SunGreat Freshness Calamansi Puree - 1L

  • SunGreat Freshness
  • Liquid
  • Calamansi flavor
  • ready to drink
  • 1L X 12 bottles per carton.
  • 1000 Milligram
  • Between 9 to 15 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of SunGreat Freshness Calamansi Puree - 1L

Usage: The supreme blend of sour, sweet, salty, and icy cold calamansi puree ready-to-use is immaculate for a sweltering day, like a mixture of a hot Arabica and Robusta on rainy days. Calamansi puree, prepared as a tropical refreshment, is a perfect combination that could never go wrong. It is aromatic, tart, and incredibly reviving, which keeps you awake in the noon to productively continue your ongoing tasks smoothly, whether indoors or outdoors. Enjoy the purée calamansi on any occasion, just the way you like it.

Refreshing Drink: With a ready-to-use calamansi purée, skip the process of cutting and squeezing the fruit to make calamansi extract as your beverage. Experience the practicality of a bottle of ready-to-use now!

1. Use a capful or add one spoonful of the calamansi puree and pour it into a jug.
2. Add plum syrup or sweeteners like honey or stevia into the jug.
3. Pour warm water into 3/4 of the jug.
4. Put some ice for a refreshing drink.
5. Serve in a glass and ready to be sipped!

Glaze on top of desserts: What comes to mind when you think of lemon meringue pie, cheese tart, or lemon cake? Some bakers might make sugary desserts that go poorly with your palates. Counterbalance the sweet desserts with SunGreat Freshness' puree calamansi, replete with tartness, in a few simple steps:

1. Bake your own cheese tart or have it ready to eat from the bakery.
2. Drizzle or glaze the surface of the cheese tart with calamansi puree.
3. Microwave the cheese tart glazed in calamansi puree for one minute.
4. Ready to be served!

Certification: Throughout SunFresh Fruit Hub Sdn Bhd merchandising, the company has attained several credentials showing that its products are among sterling conditions.

  1. JAKIM’s Halal certification: Calamansi puree processed by SunFresh Fruit Hub Sdn Bhd is a juice drink that can be swilled by anyone, regardless of age, in tranquility due to its acquirement of Halal attestation, indicating that the drink is a freshly extracted calamansi fruit without alcohol and prohibited ingredients according to Islamic law.

  2. HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, or HACCP, serves the function that best represents its name: prioritizing and managing possible risks associated with food production for the consumption of the end-users. Adopting HACCP accreditation, puree calamansi is unequivocally a safe beverage as critically inspected in alignment with HACCP standards.

  3. MESTI: Just like food safety in the HACCP guidelines, purée calamansi also obtains the MeSTI certification reflecting that it thicken juice complies with food hygiene in its production process, such as the overall cleanliness of the ingredients, preparation and handling and facilities of the puree calamansi's production.

Packaging: The great calamansi concentrate extracted from fresh calamondin citrus fruit from SunGreat Freshness is an FMCG weighing 1000mg (1 liter or 33.81oz) per bottle. Any retailer keen to taste the heavenly soothing calamansi puree can purchase this calamansi flavor liquid in mass buying of the minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1x 20-feet shipping container with 1296 cartons or 1x 40-feet container with 3150 cartons. The calamansi purées are packed in a carton containing 12 bottles of 1000mg (1 liter or 33.81oz). The individual bottle packaging of the calamansi puree is proper for shipment. This is because the plastic bottle possesses durable and lightweight features to withstand pressure or the possible risk of spilling. On top of that, the container is made of a suitable material that can retain the nutritional value of the cold-pressed calamansi puree, ensuring no changes to its structure and flavor. As the calamansi purees are filled to the brim for each bottle, the company will transport them safely by wrapping each carton with impact-resistance items, corroborating that the items will arrive to the customers in a pristine condition.

Storage Instructions: Typically, the calamansi fruit will ripen and rot quickly even when refrigerated. However, that is not the case for bottled puree calamansi, as its spoon-thick viscosity purveys a long storage life of around 24 months or two years. To preserve SunGreat Freshness' purée calamansi longer, it can be stowed at room temperature not exceeding 30°C (86°F) or in a refrigerator at -18°C or -0.4°F temperature or lower to keep the juice's purity and nutrients intact. Besides, refrigerated bottled puree calamansi inhibits the development of possibly fatal pathogens, making it safe for consumption. More often than not, the color of calamansi puree may change over time. Do not panic, as this is a natural occurrence due to the presence of ascorbic acid in the citrus calamansi fruit upon exposure to air, causing oxidation. Thus, the taste and nutritional value will remain just the same. Finish by the expiration date listed on the container for the best quality and flavor. Importantly, all opened bottles of puree calamansi must always be kept in a refrigerator.

