Satay Sumo Sour Plum Juice

  • 1 Unit(s)
  • Satay Sumo
  • Water
  • Sour and Refreshing drink
  • Can be packed and sent directly to the customer's home
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Satay Sumo Sour Plum Juice

Usage: The fruity taste of this sour plum juice is intense, and the texture is liquid. Its distinguishing quality is that it is rich in drinking water, tasty, and easily available; there are virtually no limits in Malaysia for this cooling-down, revitalized sour plum sip. This wonderful sour plum beverage is made from garden-fresh components and may be sipped in a matter of minutes:
  1. First, put together your mug or receptacle of choice.
  2. Take away the protective lid from the bottle of sour plum juice.
  3. Just put it into your favorite glass, and you're ready to sip it.
If you extend the three steps below, you just need to look for a revitalizing sour plum juice inside the Satay Sumo manufactured by Asian Food Connect Sdn Bhd. Alongside the techniques mentioned earlier, you may always enjoy this revitalizing plum beverage per your style. As shown in the figure, you can spice up this revitalized plum water by making a plum tea, yogurt, or milkshake by adding some red apples to give some extra sweetness, mandarin orange, lemon, or lime juice, or by combining it with other tropical fruit juice or fruit concentrate. Assume you'll be experiencing it in the heat of the day. In these circumstances, it has to be delicious and the best that is inexplicable and alluring! You may have this sour plum juice with whomever you wish, whether they are Malay, Chinese, Indian, or foreign acquaintances, irrespective of what country you are in now; Australia, Singapore, or even New Zealand!
Certification: Asian Food Connect Sdn Bhd can continue producing sour prune juice because of the certification as mentioned below:
  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: JAKIM's Halal enrollment from the Commission is available solely while a company or its goods have undergone subjected to strict scrutiny by JAKIM's officials. This guarantees that JAKIM forthrightly examines all goods or services, ensuring that everyone, consisting of Muslims, consumes solely nutrition or liquids from the halal supply. In this case, Muslims may get the commodity for delight without feeling anxious or untrustworthy. The sour plum drink recipe is one of the halal goods recognized by JAKIM professionals in their fields.
Storage Condition: Sour plum juice, such as Satay Sumo's, has a flowing quality. Because of this, it should be packed in a way that allows for straightforward storage till a must-have. The goal is to persuade them that it is going to endure for as many years as the maker claims. To extend the life of this naturally produced sour plum beverage in Malaysia, store it in a cool place at four degrees Celcius (39.2°F).

Satay Sumo Sour Plum Juice’s Overview

Prune juice is a type of fruity beverage made from replenished prunes (dry plums). It is a manufactured in mass quantities substance that is frequently extracted employing a hot processing process. In contrast, juice concentrate is extracted using a lower temperatures processing methodology. It can be administered as a laxative as a nutritional supplement for food. It is also occasionally used as an additive to the flavor of cigarettes and cigars. It's used in various cocktails, including the Purple Dragon and the Cosmopolitan. Plum juice includes 81% fluid, 17% carbs, 0.6% proteins, and no lipids. Packaged or tinned prune juice sold in the United States welcomes "hardly more than 18.5% by the number of water-soluble particles manufactured from dehydrated plums."
Additionally, there are multiple recognized subspecies of plums, hence different points of genesis for this particular fruit worldwide. Plumber horticulture originated before any other type of fruit except for the apple. According to the oldest scholarly records, plums first appeared in China circa 470 BC. The Japanese prune originated in China, not Japan. The fruit in question arrived in Japan somewhere between two to four centuries earlier and then traveled around the entire globe starting thereon.
According to reports of information, European plums were found around twenty centuries ago in Western Asia or Eastern Europe. Plum bones and figs, grapes, and olives have been uncovered at ancient places. In their writings, the ancient Romans mentioned 300 different species of European prunes. Pilgrims introduced European plums to the United States in the 1700s, and the country today has a distinctive prune species. Plums are often consumed pleasantly, tinned, dried, or juiced.

About Asian Food Connect Sdn Bhd

Asian Food Connect Sdn Bhd began operations in 2020 with an entire staff that is dedicated and determined to excel in the culinary sector with a nutritious and excellent-tasting offering. Satay Sumo's creation gives you an entirely new perspective on enjoying Malaysian Satay since it is BIG, JUICY, and DELICIOUS. Satay can now be enjoyed wherever you are with your loved ones and companions thanks to the revolutionary Ready To Eat (RTE) and Ready To Cook (RTC) containers. We'd love to get feedback from you as well. Please share your thoughts and criticism. We are also searching for ways to collaborate and develop with you. Simply send us an email.


Satay Sumo Sour Plum Juice’s Specifications

  1. Trademark: Satay Sumo
  2. Has invigorating taste and refreshing water characteristics
  3. It has sour relish
  4. It could be packaged and sent right away to the customers’ houses
  5. Halal JAKIM-certified
  6. Store in a dry, cool place and out from direct sunlight
  7. Solely fabricated in a firm in Malaysia
  8. Port Klang

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Asian Food Connect Sdn Bhd

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  • Malaysia
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