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About Us

Malaysia Premium Shoe and Bag Care Center
Shoe Spa, Handbag Spa, Painting, Leather Cleaning & Restoration Services

YWK Little Bubble Hut started as a laundry incorporated in year 2001. In year 2011, YWK Little Bubble Hut expanded into shoes and sneaker cleaning. Subsequently in 2015, we set up a workshop, with the same passionate team that founded YWK Little Bubble Hut in 2001, now YWK Little Bubble Hut exclusively service your delicate leather shoes, bags & wallets, providing a complete range of garment care services: dry cleaning, wet cleaning (a greener alternative to dry cleaning), leather cleaning, leather restoration, laundry washing/drying/ironing, soft toys cleaning, mascot cleaning, carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, special garment cleaning services, cleaning, repair and restoration of shoes and branded handbags. YWK Little Bubble Hut is now a Shoe & Sneaker care service that offers repair, customization, leather polish, de-odoring, water repellent, sole protectioncleaning, restorations, and custom paint jobs for shoes, sneakers and branded handbags. With more than 10 years of experience in the shoe cleaning business, and sneakers cleaning innovation we have implemented into our processes, we are particularly proud to be recognized as one of the best leather restoration and repair workshop in the Klang Valley. There aren’t many cobblers in Kuala Lumpur who are able to mend leather shoes. We have proven track record of good reviews based in Petaling Jaya. 


Bubblehut Shoe Spa

Shoe and Sneaker Cleaning

Prices begin at RM38 for classic cleaning package: We clean uppersoles, midsoles, bottom soles and laces

For Deep Cleaning (RM50): We clean uppersoles, midsoles, bottom soles, laces and insole.

Our signature cleaning service will help you get rid of the annoying stain on your shoes. We’re experienced with different material as Fabric, Leather, Suede, Rubber, Nubuck and mixed. We can remove fungus/mold/mildew that has built up over the years. Our cleaning service is also the best seller. 100% handwashed.

If your shoes look dirty as they may have taken too many trips up the court, cuts across the field, or laps around the track, where they’ve pick up dirt, mud, scuffs, and stains, come to us. To enable you to enjoy your sneakers for a long time is our goal. So it might be unnecessary for a new pair of sneakers each time they soil. Periodic cleanings will keep your shoes looking (and smelling) their best.

Some sneaker brands have specific written guarantees and/or warranties. In those cases, details and return information would be included on the label, hang tag, or warranty card that came with the item.

YWK Little Bubble Hut clean your shoes without damaging them.To ensure peak performance of your sneakers over time, YWK Little Bubble Hut recommend proper care and maintenance after cleaning. YWK Little Bubble Hut place your shoes in a shoe tree or fill them with crumpled newspapers to help retain their shape during cleaning. Then, YWK Little Bubble Hut get to work. Men's and Women's shoe and sneaker Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair service. Whether fabric or leather, your shoes can be cleaned to the highest standard.


Bubblehut Bag Spa

YWK Little Bubble Hut started out with a desire for providing quality, authentic service and materials, because we understand that you buy a luxury handbag due to their quality craftmanship dedicated to the lovers of the material. To enable you to enjoy your luxury handbag for a long time is our goal. 

Our signature cleaning service will help you get rid of the annoying stain on your handbags. We’re experienced with different material as Fabric, Leather, Suede, Rubber, Nubuck and mixed. We can remove fungus/mold/mildew that has built up over the years. Our cleaning service is also the best seller. 100% handwashed.

Some luxury handbag brands guarantees their products for 2 years from the date of purchase. However, the warranty covers only items that present a manufacturing fault, and does not cover damages arising from dye transference, accident or misuse.

All the luxury bag collections have their value; full anilines leather is a finishing of the highest grade leather, which cannot be applied to any type of leather. Aniline dye is a very specific type of dye that does not contain any pigment, or coloring. This means that the dye preserves the natural grain, marking, scars, and wrinkles, insect bites, beauty marks, hair whirls and colour difference from one leather hide to another or even within a single leather hide, that are present in the hide without coloring it at all. In addition, during this process, the leather dose not usually obtain an uniform color, because the hide absorbs the dye at different rates. Even though there is no pigment in the dye, the oils that the aniline is mixed with still change the color slightly. This process keeps the natural character of the leather, and makes full aniline leather distinctive.

Sharp and harsh objects can scratch and damage all leathers, and non-colourfast clothing can cause permanent discolouration of the leather. Exposing leather to direct sunlight for extended periods of time or placing leather close to warm radiators or fireplaces can dry out leather and cause cracking. YWK Little Bubble Hut pay the utmost attention to these details to ensure high quality output.

For all that to be possible, YWK Little Bubble Hut have to work on only the purest and cleanest leather surfaces of super high quality. YWK Little Bubble Hut uses Leather Cleaner - a neutral soap developed specifically for full anilines leather, useful for cleaning and degreasing the surface. All types of solvents, acetones, degreasers, creams and makeup removers available on the market must absolutely be avoided for the cleaning of full anilines leather. Spot cleaning is not recommended for leather. Depending on the leather type and colour, spot cleaning can cause unnatural discolouration.  Natural-coloured leather is a very delicate type of leather and will easily absorb liquids, e.g. spilled drinks/oils and fats. YWK Little Bubble Hut only try to remove stains if absolutely necessary as the leather is easily damaged by cleaning attempts. YWK Little Bubble Hut NEVER applied water or soap to Suede. YWK Little Bubble Hut only  vacuum Suede. 

Bring handbag back to a useable or even "like-new" condition to be enjoyed again. Damage and everyday wear and tear are made virtually invisible. Our repair and restoration are completely crafted by hands – staying true to our philosophy of unique, functional and heartwarming.

Our Service Highlights

Advanced tools, equipments and techniques
Our Service Meet the customer satisfaction
The best leather restoration and repair workshop
Highest standard

Company Overview

    • Business Type
    • Business & Service Provider, Retailer
    • Year Established
    • 2001
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    • Laundry
    • No. of Employees
    • Less than 10
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    • Main Markets
    • Asia
Telephone No:
60 - 0175803427
5-1, Jalan PJU 8/5F, Perdana Business Centre, Damansara Perdana, 47820, Petaling Jaya
Province / State:


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