Pineapple Extract Powder - Ananas Comosus Standardized

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  • Pineapple
  • Ultrasonic solvent extraction
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Product details of Pineapple Extract Powder - Ananas Comosus Standardized

Usage: Pineapple is a tropical fruit that cannot be denied for its many and varied benefits. Its original sour, sweet and unique taste gives you an interesting and fantastic taste. With Pineapple extract powder from Lynnity Sdn Bhd, you can use it in the following ways:

For Bakery Use: Pineapple Cake

1. Open the zip lock of pineapple extract powder packet
2. Put 2 scoops of powder into the cake mould (or according to your guts)
3. Bake the mould and it's ready to eat

For Beverages Use: Pineapple Juice

1. Open the pineapple extract powder packet
2. Take 1 teaspoon of powder and mix it with 200ml (6.8 fl oz) of water
3. Stir until dissolved and put on ice
4. Ready to drink

Of course, you can use the pineapple extract to any kind of food. We promised that with this Pineapple extract powder, your meal will taste so delicious together.

Certification(s): Pineapple Extract Powder has successfully obtained two certificates from the Malaysian government for its products. The certifications are:

  1. Halal by JAKIM: Halal is an important thing to be labelled in each product, especially for Muslim consumers. The word Halal means permissible, which is related to Shariah law. The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia, (JAKIM), is the department that is responsible for verifying products that are believed to be 100% in accordance with sharia law. For all Muslim users around the world, this product is made special for you! This Pineapple Extract Powder can be enjoyed with no hesitation on it.

  2. GMP: Known as Good Manufacturing Practice by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia (MOH), The Pineapple Extract powder from Lynnity Sdn Bhd has gained the certificate. GMP is a system that plays a role in determining and identifying each food processing pass in terms of hygiene and safety. The 5 components that are taken into account by GMP are primary materials and products, premises, people, procedures and Processes. If all these components are in line with the things determined by MOH, a certificate of recognition can be obtained. The Pineapple Extract Powder succeeded and passed in obtaining this certificate.

Packaging: The Pineapple Extract Powder by Lynnity Sdn Bhd comes in a Zip lock packaging and is divided into 2 types of packaging. The first one comes in a 100 gram (3.5 ounce) per packet and the other one comes in a 500 gram (17.6 ounce) per packet.

Storage Instruction

- Keep the zip lock tightly to prevent air from entering the package to avoid it from becoming stale.
- Keep away from direct sunlight and near strong smells, i.e.; Fragrance

Interesting Facts About Pineapple Extract Powder

Pineapple fruit is a yellow-coloured tropical plant that comes from the Bromeliaceae family and is a herbaceous perennial. It is a plant that does not grow with a wooden stem that is directly on the ground and can grow for more than 2 years. The fruit, which is also called Ananas comosus, has appeared starting in the Parana-Paraguay river area, located in South America between Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina and currently has spread widely and is famous for its high and very good nutrients for the body.

Since its introduction to the world, the pineapple tree has been cultivated commercially, particularly in greenhouses and tropical plantations. Did you know? Ananas comosus fruit grows in areas with a warm and humid climate. So, pineapples cannot be grown all over the country. It is mostly produced in South America and Asia. To date, the production of pineapples throughout the world has grown and the demand is high because of its use in various foods, drinks and many more.

The Bionutricia extract Pineapple Extract Powder is a food product in powder form. It can be used as an additional flavour especially in beverages and bakery. To give you the premium taste of pineapple, the pineapple fruit has gone through several processes to get the original pineapple extract powder. Do you still have doubts about this pineapple extract powder? Please don't be doubted by this product because we use 100% real fresh pineapple every day!

In addition, the pineapple extract powder gives you many advantages in addition to its marvellous and tasty taste. For the health of your body, this pineapple extract powder can help ease digestion, improve your body's health and much more!

About Lynnity Sdn Bhd

Lynnity Sdn Bhd is a service provider business that makes biotechnology the main resource in its company. Located in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, it has been going strong for 15 years since 2007. By placing a high trust in plants, where they are one of the best ways to treat diseases, as well as being an original and natural creation of the planet which is rich in nutrients, Lynnity Sdn Bhd has produced products based on various types of plants.

For products based on nutritional powder extract, Lynnity Company has determined that the products are under the Bionutricia Extract brand. Now, there are more than 5 types of extract powder that have been produced by this company. What is interesting is that all of them are from plants that are recognized by many for the high nutrients found in them such as strawberries, bananas, pineapples, coconuts, and so on.

With a collaboration between two important things, namely scientific research and nutritional expertise, Lynnity Sdn Bhd offers a variety of nutritious and healthy products for the good of the body so that the body remains fit and healthy for a long time.

Ingredients: 100% Original Pineapple Extract Powder


- Artificial flavouring
- Artificial colouring
- Chemical substance
- Preservatives

Pineapple Extract Powder Specification(s)

- For general health purpose
- Scientifically tested
- Powder texture
- Product of Malaysia
- Ultrasonic solvent extraction
- Contain 1-3% of Bromelain

Best use in: Bakery & beverages

Benefits of Using Pineapple Extract Powder by Lynnity Sdn Bhd

- Rich in Phytonutrient
- High in antioxidant
- Natural Enzyme
- Boost immune health
- Helps lose weight
- Control water balance in the human body
- Speed up digestion

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