Calamansi Puree Overview

Calamansi is a family of hybrid citrus between Mandarin orange and kumquat, a native to the Philippines and its counterpart Southeast Asia countries such as Sulawesi (Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia), southern China, and Taiwan. This citrus fruit has a few other names, like calamondin, the scientific name Citrofortunella microcarpa, Philippine lemon, and Philippine lime, as it is primarily cultivated in the Philippines. Being a prevalent ingredient in classic Filipino cookery, it gives a zesty, sour taste suitable for various ranges of contemporary cuisines, such as enhanced marinades' freshness and flavorful soft drinks.

In the series of citrus fruits, the calamansi or calamondin is similar in appearance to key lime, in green color. However, calamansi is a little smaller and tastes more acidic, indisputably one of the best sources of vitamin C. Speaking of the high vitamin C content in calamansi fruit, this hybrid citrus has colossal health advantages for the human body. Besides the high vitamin C content, which acts as an antioxidant against free radicals causing cancer, calamansi can foster the immune system, beneficial for detoxification, is a catalyst for weight loss, controls cholesterol levels, and stimulate the creation of collagen. To say calamansi fruit is good for wellness is an understatement; it is majestic.

At SunFresh Fruit Hub Sdn Bhd, the founder produces its fabled calamansi puree through a cold-pressed technique that fundamentally eliminates bacteria while preserving the flavor and quality that pasteurization usually kills. In fabricating 1 liter (33.81oz) of fresh bottled calamansi puree, 3kg (105.8oz) of fresh calamansi fruit is cold-pressed and quickly processed within 72 hours to maintain its novelty enriched with nutrients. Apart from that, the company only employs 100% natural juice and puree, prompting the calamansi puree in a thicker density without water added. The plethora of health benefits derived from calamansi citrus fruit is due to the calamansi juice attributes free from additives like coloring and flavoring agents that could destroy the nutritional values the calamansi hold. SunGreat Freshness' puree calamansi is a fresh, natural liquid that comes in a bottle packaging with a sour taste, ideal to be served cold or warm.

About SunFresh Fruit Hub Sdn Bhd

Inaugurated in 2007, SunFresh Fruit Hub Sdn Bhd is a fruit and food manufacturer situated at Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Although the main office is in Selangor, its factory runs the collection, processing, and packaging center in Lanchang, Pahang, Malaysia, known as Taman Kekal Pengeluaran Makanan (TKPM) or Permanent Food Production Park. TKPM Food Production Park was formally opened in 2009 by the former Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi. TKPM is the government's program that supports industrialists, including those in the private sector, putting large-scale, commercial, and high-tech agricultural initiatives into action. The TKPM in Pahang is by far the largest and most cosmopolitan orchard land, with a 50,000 square feet wide area. This ingenuity is an excellent move for entrepreneurs, allowing them to constantly produce fruit and food products by utilizing the raw materials from TKPM because TKPM is a permanent orchard land harvesting tropical fruits of the finest grade. To this day, there is a surge in demand for wholesome fruits at affordable prices worldwide because Malaysia is at the advantage of producing natural sweet fruits thanks to the country's intense sunshine and plentiful rainfall climate. Due to the joint venture between SunFresh Fruit Hub Sdn Bhd and its factory, TheFruit Hub in Lanchang, under the TKPM, the corporation is able to persistently produce products with zero waste and innovation to make it marketable to the local and foreign markets.

Puree Calamansi Specifications

- Fresh calamansi flavor
- 100% natural drink with no added preservatives and coloring
- Spoon-thick consistency
- Can be served cold or warm
- Ideal for drizzle or glaze on top of desserts
- Weigh 1000mg (0.035 oz) per bottle
- One carton consists of 12 bottles (1 liter x 12 bottles)
- Has a storage life of 24 months or 2 years
- Maintain solid at or beneath -18 C (-0.4°F)
- Certified with JAKIM Halal, HACCP and MeSTI
- Malaysia manufacturing

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