Jammy Honey Lime Syrup - 500G

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Product details of Jammy Honey Lime Syrup - 500G

Usage Instruction: First thing first, make sure to wash your hand with clean water and soap before preparing your food and beverages. This is to prefer to stay hygienic while making your food. Then, take a spoon and scoop the honey calamansi juice and place it inside a cup. Scoop however you want according to your taste. Next, if you want the juice to taste sweet, pour in a spoonful of sugar and mix them with hot water. Close the honey calamansi bottle tightly and continue to mix the water until all the ingredients are mixed. Now, your honey juice is ready to serve.

You can also add some ice cubes for a refreshing cold honey calamansi. No need for more lime since the honey calamansi has added lime thus the juice will have slightly sweet from the honey and sour from the lime. Any additional ingredients are up to your own preference and enjoy the fresh taste of honey calamansi with lime juice.

Storage instruction: The honey calamansi can be stored in your kitchen cabinet. Do not worry as the product is not 100% honey, instead, it has been mixed with other ingredients like lime and other components. Rest assured as the juice can be stored in a room-temperature place. This is a good choice for storing your honey calamansi juice concentrate, especially for those who did not own any refrigerators or whose refrigerators are full of other important foods. 

If you have some space in your fridge, you can also store the honey and lime juice inside the refrigerator. This might be the safe way to store your juice concentrate. The cold temperature can help to prevent microorganisms especially bacteria from birthing and living in the honey juice. For safety purposes, always read the storage instructions provided by the supplier for better storage instructions. 

Packaging Information: Packed in a plastic bottle, this honey calamansi weighs 500 grams (1.10 pounds) per pax. The lid of the bottle also has been designed to tightly seal the bottle to prevent air from damaging the honey juice. The lid also has a big opening for easy scooping. Most importantly, we can close and open the cap easily by turning the cap’s direction either to the left or right. 

Shipping Detail: The minimum order is not set by the supplier but as we are supplying this honey calamansi juice in B2B business style, we want to minimize the profit loss by shipping small quantity orders. Thus, a guideline has been made to protect our supplier from losing their profit by letting our customers order with a minimum of 1x 20 feet container size. Consumers can still apply for 1 x pallet size as a trial selling point and LCL (Less than Container-Load). 

Certification(s) and Award(s):

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: We are now supplying and distributing halal honey calamansi juice. Formhill Globalisation Sdn Bhd has taken the opportunity to apply for a halal certificate in order to expand its business. Thanks to the smart move done by the agency, everyone including Muslim customers can have a taste of Halal honey calamansi without worry.
  2. Buatan Malaysia: The logo itself has been printed on the bottle. Made in Malaysia, this honey calamansi juice is a local product produced by our talented researcher and entrepreneur. Thus, Formhill Globalisation Sdn Bhd took a chance to promote local products for the local to show support for local brands such as this Jammy honey calamansi concentrated juice.

Honey Calamansi Overview

Coming in 500 ml (16.91 fl oz), this halal honey calamansi juice can certainly quench your thirst in a split second. The honey and lime concentrate is believed to only take 1 minute to prepare a refreshing yet tasty honey juice. You can make the juice either during breakfast, lunch, dinner or during free time. Not only that, high-quality honey and lime were chosen to provide high and good amounts of nutrients and benefits for consumers. Product of Malaysia, this calamansi juice can be easily found on any shopping platform either online or offline. As for bulk purchases, you are required to click on the inquire now button under the honey calamansi picture and let our agents entertain you.

Honey Calamansi Specifications


- Halal honey calamansi.
- Halal-certified honey juice.
- Each pax weighs 500 ml (16.91 fl oz).
- The expiry date of the honey calamansi can refer to the bottle.
- A honey and lime concentrate juice.
- Made in Malaysia.

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