Gelatomio Mango Sorbet Ice Cream Cup - 100ml

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Product details of Gelatomio Mango Sorbet Ice Cream Cup - 100ml

Usage: The mango sorbet ice cream is an ideal palate cleanser that comes in a refreshing tropical flavour, suitable for all kinds of meals that are not only limited to desserts and sweet dishes. While sorbet is typically served as a palette cleanser between courses, it can also be coupled with other dishes to create a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable feast. Several things can be served with sorbet, but some of the most popular are fresh fruit, cookies, cake, and even champagne. You may also serve it with cheese, grilled meats, or veggies for a more savoury option. Whether you want something light and refreshing or something more filling and delicious, there is bound to be something that can be paired with a deliciously sweet mango sorbet ice cream that will satisfy you. A fruit sorbet such as the mango-flavoured one is great on its own, but adding a topping elevates it to new heights. A popular crowd pleaser would be to serve sorbet with crushed meringues since they offer a nice sweetness and crunch. The various textures are also very appealing. Another popular combination that can be tried out by sorbet lovers is adding crushed watermelons and limes. The combination of sweet, tangy, and refreshing flavours of the crushed watermelon and lime brings it to a whole new level of delectability. The sweetness of the watermelon will complement the tartness of the lime and the refreshing aspect of the pleasant treat wonderfully.

Certifications & Mentionings: Gelatomio as a leading retailer in frozen desserts has been awarded the following accolades based on its overall performance in terms of the customer service that has been provided and also the quality of the diverse line of products offered by the brand:

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: The Halal certification as approved by JAKIM is granted to businesses and suppliers that work within the F&B industry, as a show of authenticity and a claim to the compliance of laws enforced by the Syariah committee and local authorities, hence making all consumables from the aforementioned brand safe for consumption, for all Muslims around the world.

  2. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certified: The GMP accreditation is granted to suppliers and manufacturers who ensure that any variety of products within a brand or firm are created using the best industry standards, which not only boosts brand protection but also prepares the facility for regulatory inspections.

  3. MeSTI Certified: In terms of operation control and maintenance, the mango frozen sorbet has been recognised to have complied with all of the relevant hygiene regulations enforced by local laws and authorities.

  4. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certified: HACCP accreditation is awarded to organisations and businesses that demonstrate a clear adherence to food safety standards from preparation through distribution, such as the sweet, mango frozen dessert.

  5. 100% All Natural Ingredients: The icy mango sorbet ice cream from Gelatomio and all of the brand’s pre-existing flavours of sorbet and gelato are made with 100% all natural ingredients without the addition of preservatives, artificial flavours, colouring, gelatin, or emulsifiers derived from animal fat.

Storage: The decadent Mangifera sorbet ice cream has the consistency of shaved ice and has that signature chew to it that is loved by sorbet enthusiasts around the world. In order to preserve the smooth yet textured consistency of the refreshing mango sorbet, it is pivotal that the sorbet is stored at the right temperature of -12°C to -14°C (10.4° F to 6.8°F)

Mango Sorbet Ice Cream Overview

Many of us here can agree that a cooling bowl of sorbet is unparalleled in terms of flavour and a satisfying texture of biting into tiny pieces of ice on a sunny day. However, we can often get our frozen desserts mixed up or simply not really know what exactly is a sorbet. A sorbet is created in the same way that ice cream is, with the components gradually freezing while being churned to produce a smooth, homogeneous texture. A sorbet can be made from any type or mix of fruits. It can be created with flavours such as chocolate, coffee, almonds, and liqueur, depending on the location or preference. While ice cream has air whipped into it, sorbet has almost none, giving it a higher density and a far higher flavour to taste bud ratio. Sorbet can also be used as a low-fat, nutritious substitute for ice cream.
Gelatos and sorbets have been around since 3000 B.C. Asian cultures are thought to have uncovered the roots of sorbet in the form of crushed ice with flavour. This similar technique was replicated five hundred years later in Egypt, when Pharaohs served visitors a cup of ice blended with fruit juices. Gelato can also be found in the Bible, as Isaac served Abraham goat milk blended with snow. Marco Polo rediscovered gelato and sorbet over the years. Historians believe that throughout his travels, Marco Polo adopted and brought back to Italy the same strategies utilised by many in the past. Gelatos and sorbets eventually evolved and grew increasingly popular across all socioeconomic strata.

The portable, mini, mango-flavoured sorbet ice cream is made with the idea of awakening your nostalgia and fond, summer memories of having ripe mangoes on a hot and humid day. Made with fresh and natural ingredients, look no further than this frozen Amra-Phal sorbet cup for your trip down memory lane and also to re-invigorate your tastebuds from within.

About Gelatomio Production

Founded in 2012 Gelatomio Production was a joint venture between two established gelato companies, Premium Buckets Sdn Bhd (est. 2009) and Gelatomio Sdn Bhd (est. 2004), to specialise on the supply of gelato to the foodservice industry especially towards hotels, restaurants and cafes. The two forces contributed synergies to the company by combining their manufacturing facilities and sales network to achieve the primary goal which was to provide customers with higher-quality gelato products and service solutions. Following this, in April 2015, Gelatomio Group's shareholders chose to sell their entire shares in Gelatomio Sdn Bhd and its subsidiaries to new investors, which included physical assets and liabilities related to its Retail Kiosks in various shopping malls as well as its manufacturing plant. Mr. Massimo Minneci's company Infoglobal.net Sdn Bhd retained ownership of the "Gelatomio" brand, which he founded in 2004. This left Gelatomio Wholesale Sdn Bhd as the sole remaining Business in the former Gelatomio Group to carry on with its operations under the "Gelatomio" name, which has subsequently been successfully transferred to us by its founder and is now listed on MyIPO. Looking past the shift in circumstances, the company has grown in strength and relocated to a new industrial location to expand its manufacturing facilities and enhance its manufacturing capacity. With the motto of “NATURAL, HEALTHY & WHOLESOME GOODNESS” as a marker for its performance and credibility, the brand is on a steadfast journey to becoming the leading supplier of frozen, instant desserts and emerge at the top of the ladder in the near future.

Mango Frozen Dessert Specifications

- Net weight of 100ml (3.38fl oz)
- Mango sorbet flavoured
- Frozen and creamy texture
- Made with Mango Alphonso fruit
- Authentic Italian sorbet taste
- Without added preservatives or colouring
- Made from 100% natural ingredients
- Ideally stored from -12°C to -14°C (10.4° F to 6.8°F)

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