Ahimsa Mushroom Snack Original

  • 100 Carton(s)
  • Ahimsa
  • 9555255600112
  • Chewy Mushroom Jerky
  • Wood Smoked, Caramelized Flavor
  • Traditionally handmade wood smoked mushroom jerky
  • 310 x 580 x 360 mm
  • 100g x 2 packs per box, 200g x 70 boxes per carton, 400 cartons per container
  • 200 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Halal Certified, HACCP Certified
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Ahimsa Mushroom Snack Original

Usage: Simply take out a package of Ahimsa Mushroom Snack Original from Ahimsa Marketing Sdn Bhd after opening the purchased box. Tear across the tear notch straightly to open the aluminum retort pack. Then, the appetising mushroom jerky with a unique woodsy flavour is ready to be served.

You may serve this Ahimsa vegan food in bite-sized pieces as a snack or as a condiment to a cold dish. Besides, Ahimsa Marketing Sdn Bhd suggests serving it with sandwiches or burgers, which enhances the taste of the cuisine and creates a feast for your palate.

To prepare a simple sandwich with Ahimsa Mushroom Snack Original, you may need to prepare two sliced breads, mushroom jerky from Ahimsa, cheese, mayonnaise and fresh vegetables such as lettuce or even some grilled mushrooms. You may also add other ingredients to your liking.

First, toast the bread lightly. You may toast the bread with a toaster. Another great alternative is to toast the bread in a non-stick pan with some butter. It gives you a slightly buttery taste in the sandwich. After that, wash the vegetables and slice them into bite-sized pieces. Spread the mayonnaise on one side of the bread. Place the remaining ingredients on the side of the bread with mayonnaise. Lastly, top the ingredients with another slice of bread. You may serve the sandwich on a plate by cutting it into equal halves.

You may prepare burgers with the same approach by replacing bread with burger buns.

Ahimsa Mushroom Snack Original is a vegetarian food that is suitable for consumption by anyone regardless you are a non-vegetarian! You may serve Ahimsa vege health foods at any festivals or occasions to suit all guests’ preferences. It is also a decent gift to present to your friends and relatives as a New Year gift.

Storage Instructions: Ahimsa Marketing Sdn Bhd recommends that you store Ahimsa Mushroom Snack Original in cool and dry places. Once opened, you may keep the product refrigerated to retain the freshness of the mushroom snack. Consume the product within days to enjoy the chewiness of mushroom jerky at its finest. The product may be stored for up to 12 months with proper storage. Do not consume the product if the packaging is bloated or damaged.

Packaging: Ahimsa Mushroom Snack Original is hygienically packed and sealed in aluminum retort pack. Two packs of 100 g (about 3.53 ounces) Ahimsa Mushroom Snack are packed in each purchased box. The size of the product has a dimension of 310 x 580 x 360 mm (about 12.2 x 22.83 x 14.17 inches). A carton may contain 70 boxes of Ahimsa vegan food. A container consists of 400 cartons. A minimum of 100 cartons should be purchased to make an order. Bulk purchases are recommended for exclusive deals.


  1. Halal-certified: All variations of Ahimsa vegan products have been authorised as Halal vegan products by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) after a scrupulous investigation into the ingredients used and the manufacturing process. In this case, Ahimsa Mushroom Snack Original may also be known as Halal Ahimsa Mushroom Snack Original Malaysia and is suitable for consumption by Muslim populations.

  2. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP): By acquiring this accreditation, Ahimsa vege health food produced by Ahimsa Marketing Sdn Bhd have been validated as safe for human consumption upon fulfilling the food safety requirements, including the ability to control food safety hazards.

Ahimsa Mushroom Snack Overview

Inspired by traditional "rou gan" or "bakkwa" (Chinese sweet and salty meat jerky) that is commonly enjoyed by the Chinese, the Ahimsa Mushroom Snack Original is a great alternative for vegetarians.

Ahimsa Mushroom Snack Original is one of the Ahimsa vegetarian foods innovated by Ahimsa Marketing Sdn Bhd. Started as a small restaurant in 1986, step by step, Ahimsa Marketing Sdn Bhd has become Ahimsa Vege Health Food Industries Sdn Bhd, which is the pioneer manufacturing business that set up a vegetarian food manufacturing facility.

In Hindu, Buddhist and Jainist traditions, "ahimsa" has the meaning that all living creatures have the right to be respected and all violence against others should be forbidden. From the company name itself, it has shown the determination of Ahimsa Marketing Sdn Bhd to provide meat-free and healthful dishes that suit your palate the best. The company has developed diverse types of Ahimsa vegetarian food such as sauces, frozen food products, chef designed ready meals, seasonings and snacks that are all made with love and care.

The Ahimsa Mushroom Snack Original is a mushroom-made snack. This Ahimsa vege health food is a traditionally handmade wood-smoked mushroom jerky that is commonly known as vegetarian "rou gan". Apart from traditional "rou gan," which is made with meat such as pork, Ahimsa vegan food is a plant-based food. Besides, Ahimsa Marketing Sdn Bhd was the first innovator in making vegetarian "rou gan" for the past decade. Today, the Ahimsa mushroom snack has become a household name, which may be the representative of healthy and vegetarian "rou gan".

Fresh from the factory, the unique combination of wood smoked with caramelised flavour makes this Ahimsa’s mushroom snack become the best-selling product of the company. The series of mushroom snacks comes in 3 flavours, the other two flavours are black pepper flavour and spicy flavour. The chewiness and slightly sweet taste of mushroom jerky make this original flavour popular among young and old alike.

Ahimsa Mushroom Snack Original is a completely vegetarian snack as it does not consist of any dairy, onion or garlic. It is also high in fiber and free from preservatives and cholesterol. This makes the product the healthier choice of snack that is suitable for anyone.

Indulge in the chewiness and wood-smoked flavours of Ahimsa Mushroom Snack Original and enjoy a meat-free dining experience!

Vegetarian Mushroom Bakkwa Specifications

- Traditionally handmade wood smoked mushroom jerky
- Wood smoked and caramelised mushroom jerky with a chewy texture
- 100% vegetarian friendly: does not contain any dairy, onion or garlic
- Fresh supplies: Fresh from the factory
- High in fiber
- Cholesterol free and preservative free
- Hygienically packed with aluminum retort pack
- Has a dimension of 310 x 580 x 360 mm
- Has a net weight of 200g
- 12 months shelf life
- Made in Malaysia


- Textured wheat protein
- Textured soy protein
- Mushroom fibre
- Tapioca starch
- Modified starch (Contain thickener as permitted food conditioner)
- Palm oil
- Sugar
- Salt
- Red yeast
- Vegetarian seasoning (contains flavouring as permitted food)

Allergens: This product may contain wheat and soy.

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