Banana Extract Powder - Musa Standardized

  • Bionutricia Extract
  • Powder
  • Banana
  • Ultrasonic solvent extraction
  • 100 Gram
  • Malaysia
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Product details of Banana Extract Powder - Musa Standardized

UsageThis banana extract powder is banana flavoured and has a powdery texture, suitable for the consumption of everyone with no exception if you are old or young. It also has an ultrasonic solvent abstraction attribute which is great when you want to prepare it. Here are a few steps that can be used as a guide, to prepare and consume the beverage. It is simple and easy, just follow these steps:

1. Open the sealed banana extract powder packet.
2. Scoop out, 2-3 spoons of this powder and put it in a glass.
3. Add hot or cold water until it fills 2/3 of the glass and mix it thoroughly. 
4. Now, you are ready to drink the fruit flavoured drink.

Because this product is easy to drink, both adults and children can also consume it. Is there any other way to enjoy the drink made from banana extract powder other than drinking it as a beverage? Of course, there is! Another way, you can make use of this powder is by preparing it as a dressing for your desserts such as cake or biscuits. You can also put this the mixture in the sorbet by making it a banana-flavoured sorbet. Of course, it tastes good, and more importantly, it's healthy for all.

Certification(s): Bionutricia Extract's banana extract powder by Lynnity Sdn Bhd has been certified by a few organizations that can be viewed by all:

  1. Good Manufaturing Practices (GMP) Certified: Good manufacturing practices (GMP)is a form of system which operates in determining that every matter regarding food is processed in an environment that is believed to be clean and safe. It is also important, to ensure that the food and beverage which are processed and sold in the market are regard as safe products. In Malaysia, the average product involved in the manufacturing of food and beverages (F&B) needs to obtain a GMP certificate. We are glad that the banana (Musa) standardized extract powder by Lynnity Sdn Bhd managed to get the certificate for the product.

  2. JAKIM-Halal Certified: Now, there are too many fake halal certificates made by some companies that are not responisble or ethical, to blind the eyes of the community to buy the goods or products in the market. The community should join hands and look for strange halal statuses or logos that do not have JAKIM's name. Since Lynnity Sdn Bhd is a company that cares about the value and quality of their products, they have obtained halal certificate from JAKIM, including this banana extract powder.

Storage InformationAfter opening the package, store the banana extract powder in a cool place, away from heat and sun. It is reccomended, to store it in the refrigerator, to preserve the freshness and quality of the product.

About Banana Extract Powder

Banana, or or also known as Musa accuminata is a tropical plant that grows in hot and rainy areas as well as in humid areas. Bananas comes from the Musaceae family, where usually many parts of plants from this family can be used for various purposes. Starting from the leaves, the stem, the fruit and the heart. Other than that, bananas also enriched with a lot of nutrients that a body would need as it is rich in fibre and potassium. In banana extract powder, there is 2.3% of fibre and 0.6%-0.7 of potassium. These elements are able to provide energy to the body for all which would include both of the children and adults.

By consuming this banana extract powder, it also benefits the body such as improving the digestion, which helps you to expel water in the old fashion way without major disturbances. With that, your stomach will not feel sick and will be relieved. Moreover, it is good for facial skin because of its properties which can remove dead skin cells, deal with oily skin and so on. It is also rich in phytonutrients, high in antioxidants and could also boost the immune system. In addition, it can also help in lowering blood pressure. Made from 100% from the tropical fruit, you can expect the most exciting and natural taste when you consume the food or drinks that are made from the banana extract powder. Try it out yourself, by purchasing an order for the banana extract powder today.

Banana Extract Powder Specifications

- Has GMP and JAKIM-halal certification
- 100gram (3.5 Ounce) per packet
- Has 2,3% of fibre
- Has 0.6%-0.7 of potassium
- Powder texture
- Sweet taste
- Ultrasonic Silver Extraction
- Original from Malaysia
- Fruit flavoured

IngredientsBanana (Musa) Standardized Extract Powder by Linnity Sdn Bhd is made from: 100% pure banana extract

Benefits of Banana Extract Powder

- Improves digestion
- Good for skin care
- Boosts immune system
- Rich in phytonutrient
- High in antioxidant
- Lower blood pressure

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