KimG Kohlrabi Extra Spicy

  • 24 Bottle(s)
  • KimG
  • 955 100 617 0088
  • Crunchy like broccoli stems
  • Not too sour nor salty
  • Hand-screened natural ingredients, no preservatives & no colour pigment also vegan diet
  • 375 x 285 x 125 mm
  • 550g x 12 Bottles per Carton
  • 550 Gram
  • 6 months
  • Halal Certificate
  • Taiwan

Product details of KimG Kohlrabi Extra Spicy

Usage: After receiving your fermented kohlrabi kimchi package, you may take the spicy kimchi out of the box. Next, you can easily open the bubble wrap from the Korean kimchi jar. After that, you can easily twist to the opposite direction with your dominant hand to enjoy your food. Your kimchi can be eaten on its own or you can add them as side dish with your rice. You are advised to chill the fermented kohlrabi in the fridge as the food will last you for 6 months. You must also scoop the kimchi with a clean spoon and make sure your utensils are not wet to avoid the kimchi from getting bad.

Certifications: HL World food industry gained several significant certifications.

- Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association THIDA: Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association (THIDA) is known to be a certification is a certification embodiment that releases halal certificates in Republic of China. The company is in Taipei Cultural Mosque, Taipei. KimG’s fermented kohlrabi kimchi is proven to be halal and safe for Muslim’s community.
- JAKIM Halal Certificate: HL world has received halal authorization form Malaysian Development of Islamic Development (JAKIM) for the perks of its Muslim’s consumers. In Malaysia. This proves that they abide the halal requirement provided by JAKIM. Kim G’s fermented kohlrabi kimchi is safe to be consumed by Muslims.
- Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certificate: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certificate: Instead of investigating the final product, the HACCP focuses more towards investigating during the making of the products. This system was created to ensure food and beverages are not combined with chemicals and to ensure the safety of consumers. Kim G’s fermented kohlrabi kimchi is ensured to be safe during the process of making the food and to the packaging process from chemical as well as physical harm.

- Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI): The Purpose of MesTI is to ensure companies abide by the Food Hygiene Regulation implemented, which was implemented in 2009. Ideally, this certification needs to be applied before companies plead for JAKIM certification. Companies must ensure their workers to practice basic hygiene requirement that emphasized on operation control, hygiene and maintenance, traceability, and record-keeping. HL world has gained MesTI’s certification, and their product, Kim G’s fermented kohlrabi Kimchi is also included which means that food is safe to be consumed by Muslims.

Packaging: This fermented kohlrabi kimchi is sold in 550g x 12 bottles per carton, 19.401 ounces.

Dimension: Kim G’s fermented kohlrabi kimchi comes with 375 x 285 x 125 mm, 525960 inches.

Storage instructions: KimG’s fermented kohlrabi kimchi must be refrigerated to ensure its longevity and freshness. This Korean food will last you for only 6 months and must be scooped which clean utensils and properly sealed.

Shipping details: Kim G's fermented kohlrabi kimchi is 1 x 20 foot container or LCL.

About Fermented Kohlrabi Kimchi:


Kimchi is known for its popularity across the world and is one of the high demanding foods in markets. Its origin is from Korea and mostly prepared a day before consuming the dish. The ingredients that are typically used for kimchi are vegetables such as cabbages, cucumber, green onions, daikon, and many more. Seasonings that were always paired with kimchi are gochugaru, or known as Korean chili powder, garlic, ginger, and green onions. Kimchi is always paired with all Korean dishes. Kimchi was also included in stews and soups.

During winter seasons, winter kimchi known as kimjang is stored in earthenware fermentation vessels in the ground to ensure the kimchi doesn’t freeze and cool enough to freeze the fermentation process.

Kohlrabi is also one of the vegetables that can be included in preparing kimchi. Kohlrabi’s taste often was depicted to be similar to turnips, broccoli, and cabbages. It is also have been said that kohlrabi has the taste of sweet but peppery flavor.

About HL World:


This brand is founded in 1999 and is located in Taiwan. Ever since its establishment, they have been delivering wonderful taste of kimchi for all its consumers. HL World is also known to be one of the biggest Kimchi manufacturers with their various flavor of kimchi. Fermented kohlrabi kimchi has two flavors, one is spicy, and the other is extra spicy.

KimG Fermented Kohlrabi Kimchi Specification:

- This Korean food will last you for 6 months.

- This fermented food must be refrigerated to ensure its freshness.

- The minimum order for Kim G’s fermented kohlrabi Kimchi is 24 bottles.

- The texture of this kimchi is crunchy like broccoli stems.

- This fermented food has the taste of not too sour or salty, and it is extra spicy.

- Kim G’s fermented Kohlrabi Kimchi is suitable as vegan diets, has no added preservatives, no color pigment, and hand screens natural ingredients.

- Fermented kohlrabi kimchi is sold in 550g x 12 bottles per carton, 19.401 ounces.

- Kim G’s fermented kohlrabi Kimchi’s packaging is 550g x 12 bottles per carton.

- Kim G’s fermented Kohlrabi kimchi’s net weight/ unit is 550 gram and 525960 inches.

- This product is halal certified.

- This product is 550 ml.

Ingredients: Kohlrabi, Vinegar, garlic, Sugar, Chili, Paprika, Salt, Thickener (Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate, Tara Gum, Xanthan Gum), & Contains (Monosodium L- Glutamate) as permitted flavor enhancer.

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