Miracle Organic Soy Milk Powder - No Sugar

  • Powder
  • Preventing breast cancer, enhancing heart health, improving skin health and aid in weight loss
  • 900 Gram
  • Malaysia

Product details of Miracle Organic Soy Milk Powder - No Sugar

Usage: If you haven’t switched your ordinary cow’s milk to an unsweetened soy milk powder yet, this is the time to do so. In fact, did you know that all soybean variations are a great substitute for those who are lactose intolerant? 

To use Miracle's Organic Soy Milk Powder of no sugar, simply add 2 to 3 tablespoons of the sugar-free Soy Milk Powder with 400ml (13.5 oz) of lukewarm water between 100 and 110 F (36.5 to 40.5 C) into a cup. Stir well with a teaspoon until the soymilk powder has completely dissolved in the water. To avoid lumps in the drink, just blitz the soy milk powder mixture in a blender and you will have a smooth blend of Miracle Health’s organic sugarless soy milk drink. For a more refreshing mix, you can always substitute warm water for chilled water. 

Probably one of the most versatile additions in a kitchen, MHP Miracle Organic Soy Milk Powder No Sugar is a great dairy-free alternative for beverages and cooking. And in addition to having Soy Milk Powder free from sugar, flavorings or preservatives are also additionally absent; making it ideal to add to your favorite dishes. 

Go ahead and spruce up your ordinary cup of coffee with a few spoons full of the soy milk powder today!

Benefits: MHP Miracle Health Products Sdn. Bhd. have found that 1 to 3 servings of soybeans (½ a cup) per day is the right amount needed for a balanced diet. In fact, MHP Miracle’s Organic unsweetened soymilk powder is linked to aid in the prevention of breast cancer in women. In conclusion, regular intake of soy can also aid in healing gastrointestinal issues, improve lipid profile (reduce cholesterol) and skin health.

Certification(s) & Practice(s): The Soy Milk Powder of no sugar variant, has been awarded numerous prominent certifications, as well as having certain manufacturing practices consisting of:

  1. JAKIM Halal Certificate: JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) is a government body responsible for certifying that all Halal guidelines and Shariah law are followed. By monitoring the Halal standardization of all their products MHP Miracle Health Products Sdn. Bhd. has been awarded with the JAKIM Halal Certificate, ensuring the moral consumption of Muslims around the globe.

  2. MeSTI Certificate: Essential for the application of the JAKIM Certificate, the MeSTI certificate is a food safety program designed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to ensure the fulfillment of food hygiene within any company. As such, MHP Miracle Health Products has been awarded with the MeSTI certificate for their maintenance of food safety practices in both their services and products.

  3. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certificate: The HACCP is an international standardization that requires the practice of food safety. In this instance, the Miracle Soy Milk Powder No Sugar by Miracle Health Products Sdn. Bhd. has been manufactured with the highest quality of international food safety regulations.

  4. Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate (GMPC): In light of Miracle Health Products ethical manufacturing processes, the MHP No sugar Soymilk Powder was awarded with the GMP certificate. MHP Sdn. Bhd. has taken the extra mile in ensuring that all products created have been given proper certification.

  5. No Preservatives: No preservatives were added in the making of the Miracle Organic Soy Milk Powder No Sugar.

  6. Gluten-Free: All soy products are gluten free and can be consumed by individuals who are allergic to gluten.

  7. Lactose-Free: The Miracle Soy Milk Powder No Sugar is an ideal substitute for those who have difficulties digesting dairy products.

  8. Organic: When a product is organic, it pretty much means that “organic” practices were utilized in the growing of the product. This can include vegetables, fruits, meat, grains and even dairy products. In this regard, the soybeans used to create the Miracle Soy Milk Powder No Sugar have been grown organically with the use of natural fertilizers.

  9. Sustainability ClaimsThe Soy Milk Powder of no sugar has been awarded the Organic stamp for using only organically grown soybeans in the manufacturing of the product.

Storage Instruction(s): Unopened, Miracle Organic Soy Milk Powder No Sugar can be stored for several months, sometimes even up to a year. Unlike ordinary milk powder, soy milk powder has zero fat content making it ideal for long-term storing. However, you want to keep in mind that once the seal of the Miracle Soy milk powder has been broken, go ahead and store the can in the refrigerator. This will not only lengthen the products shelf life but also prevent the soy milk powder from absorbing outside odors. Stay away from freezing the no sugar soy milk powder because when thawed, the soy milk and water are most likely to separate. Furthermore, this can affect the texture and even flavor of the Miracle Soy Milk Powder No Sugar.

Packaging: Like most milk powder packaging, the soy milk no sugar powder is packaged in quality aluminum canisters with a plastic lid. In addition, bulk orders are packaged in a carton box lined with double layers of plastic or PE (polyethylene) bags. PE (polyethylene) is a thermoplastic resin that is added in the making of the plastic to make it heat and tear resistant. In this case, MHP Sdn. Bhd uses PE bags in all bulk packaging to ensure customers receive their order in the topmost condition.

Shipping Details: Minimum order of 1 pallet (negotiable)

Soy Milk Powder No Sugar Product Overview

It can clearly be seen that the humble soybean is truly a magical bean that should not be taken lightly. For thousands of years, it was a staple diet for the East Asians. Now, the legume is grown in Asia as well as in North America. In Asia, soybeans are usually consumed whole. However, in recent years, with extensive study conducted on the health benefits of soybeans, the masses have learned to consume soy products in numerous other ways. 

Besides being famous for its high protein and antioxidant content, soybean products are also known to contain a plant-based estrogen (phytoestrogen) which can help regulate the estrogen levels in maturing women. In recent years it has been proven that consumption of soy products can aid in the healing of heart and skin issues, as well as in ensuring healthy skin. Furthermore, regular intake of the Miracle Soymilk Powder can also prevent breast cancer in women. In addition, the phytoestrogen found in soy has been known to aid in the prevention of osteoporosis by hindering osteoclast activity. 

MHP Miracle Organic Soymilk Powder No Sugar is made from the highest quality of organic soybeans. The skin is first removed from the soybean before it undergoes the grounding process. This not only reduces the purine content found in soy but also aids in retaining other nutrients such as, glycinin, conglycinin, and bioactive protein such as lectin and lunasin.

Soy Milk Powder Without Sugar Specification



Phytomilk, Malt extract, Seaweed Extract (DHA), organic soybeans


Cholesterol Free


Fine Powder


Prevents breast cancer, enhancing heart health, improving skin health, and aids in weight loss.

Net Weight:

900 grams (31.74 oz.) per canister

Shelf Life:

6-12 months

Product of:


Soy Milk Powder Without Sugar Sugar Ingredient List

- Organic Soybeans (grown without chemicals)
- Phytomilk (aids in cardiovascular diseases)
- Malt Extract: is a source of soluble fiber (aids in reducing cholesterol). Malt aids in the growth of good bacteria which enhances the health of the digestive system
- Seaweed Extract (DHA): Aids in brain development



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