Walnut biscuit

  • 50 Unit(s)
  • Mrs Enak
  • Butter & crunchy in the mouth
  • Milk, Nutty
  • Milk, Nutty
  • 23 x 24 x 34 mm
  • (20 tins x 5 rows) per carton
  • 5 Kilogram
  • 12 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Walnut biscuit

Usage: To enjoy these milk and nutty Crunchy Walnut Cookies from Mrs Enak, first, you need to open the airtight container. Put pieces of walnut biscuits on your preferred plate. Then, Mrs Enak’s Crunchy Walnut Cookies is ready to serve and ready to enjoy!

Work and study can seem like a never-ending event in the office or university. Fill your palate with Crunchy Walnut Cookies and munch while you work or study. In addition, you can also have Mrs Enak’s Crunchy Walnut Cookies as a small snack while you take a break with friends; colleagues and chat overwork. Mrs Enak’s Crunchy Walnut Cookies perfectly with freshly brewed green tea, cold milk, or a cup of black coffee/ espresso.

These walnut cookies are a thin buttery and crumbly texture. They are full of chopped walnuts that have milk and a nutty taste. While these crunchy walnut cookies are not that big, which means you can have more than one. Yes! You won't be able to stop at one as Mrs Enak’s Crunchy Walnut Cookies are super addictive. Mrs Enak ensures to delight you with their milk and nutty Crunchy Walnut Cookies! Let’s enjoy these Mrs Enak’s Crunchy walnut cookies with your morning coffee or afternoon tea!

Packaging: Mrs Enak’s Crunchy Walnut Cookies packs in Tin Box Packaging for best protection of the walnut biscuit. The walnut cookie is stored in an airtight container. Each tin of Crunchy Walnut Cookies has a net weight of 5 kilograms with 5rows of Crunchy Walnut Cookies in a tin biscuit. There will be 20 tins with 5rows of Mrs Enak’s Crunchy Walnut Cookies in a carton. Mrs Enak recommends you purchase in bulk quantities, minimum of 5 units for exclusive deals. The dimensions of the Crunchy Walnut Cookies are calculated to be 23x24x34mm (0.9x0.9x1.3 inches).

Storage Instructions: Mrs Enak recommends you to keep its Crunchy Walnut Cookies at room temperature. Do not expose the walnut cookies to direct sunlight. After opening, remember to keep the tin container of Mrs Enak’s Walnut Biscuit tightly to avoid the cookies getting soft. Besides, never store the walnut biscuit in a humid place to prevent fungus and dampness. It is better to consume the Crunchy Walnut Cookies within two weeks to enjoy their freshness and crispy when optimum. The defined quality of Crunchy Walnut Cookies by Mrs Enak provides a long shelf life (12 months), equivalent to a year from the manufacture date without opening.

The Mrs Enak brand of Crunchy Walnut Cookies has been awarded two certifications since its inception.

  1. Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI) Certified: All variations of biscuits, muffins, and cakes, including Crunchy Walnut Cookies manufactured by Mrs Enak, were certified with MeSTI. They have complied with basic hygiene requirements throughout the manufacturing process for safe consumption.

    Halal-certified (HALAL): Products from Mrs Enak, including its Crunchy Walnut Cookies are HALAL Certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). By receiving this Halal Certification, all products of Mrs Enak have been authorized for Muslims for safe consumption as they use permissible ingredients during the manufacturing process. In this sense, Mrs Enak’s Crunchy Walnut Cookies is known as Halal Walnut Biscuit in Malaysia.

Mrs Enak's Walnut Biscuit Overview

To kick off the Chinese New Year, Walnut Cookies are one of the traditional Chinese treats made to celebrate the Lunar Festival. Walnut in Cantonese, called ‘hup tou’, holds a special place in Chinese culture representing family togetherness and happiness. When you serve your guests with walnut cookies that are goods with walnuts in them, you are symbolically wishing their family a happy new year.

Today, Mrs Enak brings delightful and happiness to you with its variety of cookies. It is a biscuit wholesaler, based in Rawang, Malaysia that was established in 2011. Mrs Enak provides various types of biscuits for daily consumption, including Crunchy Walnut Cookies. All biscuits manufactured by Mrs Enak are best suited for special events and festival seasons. When there is any special occasion/ festivities, or just as a special treat, think of Mrs Enak’s Crunchy Walnut Cookies. Mrs Enak serves you a tastier and healthier walnut biscuit using premium ingredients.

Walnuts are the same shape as the human brain; besides being used to wish others a wonderful new year, walnuts are also considered as a great source of healthy fats and best for maintaining brain health. Not only Mrs Enak’s Crunchy Walnut Cookies are traditionally served to guests on the Chinese New Year- they can certainly be a great healthy snack choice for children as well as go great with a morning cup of coffee or an evening mug of black tea for working adults.

A thin crunchy yet buttery texture walnut cookie with a nutty and milk taste- a tasty Mrs Enak's Crunchy Walnut Cookies one is not enough! These crunchy walnut cookies of Mrs Enak are made with a butter cookie base. It gives them a shortbread-like texture and mouthfeel, and heavenly walnut aroma. Hence, the Crunchy Walnut Cookies are fragrant, crispy, nutty, a little sweet, with a hint of saltiness.

Meanwhile, the walnut biscuits manufactured by Mrs Enak are not too sweet and do not look fancy at all, but each bite of the walnut cookie is joyful. The crumbly and the nutty crunchy walnut cookies of Mrs Enak are full of walnut aroma. Moreover, the shape of the Crunchy Walnut Cookie is round, like balls, and it is not too large, which can satisfy your taste buds in just one bite.

Whether you're looking for something quick and easy to bring to your festive celebration, any occasion, or when you want a lightly sweet afternoon treat, Mrs Enak’s Crunchy Walnut Cookies will hit the spot. These crunchy walnut cookies are delectable and melt in your mouth. It tastes awesome!

Let’s enjoy the traditional Crunchy Walnut Cookies of Mrs Enak by purchasing through the DagangHalal website. The delicious Crunchy Walnut Cookies will be delivered to your doorstep upon placing your order. In the meantime, you no need to trouble yourself going out to groceries anymore. Spread the happiness together by enjoying the freshness of Mrs Enak’s Crunchy Walnut Cookies that you would not be able to stop munching on.

Product Specifications of Mrs Enak’s Crunchy Walnut Cookies

- With a buttery and crunchy texture
- Taste milk and nutty
- Made with the finest ingredients
- No added preservative
- No added MSG
- Halal-certified product
- Made in Malaysia
- Net weight: 5 kilograms per unit
- Online order service provided

Product Ingredients:

- 150g Margarine
- 80g Icing sugar
- 50g Ghee
- 80g Wheat flour
- 80g Tapioca flour
- 80g Corn starch
- 40g Walnut
- Egg
- Baking soda
- Baking powder
- Ammonium bicarbonate

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