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Product details of Bulk Sewing Of Textile Products

Feature: All types of fabric based on clothing and accessories are provided by Falahain Holdings Sdn Bhd for Bulk Sewing of Textile Products. Falahain Holdings Sdn Bhd provides customised fabric sewing wholesales based on customers’ requirements. You can make extraordinary textile products with desired patterns, fabrics and quantities upon discussion with Falahain Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Material: Miscellaneous fabric materials such as yellowline and gabardine polyester fabric, chiffon and premium cotton fabric are offered for bulk sewing. You can request a fabric sample before ordering for bulk sewing.

Size: Clothing sizes from XS to 5 XL, which are sizes for children to adults, are offered for bulk sewing of textile products.

Order Instructions: How do you make a bulk sewing of textile products with Falahain Holdings Sdn. Bhd? First of all, you need to decide which types of textile products you would like to order. Falahain Holdings Sdn Bhd supplies bulk sewing of textile products for uniforms, men’s and women’s clothing, scarves, face masks and home efficiency such as curtains and tablecloths. Then, decide your preferred fabrics, sizes, colours and quantities for your textile products. For fabric material, it is recommended to visit Falahain Holdings Sdn Bhd’s office or contact them for fabric samples. You may visit Falahain’s website or Daganghalal’s website for more ideas or information to help you produce the outfit that you want.

Next, contact Falahain via Daganghalal or their website to get a quotation. It is suggested to make bulk sewing order earlier in order to get your textile products on time. Before Falahain proceeds with your order, the company will provide you with a textile product sample. You can make final adjustments according to the sample given for your bulk sewing order. Falahain Holdings Sdn Bhd will then process your order and ship it to you on the agreed-upon date.

Packaging: The price of your bulk sewing order is determined according to the product type and quantity ordered. Falahain Holdings Sdn Bhd will update the price list upon your order. This bulk sewing of textile products service is suitable for schools, clubs, associations or departments to custom make their corporate shirts or school t-shirts.

Bulk Sewing Overview

Falahain Holdings Sdn Bhd
is an experienced business and service provider and a wholesaler with 20 years of experience in the sewing industry. Besides from running their own training academy, Falahain Holdings Sdn Bhd also provides wholesale and bulk sewing of textile products. For the purpose of dedicating the best service and high-quality textile products to the customers, they provide services for bulk sewing of textile products with a skilled and experienced workforce. The company keeps improving themselves by learning and adapting to modern technologies to provide good-quality textile products to customers while also contributing to the sewing industry in Malaysia.

Falahain Holdings Sdn Bhd supplies diverse materials and textures of fabrics to customers. Customers are able to select favoured fabrics based on the clothing and accessories for bulk sewing. Moreover, professional consultation may be conducted by the company to have a clear understanding of your bulk sewing plan. For fabric sewing wholesale, customised orders are provided for uniforms, men’s and women’s clothing, scarves, face masks and home efficiency.

Men’s and women’s clothing such as blouses or chiffon are possible for bulk sewing. Big companies can customise scarves or face masks with Falahain to as a gift for employees or customers during special day such as company anniversary. For distributors or retailers, Falahain also supplies bulk sewing services for home efficiency such as curtains, sheets, tablecloths, chair covers and so on.

Bulk Sewing Specifications


- Skilled and experienced workforce

- Textile products are available in sizes ranging from XS to 5 XL

- A variety of fabric choices are provided based on clothing and accessories

- Suitable for schools, clubs, associations or departments to customise corporate shirts

Types of Clothes and Accessories Provided:

- Uniform

- Men’s and women’s clothing

- Scarf

- Face Mask

- Home Efficiency such as curtains, sheets, tablecloths and chair covers

>Falahain Holdings Sdn Bhd

Falahain Holdings Sdn Bhd

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