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Product details of Meat Houz Australian Beef Chuck Tender - 200g

Usage Instruction: In addition to tasting great, chuck tender may be prepared in a number of different ways. Several suggestions for preparing beef chuck steak:

  1. Braised chuck tender: Beef chuck tender is an ideal cut for braising, as it is relatively tough but has many flavours. To braise chuck tender, sear it in a hot pan to brown the outside, then transfer it to a large pot with vegetables and broth. Simmer the boneless beef on low heat for several hours until it becomes tender and flavorful.

  2. Grilled chuck tender: Beef chuck roll can also be grilled for a delicious and flavorful meal. Season chuck tender with your preferred spices and herbs, then grill it over high heat for a few minutes per side, turning as necessary, until it reaches the doneness you choose.

  3. Roasted chuck tender: Chuck shoulder can also be roasted in the oven for a delicious and tender result. To roast chuck tender, season it with salt, pepper, and your favourite herbs and spices, and place it in a preheated oven at 177°C (350°F) for 20-25 minutes per pound (453.6g)

  4. Slow-cooked chuck tender: Sliced boneless chuck is also an ideal meat cut for slow cooking in a crockpot or slow cooker. To slow-cook chuck tender, sear it in a hot pan to brown the outside, then transfer it to a slow cooker with vegetables and broth. Cook the meat from the topside cow part on low heat for several hours until it becomes tender and flavorful.

One beneficial tip, resting beef chuck steak for several minutes after cooking is crucial for redistributing the meat's natural fluids and ensuring a tender, flavourful end result.

Certification(s) and Mentioning (s): This accreditation proves that Nusantara Meat Berhad is committed to providing its customers with superior chuck tender that meets or exceeds all applicable local, state, federal, and international regulations.

  1. JAKIM Halal Certified: Beef chuck steak is prepared in line with Islamic dietary law, making it suitable for Muslim clients worldwide. With this accreditation, the chuck tender is more readily available to shoppers seeking Halal-approved cow meat cuts.

  2. Imported Quality Meat:  Our chuck tender is sourced from trusted producers in countries such as Australia, ensuring our clients receive only the best quality meat. We go to considerable lengths to guarantee that our halal meat cut is clean and lawful because it was prepared according to halal principles.

Packaging Information: Nusantara Meat Berhad has made a wise decision by opting to package their chuck tender in vacuum-sealed plastic bags. The advantages of utilizing vacuum-sealed plastic bags include the following:

One of the main advantages of vacuum-sealed plastic bags is that they preserve the meat cut from freezer burn. This is known as freezer burn if the chuck tender can dry out and harden in the freezer due to air exposure. The vacuum-sealed plastic bag eliminates air surrounding the cow meat, protecting it from freezer burn and extending its shelf life.

Chuck tender can be kept fresh for longer if stored in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag. Because of this, the beef chuck roll may be kept longer without becoming bad or less appetizing.

The boneless chuck in vacuum-sealed plastic bags can be stacked neatly without too much room. Frozen beef containers are also more sturdy than other packaging options, so there's less risk of damage during shipping or warehousing.

Australian cube meat in vacuum-sealed plastic bags improves presentation since they are transparent and aesthetically pleasing, allowing customers to assess the quality of the frozen beef chuck shoulder before purchase. 

Shipping Information: We understand the significance of efficient and risk-free transport while delivering our chuck offer to customers. The cow's arm roast part is packed into either 20ft containers or smaller container loads to transport our whole boneless beef to domestic and foreign consumers.

Our chuck tender is suitable for shipping in a standard 20ft container, accommodating up to 25 metric tons of frozen cow meat. This is the quickest and most cost-effective method of obtaining beef chuck steak if you require a large quantity and can accommodate a container stock.

For businesses that want less than a full container of chuck tender, we now provide less-than-container-load (LCL) shipments. Companies that need to import frozen whole goods but lack the room or equipment to discharge a full container can benefit from LCL shipments. Because of the low cost, flexibility, and dependability of LCL shipping, we are able to offer our beef chuck roll to customers.

Storage Instruction(s): We'll go over basic guidelines for storing frozen chuck tender that can be used by any grocery shop, restaurant, hotel, or even a home cook. Storage guidelines for slice chuck shoulder are as follows:

  1. Keep beef chuck roll frozen: Chuck tender should be stored at 0°C or below to maintain the cow’s topside meat quality and safety. Any temperature above this can cause bacteria growth and spoilage of boneless chuck.

  2. Use airtight packaging: As discussed earlier, vacuum-sealed plastic bags are an ideal option for packaging chuck tender for the freezer. This container choice will protect the beef meat from freezer burn and prevent air exposure that can lead to oxidation and spoilage.

  3. Label and date the chuck tender package: Label the packaging with the cut of meat name, the date of packaging, and the weight to make it easy to identify and to keep track of the age of the chuck tender in the freezer.

  4. Store meat in a dedicated freezer space: Keep the chuck tender separately from other items like fruits and vegetables. This will prevent cross-contamination and unwanted odours from infiltrating the boneless cube meat.

  5. Keep beef chuck tender organized: Organize the freezer so that the chuck tender is easy to access and so that newer packages are stored behind older ones. This will ensure that the oldest packages are used first and reduce the likelihood of wasting any Australian chuck shoulder meat.

Chuck Tender Overview

Chuck tender is a beef cut from a cow's shoulder part. It is a lean and flavourful slice, making this boneless meat popular among chefs and home cooks. The beef chuck roll is a relatively small meat cut with a compact, cylindrical shape.

Australian chuck tender can be prepared in two ways: as a roast or as a steak. When prepared as an arm roast, it is typically braised, smoked or stewed to break down the connective tissue and tenderize the meat. On the other hand, beef chuck steak is a thinner and more tender cut that is great for grilling, broiling, or pan-searing. Chuck shoulder has a rich, beefy flavour and is often used as a substitute for more expensive cuts like ribeye or sirloin.

Regardless of how it is prepared, chuck tender requires proper cooking techniques to ensure tenderness and juiciness. It's important not to overcook it, as boneless chuck can become tough and dry. For both chuck tender roast and steak, it's best to marinate the frozen beef meat beforehand to add flavour and tenderize it further.

Chuck tender is an adaptable cut of meat that works well in a wide range of dishes, from stews and pot roasts to soups and sandwiches to grilled or pan-seared steak. Beef chuck tender is a great option for those who want a flavorful and tender cut of beef without breaking the bank.

About Nusantara Meat Berhad

Nusantara Meat Berhad is a Malaysian-based company specializing in the livestock and meat industry. We aim to produce and provide quality, clean, and consumable halal meat to all regional and global consumers. Our vision is to be a leading halal meat supplier, maintaining high quality and hygiene standards throughout production.

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we have strategically positioned ourselves to serve our customers with the finest quality, clean, hygienic, and consumable imported meat from our associates in Australia, India, Pakistan, Japan, Brazil, and East Africa. At Nusantara Meat Berhad, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing our customers with premium quality meat while adhering to halal principles.

Beef Chuck Tender Specification

- Chuck tender comes from the shoulder section of a cow.
- Proper cooking techniques for chuck tender include braising, stewing, grilling, broiling, or pan-searing steak.
- Beef chuck roll is a lean cut of meat with some marbling, which gives it a tender texture when prepared correctly.
- Chuck tender has a rich, beefy flavour that is great for various dishes.
- Beef chuck steak is an affordable cut of meat.

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