Man Fook Korean Chili Paste - 180g

  • 48 Unit(s)
  • 48 Jars
  • Man Fook
  • Sauces/Spreads/Dips/Condiments
  • Thick Sauce
  • Ready to eat
  • 180g x 24 jar per carton, tba cartons per pallet
  • 180 Gram
  • 12 Months
  • Halal, Mesti Certificate
  • Malaysia

Product details of Man Fook Korean Chili Paste - 180g

Usage: The Hallyu Wave, or Korean Wave, is a cultural phenomenon that has swept the globe like a tidal wave, from K-pop music and K-dramas to the treasure trove of delectable Korean cuisine. Among these culinary masterpieces, one dish has risen above the rest, which is the Korean chili paste halal under Man Fook. Now, any restaurant can create its own version of the Korean Wave atmosphere to jump on the bandwagon of this phenomenal eon without traveling far. No matter what dishes you make, shake the jar of Korean chili paste halal well before use.

  1. Marinate meat: Marinating meat using gochujang Korean chili paste halal is a great way to infuse any meat—chicken or beef—with spicy and savory flavors:

1) Mix gochujang paste, soy sauce, sesame oil, minced garlic, and a little sugar in a bowl. Adjust the ingredients to your preferences.

2) Add the meat to the marinade and make sure it is well coated. Leave the chicken in the marinade for at least an hour or 24 hours for the beef.

3) Grill, bake, or pan-fry the marinated meat until fully cooked.

4) Garnish the meat with chopped scallions and serve it with rice or vegetables for a complete meal.

  1. Condiment: As a popular condiment in Korea, Korean chili paste halal is suitable for bibimbap, rice mixed with a variety of vegetables—such as carrots, spinach, bean sprouts, mushrooms, and zucchini—adding a spicy kick to this beloved Korean dish. Cook the ingredients of bibimbap and arrange them in a bowl. Lastly, place a spoonful of gochujang paste on top of the bibimbap ingredients. Feel free to adjust the amount of gochujang chili paste according to your taste preferences: start with a small amount if you are new to it, and gradually increase it as you become more accustomed to its spiciness.

Certifications and Mentionings:

  1. JAKIM’s Halal certification: On a regular basis, traditionally prepared gochujang paste contains alcohol due to the fermentation process. However, the modern world has a better substitute for the fermented process in making Korean chili paste halal that is Muslim-friendly, as allowed by Shariah law. Intending to produce red pepper paste suitable for everyone's consumption, the authorities of JAKIM have issued halal certification as the product passes the halal food requirements during the inspection.

  2. MESTI: The MESTI certificate, as introduced by the Ministry of Health (MoH), functions as a mechanism for ensuring food safety handled by the Food Safety and Quality Division of MoH. The framework to be recognized by MESTI aligns with JAKIM's halal requirement: to produce food and beverage with hygiene as the main criteria as a part of religious practice. Due to Korean chili paste halal being made hygienically, it has been verified by MESTI as a safe food product.

  3. ISO 22000: Halal Korean chili paste is ISO 22000-certified because the manufacturer produces the gochujang paste safely, which meets comprehensive international food safety standards: from the food production process, including raw material sourcing, processing, packaging, and storage. Besides, ISO 22000 identifies potential hazards of gochujang Korean hot pepper sauce rigidly, ensuring the product is free from contamination or other issues that may affect the safety and quality of their product, suitable for human ingestion.

Packaging: The piquant flavor of thick Korean chili paste halal has its place in the nation. Per jar, the halal Korean red hot chili paste is packed in 180g (6.35oz). Korean chili paste halal uses a glass jar with a well-sealed lid to store the paste because it offers many advantages, such as keeping the product inert, having no synthetic chemicals safe as food and drinks containers, and most importantly, being environmental-friendly: glass jar is 100% sustainable for it is reusable, refillable, and recyclable. Any merchant prying for halal Korean gochujang paste without fermented ingredients can buy Man Fook's Korean Chili Paste Halal massively in a minimum order of 48 jars, equivalent to two cartons (180g x 24 jars per carton) packed in a tightly sealed container to avoid shattering the glass jar of the paste.

