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Product details of FormHill Lemon Chili Sauce - 200G

Usage Instruction: There are many ways or recipes that you can follow on how to use this chili lemon sauce. This chili lemon can be used for any occasion, such as a gathering, party, and many more. Simply follow these steps and you can go!

Once the package arrives, take scissors and cut the wrapped package to remove the chili lemon. Now, put the bottle of lemon chili on the table, cut off the black wrapping on the lid of the lemon chili, and throw it directly into the nearby trash can. To use it, prepare a small plate, gently open the cap and pour the sauce onto the plate according to the measure you like. Close the bottle tightly, then store it in a dry and high place. After that, prepare chicken or meat that has been baked or cooked, shred a little of the meat and dip it in the chili lemon sauce. Chilli lemon sauce can now be enjoyed and shared to taste its deliciousness.

Packaging Information: This Chili Lemon is packed in a total net weight of 200g (0.035oz) for a bottle. For any shipment in a bulk purchase, the chili lemon is packed in a carton with a total of 24 bottles altogether. Every customer needs to buy this product in a minimum quantity of 1x20ft container. Do not panic, because the packaging will be packed securely and will arrive safely to you.  

Certifications/Claims: Since the inception of Formhill Globalisation Sdn Bhd, the company’s products, including this chili lemon have obtained several certifications. 

  1. JAKIM - Halal: Halal certification handled by The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), is a certification that is given to manufacturing products, especially in Food and Beverages (F&B) industries. Every product must comply with all shariah-law and follow Islamic guidelines to receive this Halal certification. For your information, Halal certified inspects every manufacturing process starting from raw materials to the packaging process carefully and strictly to ensure that there is no doubt about each product. Therefore, with the acquisition of the halal certificate, this chili lemon by Formhill Globalization can be consumed by all Muslim communities. 
  2. Vegetarian: This Chili Lemon has been approved for vegetarian certification due to its criteria that meet the vegetarian and vegan guidelines. This is based on the ingredients used for lemon chili that do not contain any animal-based ingredients, no animal experiments, and no animal Genetically modified organisms (GMOs). With that, Formhill Globalisation's chili lemon is suitable for everyone, including vegetarian people.

Chili Lemon Overview

Coming from the Capsicum family, the chili pepper is one of the most important plants needed for everyone. There are varieties of types of chilies as well as green chili, Drop pepper, Bird’s eye chili, and so forth and so on. The hot and spicy taste of Capsaicin, the compound that exists in Chilies gives the human body a discomforting feeling but with pleasure. Although each type of chili has its own colour from red, green, to yellow, all of them have their signature spicy level, and that is what makes them interesting and loved by individuals.

The chili lemon by Formhill Globalisation is made out of fresh chilies and lemon trees that were planted directly from the company’s farm. By using natural manufacturing processes, it can be said that the preparation and processing of all products that were produced are aligned with cleanliness and hygiene standards. 

Spicy, hot and sour from the Halal chili lemon flavour is suitable for you, who crave and love for its taste and can negotiate with the level of spiciness. This chili lemon sauce is good to have anybody to boost the food taste or for your everyday enjoyment.

About Formhill Globalisation Sdn Bhd

Formhill Globalisation Sdn Bhd is a company that was established in 2003 and located at Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor, Malaysia. It is a small and medium company manufacturing food processing plants. Currently, there are many types of chili sauce and calamansi beverages that were produced by Formhill Globalisation including this chili lemon product.

The company’s lime and lemon products, also the chilis products originally come from their farm, a farm without any pollution approach, and mostly produce from a popular citrus fruit in Southeast Asia, known as calamansi lime. The important aspect that can be taken into account is that all their goods were processed using natural manufacturing steps. Thus, the clients can feel the products' freshness and transparent handling.

In addition, all products from the company have received Halal certification from the Malaysian government which also applies to the chili lemon, to ensure its safety towards their clients. Furthermore, their success is further proven by the export of their products to several nations around the world which are Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, China, and others countries.

Chili Lemon Specification(s):

- Contain zero preservatives, colouring, and artificial flavour
- Free from MSG (Monosodium glutamate)
- 200g (0.035oz) per bottle
- A total of 24 bottles per carton
- Halal chili lemon sauce 
- Has a spicy and sour taste
- Made from fresh ingredients
- Made in Malaysia

Chili Lemon Ingredient(s): Fresh bird eye chili, red chili, fresh lemon, vinegar, sugar, and salt

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Formhill Globalisation Sdn Bhd

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