SunGreat Freshness Calamansi Syrup - 1L

  • SunGreat Freshness
  • Liquid
  • Calamansi flavor
  • ready to drink
  • 1L X 12 bottles per carton.
  • 1000 Millilitre
  • Between 9 to 15 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of SunGreat Freshness Calamansi Syrup - 1L

Usage: Twist the plastic cap of the Calamansi Syrup with slight pressure in an anti-clockwise direction until the cap becomes detached from the crown seal that is holding it in place. Once detached, you can fully open the cap of the bottle and access the Citrus Mitis concentrate directly. The Kalamunding syrup is an innovative approach to recreating the salivating sensation of a sour, tangy calamansi juice that we’re all so familiar with. This tantalising syrup made with fresh calamansi can be used in a variety of dishes, including beverages and desserts. One of the most popular items that you can make with calamansi is a calamansi pie. Similar to a key lime pie, a calamansi pie is also sour and tart and absolutely refreshing to be had on a hot, humid day. Just add a few splashes of the finger-licking calamansi syrup to your filling mixture and enjoy an invigorating slice of calamansi pie to your heart’s content.

Certifications: SunFresh Fruit Hub and its list of byproducts, including the tangy calamansi syrup, have all been granted the following accolades and accreditations based on its exemplary service and the quality of the products offered under the brand of SunGreat Freshness. The certification that follows is a result of a thorough and detailed evaluation of the company based on a rigorous set of rules and standards:

  1. JAKIM Halal certified: The Philippine lime-based syrup has been certified Halal by the JAKIM institution, after being put through a strict set of regulatory standards and rules by the Shariah committee and the local authorities. This certification will serve as a claim of authenticity declaring the calamansi syrup safe for consumption by Muslims worldwide.

Storage: The halal Limau Kasturi sorghum is of a syrupy consistency that is essential to the essence of the product itself. In order to preserve the texture and taste of the calamansi saccharine, it is important that the syrup is stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 25 to 30°C or 77 to 86°F once the protective seal has been removed. Prior to opening, the syrup bottle can be stored in a pantry that is dry and cool and away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Packaging: The Calamondin treacle from SunGreat Freshness come pre-packed in a sturdy, plastic bottle, with a protective plastic top that has been sealed with a crown seal around the opening. The plastic exterior is designed to last against sudden impact and falls, preventing any damage to the bottle and keeping the syrup safe from spills.

Calamansi Syrup Overview:

Calamansi limes are a citrus fruit that is popular in the Philippines and throughout Southeast Asia, where they are used for flavouring and juice. They have a sour, acidic flavour and a medium acidity. They are also known as Philippine limes, Philippine lemons, or calamondin; the words calamansi and calamondin are alternately spelt Kalamansi and Kalamondin. They are indigenous to the Philippines, Indonesia, and China. Calamansi limes' bright, tart flavour lends itself to a variety of uses. Its tangy, aromatic juice is used to make a pleasant Pinoy lemonade. Fresh juice can be combined with other juices or frozen to form ice cubes that can then be added to iced tea, lemonade or other beverages. The fruits can be pickled or boiled and turned into marmalade. Their fruit and juice are frequently used in desserts such as cakes, tarts, custards, pies, and gelatins.
The peel can also be dried and crushed before being used as a spice. The sliced fruits are also commonly served alongside spicy and savoury foods, with their juice being squeezed over curries, noodle dishes, meats, shellfish, and soups. Indeed, half or quartered calamansi limes are offered on the side with almost every meal in the Philippines, and to a lesser extent, Malaysia.
Calamansi limes are a cornerstone of Philippine cuisine, so if you can get them, the most authentic way to enjoy them is alongside a traditional Filipino dinner. Just cut the fruits in half or quarters and squeeze their tangy, aromatic juice over the dish as a condiment. The bottled calamansi syrup or also known as Limau Kasturi locally, makes for the perfect addition to your cocktails and mocktails and brings that pungent and sharp flavour that is often needed to wash down heavy foods or fried foods. Have your favourite drink made right at home without having to go to a bar or make your own simplified version of lime juice but with calamansi instead, or even try out your hand at the many selections of desserts featuring the calamansi syrup such as a pie, a cheesecake or even as a dip for your dumplings and spring rolls.

About SunFresh Fruit Hub:

Started off as a joint venture with Taiwan in 2009, Sunfresh Fruit Hub is a leading manufacturer in food and fruit processing. Using raw materials from the Permanent Food Production Park or Taman Kekal Pengeluaran Makanan (TKPM), this venture id supported by the Malaysian Agrifood Corporation, as a standing member of the Khazanah.
Officiated in 2009 by the then Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi, this initiative was started off to address the concerns of teh nation’s food security during that time. One of the main selling points of The Fruit Hub is collecting, processing, packaging and selling fresh fruits and their processed products as ingredients for use. These ingredients are then traded with buyers for both domestic and international customers, in addition to the standard OEM processing and labelling of products. With the aim of producing as many zero-waste products as possible, Sunfresh Fruit Hub is passionate in utilising creative and innovative ways that can encourage its clientele to subscribe to a lifestyle of less waste. 

Calamondin Syrup Specifications:

- Net weight of 1 litre (33.8fl oz)
- Shelf life of 9 to 15 months
- Made from cold-pressed Calamansi Puree
- Made with 100% natural, fresh Calamansi
- Sour and tart Calamansi flavour
- Syrupy texture
- Without added additives, colouring, and flavouring
- JAKIM Halal certifie
- 72 hour production time from tree to bottle

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