Storage Instructions: Halal Korean chili paste of Man Fook has a shelf life of one year or 12 months if kept properly according to the general guideline for storing the hot pepper paste. Depending on a few factors, the storage instruction may differ—keeping an opened and unused jar of gochujang hot pepper paste is slightly distinct. For an opened gochujang paste, refrigerate it straightaway after use in a glass jar or plastic container with tight-fitting lids. Once opened, store the gochujang hot pepper paste in the refrigerator to maintain the taste and freshness on point. Keeping Korean red pepper paste in a freezer is a good idea for long-term preservation up to its shelf life. Besides, achieve the optimal freshness and flavor of gochujang paste by using clean utensils to spoon the gochujang as it can help prevent contamination and the growth of mold or harmful bacteria. For an unused Korean chili paste halal jar, it is advisable to store it in a cool, dark place—exposure to heat will rot gochujang paste faster. Overall, consuming Korean red chili paste by its reasonable expiration date is a safe way to optimize its flavor and texture. If you notice a sour and foul odor of the gochujang paste, stop consuming it because that is the primary sign that the paste has gone bad.

Korean Chili Paste Halal Overview

Korean chili paste has a variety of names: gochujang, red pepper paste, and Korean hot pepper paste. People may call it however they want, but it all refers to the same Korean staple, the fabled gochujang chili paste. But before we go in-depth, what is gochujang? Gochujang is Korean cuisine translated into English as fermented chili paste that can be used in many cooking styles involving ingredients like red chili peppers, glutinous rice, fermented soybeans, and salt, producing a unique combination of spiciness, sweetness, umami notes, and savory fermented gochujang condiment. Gochujang has a long history dating back to the Joseon Dynasty—around 1392–1910—in ancient Korea, where it initially gained popularity.

Traditionally, fermentation is an essential part of the Korean chili paste production process assisting in developing its unique flavor and aroma, as well as improving its shelf life. Meanwhile, the red pepper flakes give it its distinctive spice, while the glutinous rice adds sweetness and helps to thicken the paste. The fermentation process involves mixing red pepper powder, glutinous rice powder, and soybean powder with water and then adding a fermenting agent such as koji (Aspergillus oryzae) or meju (fermented soybean blocks). After that, the mixture is left for a few months to a year to ferment in big earthenware jars. During this period, the starches and proteins in the components are broken down by the lactic acid bacteria and yeast in the fermenting agent, creating a variety of flavors and fragrances.

As Korean chili paste has increased both within Korea and worldwide in recent years, there is a need to attune to Muslims' halal food guidelines according to the Islamic law of what is permissible. The fermentation process, in general, will produce alcohol which is prohibited in the religion. Nonetheless, while traditionally gochujang is a fermented product, it is also possible to find non-fermented versions of gochujang. The modern versions of Korean chili paste halal may use alternative methods to mimic the sweetness of traditional gochujang with ingredients such as sugar or corn syrup. It may lack fermentation's complex flavor and aroma, but it will not stray further away from the authentic Korean taste. Being a versatile ingredient that can be used in a wide variety of Korean dishes, gochujang chili paste is recommended for kimchi, bibimbap (mixed rice with vegetables), dipping sauce for chicken, and many more. Integrate the taste of Korean with the native staple, as gochujang chili paste is adaptable for various food: dipping sauce, condiment, marinade sauce, and stew flavoring.

About Lifestyle Ventures Sdn Bhd

Commencing in 2003, a Malaysian company named Lifestyle Ventures Sdn Bhd started supplying raw food materials such as fresh chili and dehydrated vegetables. With the main focus on producing chili products, the company expanded its offerings. It diversified into other products, such as fried anchovy and fried shallots, supplying ground spices to factories. One of the key milestones in the company's priority is its trustworthiness in manufacturing products to meet customers' demands that are highly conscious of strict food safety and ethical and environmental standards. Due to its success in adopting ISO 22000, HACCP, and JAKIM's halal certification, the company is respected as one of the largest fresh vegetable suppliers, exporting its products to Asian countries like Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and India.

Korean Chili Paste Halal Specifications

- Brand Name: Man Fook
- Offered in a thick, dark reddish sauce with a rich, spicy flavor
- Suitable as sauces, condiments, spreads, and dips
- Keep unopened Korean chili paste halal in a cool, dry environment
- Refrigerate used halal Korean chili paste at 4°C (40°F)
- Has a storage life of 12 months (1 year)
- Weight per jar: 180g (6.35oz)
- Amount per carton: 180g x 24 jars
- Minimum order of 48 jars (2 cartons)
- Attested with JAKIM Halal, ISO 22000, and MESTI
- Processed in Malaysia

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