Leaves Barley Syrup - 1.3kg

  • 50 Carton(s)
  • Leaves
  • 9555153 800249
  • Barley
  • 25.1 x 33 x 29 cm
  • 1.3 Kilogram
  • 18 months
  • Halal, HACCP, GMP, MESTI
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Leaves Barley Syrup - 1.3kg

Usage: The concentrated barley taste and syrupy consistency of our Barley Syrup are unmistakable. You can take this energising Barley Syrup with you everywhere you move since it tastes phenomenal and is expedient to transport. This delicious barley water is made from organic, garden-fresh barley and can be prepared in just three instant parts:
  1. Make ready whatever glass you have lying around
  2. Don't forget to open the barley bottle's cap
  3. Pour the barley syrup into your chosen drinking glass and swig it
Just adhere to these three top tips, and you won't need to seek anywhere else for Barley Syrup.  To elevate the status of your barley water, you may follow the model's lead and blend it into a shake or smoothie with some sugar-free honey to make it healthful and appropriate for your child. A recipe you should take into account is one that calls for lemon in barley beverages to preserve their pleasant properties; feel free to experiment! Suppose you can savour it in the springtime with caramel and vanilla chocolate ice cream cakes. In that case, it must be the finest of the indescribable and seductive.
Certification(s): Leaves Food Industries Sdn Bhd has been granted various credible certifications, allowing the company to proceed with its beverage processing and production operations:

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: Leaves Food Industries Sdn Bhd has earned the acceptable credential demanded by business ethics ingestion by all Muslims massive near and far by adhering to all Shariah-compliant legislative criteria across the entire output methodology, from farming to the handling of all barley found in the Leaves brand. One possible name for this barley concoction in Malaysia is muslim-friendly Barley Syrup.
  1. HACCP certificate: Food and drink produced to international guidelines must have this classification to prove they are fit for human digestion. Like all other goods under the Leaves Food Industries Sdn Bhd brand, this Barley Syrup has been certified as harmless by the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system.
  1. GMP certificate: Suppose you run a variety of food and drink production plants. In that case, you need to have unwavering honesty and professionalism to verify that your supplies are wholesome for consumers. Thereby, SGS has awarded Leaves Food Industries Sdn Bhd with a Good Manufacturing Process accreditation for their Barley Syrup beverage.
  1. MeSTI certificate: Any enterprise in Malaysia engaged in the preparation of cuisine or drink must first get a MeSTI accreditation. Suppose a firm processes a property under safe circumstances. In that case, the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH) will issue the firm a MeSTI licence. Obtaining a MeSTI permit is a prerequisite for exporting drinks and food manufactured by a firm. Having received the MeSTI approval, Leaves Food Industries Sdn Bhd can now ship its Leaves trademark Barley Syrup.
Packaging: This Barley Syrup is a product for those whose responsibilities extend beyond the typical workday. This is because this barley drink is good for everyone's fitness and is also incredibly portable. Each bottle weighs 1.3 kilogrammes (45.86 ounces) and has been properly packaged. The barley liquid comes in a container that measures 25.1 x 33 x 29 cm (9.88 x 13 x 11.42 inches) and in a carton that holds 12 individual bottles. Therefore, 50 cartons are the lowest possible order quantity.
Barley Syrup by Leaves Food Industries Sdn Bhd and all other newly launched items will be packaged securely. This way, we can guarantee that our client's orders will arrive safely at their doorsteps. In other words, you may skip the lengthy internal deliberation and immediately place a ranking for this tantalizing barley water with us. We guarantee that these items will arrive at your door in ideal circumstances. This happens because your happiness and contentment with our goods are paramount to us.

Leaves Food Industries Sdn Bhd’s Barley Syrup’s Overview

Hordeum vulgare, or just barley, is a cereal grain from vegetation in grasses Poaceae. Barley is the fourth most major production grains crop on the planet, behind wheat, basmati, and maize. Even while barley is predominantly farmed as cattle feed and as a supply of malt for hard liquor, notably beer, it is widely employed in a wide array of food and medicinal goods.
Barley is a kind of grass that grows every year and has upright stems and sparse, alternating leaflets. One may tell the difference between the two types of barley by looking at the number of blossom columns on the spike. The stem of six-row barley is triangular in cross-section, with three spikelets—individual flowers from which kernels are developed—at each of two notches. Two-row barley contains kernel-producing florets in the middle and sterile florets on the outside. While six-row barley is more suitable for farm animals due to its greater protein level, two-row barley is more typically utilized for malt output due to its more significant sugar percentage.
Barley, unlike other cereals, can thrive in a wider variety of climates because of its many different kinds, which may be grown in either mild or extreme conditions. Although it thrives in seasons with a minimum of 90 days, it may mature faster than other cereals.

About Leaves Food Industries Sdn Bhd

From October 26, 2001, Leaves Food Industries Sdn. Bhd was formed to carry out the company's plan for growth. To help push the different routes, Leaves Food Industries Sdn Bhd requires operational greatness partnerships. What for? Since LEAVES is HACCP, GMP, Halal, and Mesti licensed, you can rest confident that your clients will get only the highest calibre products. This means more fabulous healthy beverages for your business. We have perfected our homemade formula to an unmatched degree of expertise, and we invite you to research if you can provide your customers with Service Excellence. Work with us if you're an FMCG wholesaler with experience in domestic and global markets. If you want more visually appealing content, check out our Leaves Food Facebook account. 


Leaves Food Industries Sdn Bhd’s Barley Syrup’s Specifications

  1. Logo: Leaves
  2. Has a barley tang
  3. Cert(s): Halal by JAKIM, HACCP, GMP, MeSTI
  4. 1.3kg / 1300g (45.86 oz) per bottle
  5. 1.3kg / 1300g (45.86 oz) x 12 bottles per carton
  6. Min request: 50 cartons
  7. Dimension: 25.1 x 33 x 29 cm / 9.88 x 13 x 11.42 inches
  8. Store this at: 35
  9. 18 months / one and six months shelf life
  10. From Port Klang
  11. Exclusively yield from Malaysia

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Leaves Food Industries Sdn Bhd

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  • Malaysia
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