Leaves Sarawak 3 Layer Milk Tea - 240ml

  • 135 Carton(s)
  • Leaves
  • 9555153 800515 (1 carton)
  • Milk Tea
  • 21.5 x 33 x 13.5 cm
  • 240 Millilitre
  • 12 months
  • Halal, HACCP, GMP, MESTI
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Leaves Sarawak 3 Layer Milk Tea - 240ml

Usage Instruction: Here, you'll find detailed instructions for preparing and serving Sarawak 3 layer milk tea, a speciality drink popular in Malaysia.

People can enjoy the Sarawak 3 layer milk tea in its classical ways, but the flavour of this special Sarawak drink is enhanced when it is served chilled in the form of iced tea.

Your first order of business is to head for the beverage rack. Then, you can reach for the Sarawak 3 layer milk tea can in the cabinet with one hand while pulling the cabinet handle out with the other. And then shut the drawer door once again. Afterwards, stack 3 layer tea on the kitchen counter.

The following step is to grab a single cup from the glass storage drawer. Then, head for the freezer to grab some ice cubes and fill the mug. When you're finished, head to the counter where 3 layer tea Sarawak await.

After that, slowly shake the can while lifting the Leaves 3 layer milk tea to combine the unique syrups. The next step is to slide the index finger of your dominant hand under the tab's ring. Keep your dominant hand on the can of milk chai and rest your thumb in its centre. Then, use your free hand to steady the can. Pull the tab up by the rear with your thumb and index finger. Once the tab is fully lifted, the 3 layer milk tea can's hole will be exposed, and the tab will be in a vertical position. To remove the tab and restore typical flatness, press it back into its original place.

Once you've removed the top from the can of Sarawak 3 layer milk tea, you can pour the dairy beverage over ice cubes inside the glass. Yay, your c-special tea is ready to drink!

But if you want your Gula Apong Sarawak beverage without ice, you can sip it as soon as the 3 layer tea can lid is opened!

Certification(s) & Award(s): Having obtained formal accreditation, consumers and businesses alike can trust Leaves Food Industries Sdn. Bhd's efforts to promote their unique Sarawak product, such as their 3 layer tea.

  1. Halal Certified: To sell their products, such as Sarawak 3 Layer Milk Tea, Leaves Food Industries Sdn. Bhd must first obtain halal certification. The fact that Muslims can buy and drink 3 layer tea Sarawak without worrying about whether or not it is permissible under Shariah law is excellent for the company's bottom line and reputation.

  2. HACCP Certificate: The HACCP procedure is a systematic, reasonable, and scientific way of dealing with potential threats. Using this process, we may reduce the risk that Sarawak 3-layer milk tea has harmful ingredients for human consumption by better identifying, assessing, and controlling those risks.

  3. GMP Certificate: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification ensures that basic manufacturing practices and requirements are met. Our plant's Sarawak 3 layer milk tea is confirmed safe for human consumption, as evidenced by GMP's approval.

  4. Mesti Certificate: To maintain our MESTI certification, which emphasizes efficient processes, cleanliness and sanitation, quality control, and record-keeping, Leaves Food Industries Sdn. Bhd strictly adheres to a wide range of basic hygienic standards. Consequently, Leaves can now confidently sell 3 layer tea beverages to consumers and merchants.

Packaging Information: Leaves Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. has settled on a beverage can for the packaging of their Sarawak 3 layer milk tea. This container for storing tea syrup, which will be sold commercially, was created for several reasons.

Due to its high recycling rate, the beverage can be chosen as the initial container for 3 layer tea. Unlike plastic bottles, drink cans can be repeatedly reconditioned without any loss of quality or efficiency. Materials are sufficiently precious that they cover the cost of collection and even help support recycling fewer-value materials.

Therefore, Sarawak 3 layer milk tea's packaging is perfect for people with active lifestyles because they are lightweight and sturdy. The best part is 3 layer tea Sarawak beverage can is more efficient in chilling drinks than other options.

Shipping Information: The minimum required for a bulk purchase of Sarawak 3 layer milk tea is 135 cartons, which retailers should keep in mind. It will result in a single carton stuffed with 24 cans of 3 layer tea (240ml). Wholesalers can make significant cost reductions through the extensive buy method because the price of milk chai purchased in loose quantities is higher.

Storage Instruction(s): Sarawak 3 layer milk tea is best stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight to extend its shelf life. Whether in a walk-in or reach-in pantry, kitchen cabinets, or drawers, these are all great places to keep your 3 layer tea storage. After the can lid has been opened, 3 layer tea Sarawak should only be left at room temperature for 2 hours. Since this great beverage contains dairy, it needs to be refrigerated as soon as it is finished being consumed.

3 Layer Tea Overview

Leaves 3 Layer Milk Tea, or teh c special as it is more often called, is a speciality drink native to Sarawak. Malaysian sweet tea, commonly known as teh peng (iced tea). Just by looking at the name, you can see that this milk chai has three distinct components:

First layer: Black tea provides a boost of caffeine.

Second layer: The milk is sourced from a pristine New Zealand farm.

Third layer: Special syrup designed to cover up some of the inherent bitterness of black tea.

You're probably curious why this drink is being promoted as uniquely Sarawakian. What kind of special syrup does Leaves Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. employ in producing their 3 layer tea, and what is the syrup's name? The correct term is "gula apong," which we're talking about here.

A sweetener derived from Nipah sap is famous in Sarawak, particularly gula apong or palm sugar. The Nipah Tree (Nyipa fruiticans) grows abundantly in the river valleys of Sarawak, particularly in Kota Samarahan and Betong, which is why Leaves 3 layer milk tea is extraordinary!

When it comes to traditional sweets and enhancing the flavour of a dish, apong sugar is widely used and highly regarded. Moreover, gula apong is thought to offer benefits and qualities of its own, including protection against diabetes and hypertension.

And so, if you're looking for a milky chai beverage, try the leaves 3 layer milk tea. Sarawak 3 layer milk tea is a healthier alternative to conventional milk tea because it does not contain any artificial ingredients such as preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or artificial colouring.

Sarawak 3 Layer Milk Tea Specification

- Original 3 layer tea brand from Sarawak.
- Unique traditional local beverages.
- Perfect for tea lovers.
- Sarawak 3 layer milk tea with no sugar substitutes.
- 3 layer Sarawak tea with no added dyes.
- No preservatives in milk chai.


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