Cheeper Blackcurrant 300ML

  • Cheeper
  • Light and Refreshing
  • Blackcurrant Flavored
  • Refreshing Blackcurrant Flavored Drink
  • 280 x 410 x 140 mm
  • 300ml x 24 bottles per carton, 40 cartons per pallet, 1334 cartons per 20ft container
  • 300 Millilitre
  • 24 Months
  • Halal Certification, MeSTI Certification, Healthier Choice Certificate
  • Malaysia

Product details of Cheeper Blackcurrant 300ML

Usage: One sunny morning, you decided to embark on a brisk walk along the rolling hills and lush greenery, craving the embrace of nature. While watching the picturesque scenery, a refreshing blackcurrant drink calls for your attention on the vending machine nearby. As you approach, your eyes are drawn to the portable bottle of refreshing blackcurrant drink—the beverage's sour, acidic taste and sweetness can be tasted, ingrained at the back of your mind. Why not rejuvenate your drought-dried throat with each sip of the blackcurrant drink? Embark on the journey yourself and feel the surge of energy coursing through your veins, refueling your longing throat with a fruit-flavored drink now—it surely will carve a contented smile on your face amidst the weary sigh of bustling everyday life.

1. Take a clean cup and place it on a flat surface.
2. Put some ice into the cup.
3. Pour the blackcurrant drink into the cup after loosening its cap counterclockwise.
4. Serve immediately.

Certifications and Mentionings:

  1. JAKIM’s Halal certification: Blackcurrant drink under the Cheeper brand is halal-certified as the drink is prepared under Islamic principles—alcohol-free, and all components like flavorings and colorings are permitted—from ingredients sourcing, manufacturing practices, and product handling, such as not mixing halal blackcurrant drink with non-halal products.

  2. MESTI: After the authorities from the Ministry of Health go through a stringent inspection of blackcurrant-flavored beverage, the blackcurrant drink receives the MeSTI certification for using permissible ingredients: halal and hygienic blackcurrant flavoring and permitted coloring.

  3. Healthier Choice: Besides being certified with a food safety management system, blackcurrant drink also receives the healthier choice, promoting more nutritious eating habits. The certification on the packaging of blackcurrant drink serves as a visual cue for consumers to quickly scan through the options on the aisle and pick a healthier alternative that aligns with their dietary preferences.

Packaging: Every bottle of the blackcurrant drink—300ml or 10.1 ounces—is designed carefully to provide the overall safety and functionality of the product. Physically, the bottle is suitable for a hand grab with the dimension of 28 x 41 x 14cm (11.0 x 16.1 x 5.5 inches). Furthermore, the main body of the bottle is made of a durable plastic substance to withstand pressure and keep the liquid of the blackcurrant drink intact during storage and transportation to consumers. In addition, the blackcurrant drink is optimally preserved using a tight-sealed plastic cap to protect the juice inside against contamination and possible leakage. Say any B2B marketings are interested in buying blackcurrant drink in a massive order; you can order in a minimum order quantity for one 20-feet container amounting to 1334 cartons (40 cartons each pallet—each carton has 24 bottles of 300ml blackcurrant drink appropriately packed for shipment purposes).

Storage Instructions: With preservatives added to elongate shelf life, blackcurrant drink has a 24-month use-by date. Any perishable items and refreshments must be discarded once they expire or when the texture and taste turn repugnant. Regardless of having a longer shelf life, it does not act as a warranty for the consumers who sip down the blackcurrant drink without storing it properly. Therefore, here are a few tips to keep the blackcurrant drink accordingly for an extended period. If the blackcurrant drinks are fresh from the factory and still packed nicely in the carton, keep them in a cool, dry place at 10°C and 25°C (50°F and 77°F), such as a pantry and cupboard. On the other hand, place the opened or leftover blackcurrant drinks in the fridge at 2°C to 5°C (36°F to 41°F) with the lid tightly closed to avoid odor absorption that will ruin the overall texture and flavor of the blackcurrant drink. Although refrigerating is advised for longer preservation, cross-contamination prevention should be taken to avoid food poisoning—the transfer of harmful bacteria to ready-to-drink blackcurrant drink will occur as bacteria can grow in the refrigerator's environment.

Blackcurrant Drink Overview

The blackcurrants, with the scientific name of Ribes nigrum—also known as black currants or cassis—are an edible berries fruit with strong, earthy tones resembling grape flavor. As opposed to grapes, blackcurrant has a more acidic taste due to the high levels of tannins in the berries. It is also described as having a slight hint of cherry taste. No doubt, blackcurrant is famous for being nutritious-dense and possessing versatile features suitable for the culinary application. As a beverage, blackcurrant drinks are invigorating with their hydrating properties in the sweltering summer heat.

From the remarkable blackcurrant plants native to the central and northern regions of Europe—including Russia and Scandinavia—blackcurrants are processed as a juice in the first recipe during the 19th century. Cheeper's blackcurrant drink (sometimes called blackcurrant juice) is normally prepared as follows: the juice will be extracted from ripe blackcurrant berries and combined with permittable colorings to enhance the deep purple color; meanwhile, the blackcurrant flavoring is employed for a tangy taste. As a result, the blackcurrant drink is commercialized as a ready-to-drink thirst quencher with potential health-promoting properties—rich in vitamin C, which are beneficial for:

  1. Reducing inflammation
  2. Promoting healthy skin
  3. Offering antioxidant defense against free radicals
  4. Boosting immune function

Apart from the ready-to-drink blackcurrant drinks, blackcurrant can be enjoyed in various forms, such as concentrates, cordial, and juices.

About IDFA Trading

IDFA Trading is a business catering to selling and distributing canned drinks to the operator of vending machines, established in October 2016. Starting from the distribution of drinks and beverages, IDFA finally produced its own drink brand under the name "Cheeper" in the last quarter of 2017. Dreaming of making a drink to set the company apart from the norm, IDFA has a variety of fruit-flavored beverages to choose from: blackcurrant drink, apple, guava, lime, lychee, and mango available in 300ml and 500ml bottle packaging. Besides focusing on distributing beverages of its own brand, the company also runs OEM manufacturing for clients who have obtained Halal accreditation from JAKIM Malaysia.

Blackcurrant Drink Specifications

- Brand Name: Cheeper
- Refreshing ready to drink blackcurrant flavored drink
- Each bottle contains 300ml (10.1oz)
- Carton packaging: 24 bottles x 300ml
- Amount per 20ft container: 1334 cartons (40 cartons each pallet)
- Shelf life: 24 months (2 years)
- Received JAKIM's Halal, MeSTI, and Healthier Choice certifications
- Bottle size (L x W x H): 28 x 41 x 14cm (11.0 x 16.1 x 5.5 inches)
- Manufactured in Malaysia

Blackcurrant Drink Food Label


Amount Every Per 100ml Every Per 300ml
Energy (kcal) 19 kcal 57 kcal
Protein (g) 0.2g 0.6g
Fat (g) 0g 0g
Carbohydrate (g) 4.6g 13.8g
Amount Sugar (g) 3.4g 10.2g
Sodium (mg)



 Water, Blackcurrant Flavour, Sugar, Fructose, Sucralose, Preservatives, Citric Acid, and Permitted Coloring. 

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