Hazelnut Chocolate

  • DSaf
  • Soft and creamy
  • Milk creamy with flavour hazelnut chocolate
  • Rich and fragrant milk creamy with flavour hazelnut chocolate
  • 300 Gram
  • 2 years
  • Malaysia

Product details of Hazelnut Chocolate

Usage: The Hazelnut Chocolate Drink from DSaf is a viscous liquid with a light, whipped texture. Velvety milk with hazelnut and chocolate savour and the aroma and flavour of rich, delicious milk is also present in this drink. Suppose you intend to make an appetizing Hazelnut Chocolate Drink for your significant other. In that case, you should follow these directions to the letter:
  1. First, open the bottle of Hazelnut Chocolate Drink.
  2. Secondly, fill the glass or cup with ice cubes to refresh the drink.
  3. Lastly, pour as many of your favourite chocolate and hazelnut beverages as will fit in your glass, and genuinely love them!
If you want to splurge, let your imagination run wild with this Hazelnut Chocolate Drink idea and see what you come up with. These interpretations of luxury functions for Hazelnut Chocolate Milk show how versatile this beverage can be:
  1. If you're exhausted from snacking the same old hazelnut chocolate milk and croissant for morning or tea breaks, consider using this as an additive in a smoothie, frappuccino, or hazelnut shake. It's safe to say that anybody can appreciate the superior palate of this drink when served in one of the many luxurious instances it may be handled.
  2. If you like to make desserts or sweet treats like ice creams, try making Hazelnut Chocolate ice cream as an elegant way for you or your little ones to enjoy; seriously, you won't regret this!
Or any other infinite more indications you could think of.
Certification: AURA DSAF Company has been registered to derive a multitude of lip-smacking- smacking and pleasurable drinks since its inception, including its signature Hazelnut Chocolate Drink. The most prominent qualifications and eligibility criteria are as specified:
  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: Whether you're selling candy or caffeinated beverages, you need Halal JAKIM-approved Approval to furnish to your potential consumers. With its roots at JAKIM, this Halal certification is indispensable to the state's economic growth. Our committee takes the time to carefully and methodically review each approval process before deciding on an honoree. Just as AURA DSAF Business may advertise the Hazelnut Chocolate Drink to Muslims throughout Malaysia with no paranoia of reprisal owing to JAKIM's support, so too can JAKIM's supporters promote the drink sans dread of backlash.
Packaging: Packaging your 300g (10.58 oz) purchase of Hazelnut Chocolate Drink will be made instantaneously and smartly. To help guarantee that this bottle of Hazelnut Chocolate liquid hits its journey in tranquillity, it is essential to have a pleasant frame of mind while packing it for customers.
DSaf's Hazelnut Chocolate Drink fans need to continue buying in increments of 1 x 20ft containers to satisfy their cravings. You can haggle for as much as one pallet of DSaf's Hazelnut Chocolate Drink if it counts. If you want to see how the consumers respond to these products, consider making LCL (less than container load) transactions.
Shelf Life: The Hazelnut Chocolate Drink is fresh produce; hence it has a shelf life or expiry dates. According to the manufacturer, this Hazelnut Chocolate drink has a two-year storability, which can also be determined as 24 months. Hazelnut chocolate should last a good number of days if customers implement the supermarket's storage lessons. The only other regulation is always to use a secure cap while storing these hazelnut and chocolate-based beverages.
How to Store It: The flavoursome Hazelnut Chocolate beverage can be stored in a large, opaque glass bottle or smaller, shot-size bottles in the refrigerator.
It's possible to reestablish the value of this gratifying beverage for a considerable amount of time in the fridge. But, the most brilliant way to keep it pure for an extended time is in the freezer.
Hazelnut chocolate might be frozen in ice cube trays for easy use. You may keep homemade chocolate hazelnut milk in the freezer for two years.


AURA DSAF Enterprise’s Hazelnut Chocolate Drink Overview

Individuals today probably associate Switzerland with chocolate, but in the 18th century, Turin in the Piedmont area that might eventually acquire Italy was known as the cocoa centre of Europe. Until a famously little commander declared he wished to dominate the earth, everything was OK.
Around this time, Napoleon Bonaparte and his soldiers had been on the move. He issued an order prohibiting commerce among England and his territories as hostilities rose amid his growing dominion and the British Isles. The confectioners of Turin were in a bind since the Brits monopolized the nation's chocolate production at the era.
When their chocolate powder supply was running low, they frantically sought to maintain commerce by crushing regional hazelnuts into tiny granules and adding them to their existing chocolate supply. This resulted in a chocolate hazelnut spreading known as Gianduja, which many experts regard as the earliest of its kind.
After a period of easing pressures, life went back to typical. Still, as is so frequently the case, tragedy replicated itself. This time, a pair of guys named Mussolini and Hitler decided to divide the globe. This time the whole world participated, which led to a temporary worldwide chocolate shortage. As the conflict finished, Italy's economy continued to suffer, and chocolatiers in Turin ran out of cocoa particles.
Pietro Ferrero created pasta gianduja, a bread slice filled with chocolate buttercream covered in aluminium, around this time. This grew popular fast, and Pietro eventually founded the Ferrero Spa Company. Giandujot, a foil-wrapped version of the original delicacy from the battle, was one of the company's earliest offerings. In 1951, Pietro launched Giandujot SuperCrema, a more prosperous and creamy variant of the baguette he had started making in 1946 due to its overwhelming demand. Until 1964, when the business released a revised and superior brand they dubbed Nutella, this delicacy hardly altered.
The reputation of chocolate hazelnut spread has grown since then. It is predicted to continue rising, and that's when many people invent brand-new commodities with chocolate and hazelnut-based, just like this Hazelnut Chocolate Drink made by AURA DSAF Enterprise.


About AURA DSAF Enterprise

Aura Dsaf Enterprise is a business that caters to Muslims by providing them with homemade beverages. We produce and distribute a broad classification of Muslim-affable milk liquids in Malaysia under the Aura Dsaf brand. We invent and supply a comprehensive content of halal skimmed milk, including matcha, mochaccino, caramelized cafelattes, cocoa vanilla lattes, etc. If you want to hear about when we add truly innovative merchandise to our web retailer, keep checking back with us.

Additional Information About AURA DSAF Enterprise’s Hazelnut Chocolate Drink


 Condensed Milk, Milk, Sugar and Flavour


AURA DSAF Enterprise’s Hazelnut Chocolate Drink Specifications

  1. Logo: DSaf
  2. Has a soft and whipped appearance
  3. Has milk velvety with hazelnut and chocolate relish
  4. Has a characteristic of rich and sweet-smelling smooth milk with chocolate and hazelnut-based
  5. Has a Halal license granted by JAKIM higher-ups
  6. Has a net weight of 300g (10.58 oz)
  7. Service span: 24 months or two years
  8. Truthfully fabricated by a trusted Malaysian enterprise

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AURA DSAF Enterprise

  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
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