Krukkrapmy Golden Salted Egg Peyek Snack - Original Flavour - 207g

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  • Crispy & Crunchy
  • Salted Egg
  • Our special products that promise a unique Krukkrapmy experience. The rich salted egg coating paired
  • 207 Gram
  • 6 months
  • Malaysia
  • Halal Certificate
  • Malaysia

Product details of Krukkrapmy Golden Salted Egg Peyek Snack - Original Flavour - 207g

Usage: Always check the packaging and expiry date before consumption. If the packaging is opened, please do not devour the food. Make sure the packaging and expiry date are good, then only you can enjoy our golden salted egg peyek. Use a pair of scissors and carefully cut the top of the plastic. Make sure to wash your hand with water then only you can proceed to eat the salted egg snack.

After eating, make sure to wash your hand with water and soap. Also, make sure to throw the packaging inside a trash bin. The snack can also be shared with everyone during parties or any occasion. You can also use our golden salted egg peyek as goodies for celebrations.

Certification(s) and Award(s)

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: Our golden salted egg peyek supplied by Kota Intan Enterprise is now available as halal golden salted egg peyek. We want to share our delicious snack with everyone including our Muslim customers to have a bite.

Packaging: The packaging is designed according to its own benefits. After eating, you can recycle the plastic since it is recyclable. Each pack is packed in 207 grams (0.45 pounds).

Shipping: We would like for our clients to order with a minimum of 1 x feet size container to help our supplier from facing any profit loss from shipping in small quantity orders. However, for a trial selling point, we allowed our buyers to order 1 x pallet-size container. For any more inquiries, you can have a chat with our supplier by clicking on the inquiry now option.

Storage instruction(s): There are many ways to store our golden salted egg peyek, but did you know the best way to store it? Thus, we will share with you some tips and ways how to properly store our crispy golden salted egg snack.

After eating, make sure to use a rubber band to tie the packaging. Even though it is better to eat the whole snack, if there is any leftover, make sure to tie it tightly. You can also use a plastic container and placed the opened golden salted egg snack inside and close the lid tightly. The purpose of doing this is to prevent air and insects from damaging the snack.

If the packaging is not yet open, it can be stored in a room-temperature place like inside a cabinet etc. Store it nicely and enjoy the snack during your free time. For more information, please read the storage instructions equipped by our supplier for better understanding so that we can prevent accidents from occurring.

Golden Salted Egg Peyek Overview

Come in 207 grams (0.45 pounds) of golden salted egg peyek, our snack is very famous for its crunchy and crispy taste. It comes in two different flavours, one is spicy and non-spicy. As for this golden salted egg peyek, it tastes original thus anyone who can’t handle spicy can enjoy this flavour. 

Peyek or also known as rempeyek is coated with golden salted egg powder to add seasoning and taste to it. We also use herbs to enhance the taste of the salted egg peyek for a better experience. As for the ingredients, we use flour, egg, nut, herbs, sugar and salted egg thus anyone who has allergic is not recommended to eat our golden salted egg snack.

Golden Salted Egg Peyek Specification(s)

Usage instruction:

- Check the condition of the plastic.
- Check the expiry date before eating the golden salted egg peyek.
- Wash your hand before eating.
- Use scissors to cut the plastic.
- Can be shared with everyone.
- Wash your hand after eating the golden salted egg peyek with water and soap.
- Make sure to throw the packaging in the appropriate place.
- Our crispy golden salted egg peyek can also be a good goodie for any celebration.

Storage Instructions:

- Use a rubber band to seal the plastic.
- Can also use a plastic container to store the leftover golden salted egg peyek.
- Store in your kitchen cabinet for an unopened crispy salted egg snack.
- Read the storage information provided to know better how to store the golden salted egg peyek properly.

Other Specifications:

- Halal golden salted egg peyek.
- Golden salted egg peyek weighs 207 grams (0.45 pounds) per pack.
- Have a shelf life is up to 6 months.
- Taste crispy and crunchy.
- Shipped from Malaysia.
- Product of Malaysia.


- Flour.
- Egg.
- Nut.
- Herbs.
- Sugar.
- Salted egg.

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