Chocolate Peanut Chip

  • 50 Carton(s)
  • Mrs Enak
  • Semi hard
  • Salty, chocolate & peanut taste
  • Crunchy
  • 450 x 340 x 155 mm
  • (400g x 12 bottles) per carton
  • 400 Gram
  • 12 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Chocolate Peanut Chip

Usage: Craving for chocolate? Chocolate Peanut Chip from Mrs Enak is your preferred choice! In order to enjoy these chocolate peanut chip cookies, first, you may need to tear off the adhesive tape on the container. Then, these crunchy chocolate peanut chip cookies are ready to serve! You may serve the chocolate chip cookies on a plate based on your preference.

It is recommended to serve these Chocolate Peanut Chip cookies with black tea or black coffee to balance the sweet flavour. The cookies are a perfect match with milk for a quick breakfast. During teatime or break, these chocolate peanut chip cookies may be served to give a jolt of energy for the remaining day of work. Besides, the chocolate-peanut butter chip cookies may be another alternative to your supper other than instant noodles. The chocolate peanut chip cookies are loved by young and old alike. You may share the cookies with your loved ones or enjoy these chocolate chip cookies during your me-time.

Mrs Enak’s chocolate peanut chip cookies are the first choice to present as a Chinese New Year gift or serve as a festival cookie on your coffee table. You may also serve the cookies during custom events such as anniversaries, birthday parties or wedding events! The chocolate peanut chip cookies will receive overwhelming compliments from your guests!

Storage Instructions: It is recommended to keep the chocolate peanut chip cookies in a dry and cool place. Please store the Chocolate Peanut Chip at room temperature. Avoid exposing these chocolate peanut chip cookies to direct sunlight. After consuming the cookies, make sure you close the lid of the bottles tightly to avoid the cookies becoming stale. The storage method may affect the taste and freshness of the chocolate peanut chip cookies. To enjoy the crunchiness of the chocolate peanut chip cookies to fullest, consume the chocolate peanut butter cookies within 2 weeks of opening. This Chocolate Peanut Chip, based on the date of manufacture, can be preserved for up to a year without being unsealed.

Packaging: The chocolate peanut chip cookies will be sold in bottles with a net weight of 400 g (about 14.1 ounces). A carton of chocolate peanut chip cookies will include 12 bottles of cookies and has a dimension of 45 cm (about 17.7-inch) x 34 cm (about 13.4-inch) x 15.5 cm (about 6.1-inch). Mrs Enak recommends buyers place a minimum order of 50 cartons to qualify for exclusive offers. Mrs Enak also provides online wholesale services to interested customers. Buyers can submit orders through DagangHalal and will be notified when orders have been placed successfully.


  1. Halal-certified: The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) has verified that all the variations of festival biscuits, convenient package biscuits, muffins, cakes and traditional biscuits of Mrs Enak have fulfilled the requirements of the authorities. Based on the Halal ingredients used and manufacturing procedures in the facility, all Mrs Enak's baked goods are suitable for consumption by Muslim populations.

  2. MeSTI certificate: The Ministry of Health Malaysia has authorised Mrs Enak to have a MeSTI certificate as testament that the company has good food hygiene management and operations. Therefore, products by Mrs Enak, including Chocolate Peanut Chip are safe for human consumption.

Overview of Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

Well-blended with the nutty flavour of chopped peanuts and the velvety cocoa taste of chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Chip cookie is the outstanding festival biscuit produced by Mrs Enak. Mrs Enak is a biscuit wholesaler and manufacturer in Rawang, Malaysia. At the beginning of the confectionery business, the company put a lot of effort into sourcing from local manufacturers and distributing the goods. Later in 2015, Mrs Enak started their own production line and manufacturing facility. They mainly produce festival season biscuits, including chocolate peanut chip cookies.

When tasting this chocolate chip cookie, the rich taste of cocoa spreads across every corner of your mouth. Although there is a hint of saltiness, the salt added to the cookies enhances the sweet fragrance of the cookies. The sprinkle of finely chopped peanut chips on the cookies gives the cookies a rich nutty flavour. The semi hard texture and the peanut chips added to the cookies give the cookies a hefty crunchiness that rivals the cocoa flavour in the chocolate peanut chip cookies. Furthermore, the chocolate peanut chip cookies are bite-sized, allowing you to enjoy the well-balanced cocoa and nutty flavours in just one bite!

No worries if you are interested in purchasing chocolate peanut chip cookies but not in the Rawang area! Mrs Enak has made their business online and you may send a purchase request to DagangHalal or to their official website. Mrs Enak provides delivery of traditional biscuits, festival biscuits, muffins, and snacks in bulk. Once your doorbell rings, you can enjoy delicious chocolate peanut chip cookies at home without having to travel to the grocery store or bakery!

Take time to indulge in these rich and nutty chocolate peanut chip cookies today!

Chocolate Chip Cookies Specifications

- Crunchy and semi hard feature
- Rich in chocolate and peanut taste
- With a hint of saltiness
- A bite-sized cookie
- Topped with finely chopped peanuts
- Made with premium ingredients
- Made in Malaysia

Online order service is available


- Margarine
- Sugar
- Wheat flour
- Cocoa powder
- Egg
- Peanut nips
- Chocolate emulco

Allergen: Contain traces of nuts, soy milk, and gluten that could be potentially allergenic.

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Mrs Enak

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  • Malaysia
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