Meat Houz Aus Chilled Feet - 500g

  • Meat Houz
  • Hard
  • High Collagen Content
  • 500 Gram
  • Malaysia

Product details of Meat Houz Aus Chilled Feet - 500g

Usage: The fresh flesh of a cow's feet or leg isn't particularly delicate. Still, separating from the backbone over a long, slow boil becomes easy. You may consume it as a stew recipe with the stock or by itself.
  1. Combine the cow's foot, carrot, cloves, garlic, pepper, and water in a big pot. Set the water in a pot and boil it until it boils.
  2. The cow's foot should be wrapped and simmered on a medium flame for three hours. The cow's feet flesh must be coming off the skeleton succulent, and the boiling liquid should have been decreased to around 4 or 5 cups after the simmering period.
  3. With tongs, take the cow's feet out of the soup pot. Take the flesh off the skeleton and toss the structure. Put the beef to one side.
  4. Remove the sediments and pour the soup into some other big pot. Bring the soup to a simmer over great temperature. Immediately decrease the warmth to moderate and stir in the cornstarch until it is well incorporated. Lower and smooth the soup by simmering it while stirring it continually to the thickness you like.
  5. Cover the cow's foot with the boiling sauce and enjoy.
Certification(s): An all-encompassing license covering all of Nusantara Meat Berhad's harvests, including these cow's feet from the Meat Houz product line:

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: JAKIM's Halal accreditation is solely obtained when a firm or the products it produces have been exposed to stringent inspection by JAKIM's authorities. The reason is that JAKIM assesses the outputs with total honesty, ensuring that everybody, including Muslims, only consumes meals or liquids from establishments deemed to be shariah compliant. In this instance, Muslims may enjoy the fruit for amusement while not experiencing insecure or doubtful. Nusantara Meat Berhad's cow's feet are among the halal offerings and have already been issued a Halal license by JAKIM's higher authority.
Packaging: These cow's feet are in a category all their own in terms of portability; at 500g (17.64 oz) per package, they are an excellent alternative for picnics, camping trips, and parties of all kinds. Less-than-container-load (LCL) deals are occasionally feasible, meaning that just a single 20-foot container is required to establish usage.
Now let's assume you're interested in purchasing these cow feet from us. If this is the case, be assured that our expert packers will take possible measure to minimize harm to your shipment before it leaves our facility. Maintaining satisfied consumers is always a top focus.
How To Store It: Many individuals fall into the trap of chilling whole cows' feet or other significant cuts of beef in one go. This can complicate the chilling and melting processes; therefore, it's best avoided if feasible. Labelling the slice, amount, and storage period on individual meal-sized pieces of beef is preferable. Doing so may prevent microbial growth and uneven thawing while your cow's feet freeze.
Cow feet must be refrigerated as quickly as practical for the best results. The production of big ice crystalline across the flesh's exterior, which can cause refrigerator scorch and stiff, hard cow's feet after defrosting, is avoided in this way. Remember that your refrigerator is at a minimum of zero degrees Fahrenheit to prevent this from happening.

Nusantara Meat Berhad Cow’s Feet Overview

The cow's feet do not include any muscular or flesh; aside from vertebrae and toe hooves, it mainly comprises epidermis, ligaments and gelatin. In gastronomy, the trotters' chops are primarily recognized for their remarkable consistency, the gelatinous, somewhat sticky, squishy substance of its ligaments and flesh, and the rich stew made from its bone fragments. Yet, to gain a delightful fluffy feel, a more prolonged heating or compression boiler may be applied in the procedure; this will remove the gelatins from the hocks onto the broth.
Historically, in Western culinary, the trotters are not often ingested and are not represented in the typical steak cut, which only recognises shanks. Nonetheless, the amount is typically utilized as a component of cow backbone.
In Indonesian culture, cow's trotters are recognized as a gourmet. The cow's feet gulai is a famous fiery cow's tail curry in Sumatra's cookery. At the same time, soto with cow's feet is a classic peppery Soto dish composed of ligaments, vertebrae and flesh fragments from cow's terriers. The stew is widespread in Indonesia, notably in the Betawi food culture.
Cow feet may have a different flavour than chicken wings, yet neither do many veggies. When picking nutritious foods, pleasure isn't necessarily a reliable quality indicator. They aren't well-liked because of their mediocre flavour. Costs at the butcher's counter are so cheap that anyone can purchase all four feet from a fully developed cow for the same amount of money as one kg of meat, which indicates their poor desire.
The beefy, aromatic tastes and high nutritional value of cow feet are hard to resist. Bone marrow is abundant in cow feet and critical to maintaining a healthy epidermis. They have a high concentration of protein and antioxidant-rich nutrient gelatin. They boost overall wellness by shielding your body's components from damage. Being a prosperous provider of calcium may help keep the gastrointestinal tract, bones, and hips in good shape.
In addition, the copper and magnesium in cow's feet help the body better defend itself against sickness. In addition to enhancing digestive and intestinal function, gelatin speeds injury healing, tightens ligaments, and eases hip discomfort. Others also feel it might help with arthritis.

About Nusantara Meat Berhad

Our mission is to manufacture and distribute excellent, hygienic, and palatable sharia beef to customers on a provincial and worldwide scale. We are based in Kuala Lumpur and specialise in the cattle and beef industries. Nusantara aspires to provide its clients and buyers with the highest value, pure, sanitary, and edible shipped beef from our partners in Australia, India, Pakistan, Japan, Brasil, and East Africa.

Nusantara Meat Berhad Cow’s Feet Specifications

  1. Patented phrase: Meat Houz
  2. It has a hard consistency
  3. It features high collagen content
  4. Weighing in at 500g (17.64 oz)
  5. Fabricated by a fictitious Malaysian business

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