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Product details of Yolimex Food Colouring Powder - 10kg

Usage Instruction: Serving bright food to family, customers, or clients is a satisfying experience. So, in this section, we'll go through how to utilize dessert colouring powder to make your pale dessert look more eye-catching! You can apply powdered food dye to oil-based ingredients in two ways: pour and brush.

  1. Pour method: For using food colour powder by employing the pouring technique. The steps are straightforward. When prepared, combine all the wet and dry ingredients until a mixture forms throughout the treat processing. Grab the powdered food dye box from the shelf and match the colour to the dessert recipe. 

    Then, directly pour a small amount of edible colour powder, or as needed, into your cake mix. After that, you must begin using the machine to ensure that the synthetic food dyes are thoroughly incorporated to generate a brightly coloured cake batter.

  2. Brush method: Food colouring powder is typically used on fat-based foods like chocolate, butter, shortening, and cocoa butter. Powdered food colouring is appropriate for tinting foods that should not contain liquid, such as meringues, whipped creams, or macarons. As a result, you only need a small bit of food colouring powder from the bottle. Then, with a brush, paint over the pastries or fondant-covered cake.

Reminders for consumers: food colouring powder should be applied gradually because the resulting shade is bolder than gel or liquid synthetic food dyes. 

Certification(s) & Award(s): Yolimex Sdn. Bhd's marketing efforts for its food colouring powder products have been validated by the company's receipt of authorization, garnering the trust of both shoppers and retailers.

  1. Halal Certified: Yolimex Sdn. Bhd. must first obtain halal certification before selling any of its products, including food colouring powder. It's fantastic for the company and its reputation that Muslims can buy and consume its edible colour powder without worrying about Shariah principles.

  2. Mesti Certificate: Yolimex Sdn. Bhd adheres to a wide range of fundamental hygienic standards to maintain MESTI certification, emphasizing efficient procedures, cleanliness and sanitation, quality control, and record-keeping. As a result, Yolimex Sdn. Bhd can gladly offer food colouring powder to clients and business owners.

Packaging Information: Yolimex Sdn. Bhd, as a food colouring powder supplier, constantly uses the best practices, particularly in packaging artificial food dyes, to benefit customers and merchants. As a result, keeping all of our edible colour powder in A food grade container will not leach non-food toxins into the food.

Furthermore, recyclable materials are employed in the packaging of food colouring powder. Before being sent to the client, every purchase of any shade of powdered food dye will be nicely packed in a cardboard box. Not only is the packaging quality of edible color powder at its optimum using this method, but the box may also be reused or recycled.

Storage information: Like other pantry supplies, food colouring powder should be kept in a cool, dark place. If the original powdered food colouring box is damaged or not securely sealed, the colour powder will quickly dry out, so make sure the lids fit well before storing. In this situation, switching to a new airtight container might be preferable for artificial food dyes.

Another suggestion for preserving food colouring powder is to acquire a powdered food dye rack. You can use this tool to categorize all artificial food colouring by shade. This storage technique helps keep your food colouring powder organized!

Shipping Information: If you are a reseller, consider purchasing a food colouring powder in bulk in a 20ft container with Yolimex Sdn. Bhd! Buy wholesale from us for the lowest price; we provide special deals for larger purchases of our artificial food coloring. Yolimex Sdn. Bhd., on the other hand, offers a facility for distributors who want to make a small initial purchase to test the edible colour powder product. So you can get powdered food colour in LCL or one pallet.

Food Colour Powder Overview

Synthetic food dyes, often known as a colour additive, is any dye, pigment, or chemical that adds colour to food or drink. Artificial food dyes are available in various forms, including liquids, powders, gels, and pastes. Food colouring powder is used in both commercial and household cooking. 

The usage of powdered food colouring in the baking industry is critical. The bakers will be disappointed if there is no food colour powder. Every baked item must have a brilliant and bold hue to entice customers to buy a cake. It's not that these dessert producers can't utilise natural food colouring; it just takes a long time and costs a lot of money. So, food colouring powder comes in handy. The edible colour powder is also safe for all food products. So, whether you are a professional or a home baker, you need not be concerned about serving the feast to your loved ones!

Non-food applications for food colouring powder include cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, home craft projects, medical gadgets, and photoshoots. You must be surprised, right? But it's true!

Powdered food colouring has been employed to brighten the pale meal colour and as a party ingredient. Have you ever heard of a fun run? The action in which people participate in sprinting while also throwing powdered food dye. Furthermore, edible colour powder has been employed in photography where food additives such as red, yellow, orange, blue, pink, green, purple, and brown will be used to create a super cute colour splash impact!

Furthermore, in Indian culture, food colouring powder is employed in the art. Indians used powdered food dye to make kolams during Deepavali, the harvest festival of Ponggal, and the Hindu holiday of Onam.

Food Colouring Powder Specification

- Food colouring powder enhances the look of meals.
- Artificial food dyes compensate for natural colour differences.
- Powdered food colouring extends the shelf life of meals.
- Edible colour powder may speed up the cooking process.
- Food colouring powder makes dessert look more inviting.

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