1Halal Facebook page with more than 9,000 fans.

Your Halal products and e-commerce website will be published in DagangHalal e-newsletter with more than 40,000 subsribers worldwide.
View sample here.

Publish Halal Products in 60 Sec

FREE Android app to publish your product from
mobile to your e-commerce website.

You can start publishing your Halal products in just 60 seconds with your android’s phone. Halal Trade Manager Mobile application will provide you with the easiest and fastest way to add new Halal products to your e-commerce website.

They already succeed. Now is your turn!

DagangHalal is a platform for critical success factor for SME's credibility and growth!

"DagangHalal provides the platform through online portal and events to expose our products to the new customer and reinforce the loyalty of existing customer."

Mawarni Hassan
CEO of Vanity Cosmeceutical Sdn. Bhd.

Recommended to the SMEs which are targeting the Halal Industry

"Daganghalal is widely known as a Halal e-marketplace portal, nationally and internationally. This platform help us to promote our company, brand and products especially in Halal industry market."

Datuk Razhi Yahaya
Executive Chairman of Perfect Agro (M) Sdn. Bhd.

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