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Product details of TCT Nutraceuticals Aerosol Spray - OEM/ODM

Usage InstructionsWe spray on body mist and deodorant every day after a shower. We use spray paint to speed up painting furniture. And sometimes use hairspray to keep away stubborn strands of hair. From medical care to home care, aerosols are used in every part of our daily life. However, it is important to know the right way to handle and use an aerosol can. 

For items such as insecticide and mosquito aerosol sprays be sure to stow them away from children in a ventilated room. Always remember the location of where the aerosol sprays are stored for safety reasons.

Even if the can is empty, it is advised not to toss the aerosol can in or near a fire. Never purchase aerosol sprays that are damaged or punctured this could lead to unwanted mishaps. Instead, always ensure to read the instructions and labels on your bottle of aerosol spray.

Certifications & Practices: The following certifications and accreditations were awarded to TCT Nutraceuticals aerosol sprays for their beyond that satisfactory standards and practices. 

  1. OEM / ODM: As a leading skincare aerosol manufacturer, TCT Nutraceutical offers world-class Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) services.

  2. JAKIM Halal: Accredited by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), the Halal-certified has been accredited to all TCT aerosol sprays for their permissible standards and practices. All manufacturing processes and ingredients sourced are following the Syariah law making these aerosol sprays readily usable by Muslims all around the world.

  3. ISO 9001: All TCT aerosol sprays have been awarded the ISO certification for their compliance with the international standards and practices governed by the global agency. ISO 9001 is an international standard that showcases the necessary conditions of the quality management system (QMS). ISO, or (the international organization of standardization) embodies international federal entities that identify the right practices used and standards of all products manufactured by TCT Nutraceuticals.

  4. HACCP: The HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. It is a system that ensures the safety of edible products during the whole production. Such as preparation, processing, manufacturing, packaging, storing, handling, transportation, offering, and distributing of the food product. 

  5. NPRA Approval: The National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) is responsible for ensuring the safety, efficacy, and quality of all pharmaceutical products through a licensing scheme and registration. The TCT aerosol spray successfully achieved this by going through an evaluation and lab tests of all products for sale.

  6. FDA Approval: Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is an international agency responsible for ensuring the general public health by maintaining the security, safety, and efficacy of all products manufactured. Upon successful audits by the FDA, the TCT Nutraceutical aerosol spray has been given the international seal of approval. 

  7. CFC Free: Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) is a non-harmful and non-toxic chemical that contains a combination of carbon, fluoride, and chlorine elements. However, these chlorofluorocarbons precipitating from aerosol sprays can heavily deplete the ozone layer. This layer in our skies is essential in blocking out UV rays that can cause many ailments like skin cancer and even loss of eyesight.  

  8. GMP Certificate: The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a standard system by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) that determines the right manufacturing processes that medical manufacturers adhere to. The TCT aerosol (spray) is consistently complying with the audits conducted to maintain the European Union (EU) level.

  9. Buatan Malaysia: Approved by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP), all TCT aerosol sprays are products of Malaysia. The KPDNHEP is responsible for processing the approval seal for SMEs.

  10. 100% Pure Natural Ingredients: Using all-natural ingredients is what most of us look for when searching for the right skincare products. Rest assured that you can have that satisfaction with all TCT products including the aerosol sprays.

  11. Certified & Trustworthy Raw Materials: All raw materials used in manufacturing TCT’s aerosol spray have been given full certification and trustworthiness. This means we provide our clients with complete transparency on all procedures and ingredients used in the making of the TCT aerosol spray. 

  12. Eco-Cert: Founded in 1991, EcoCert is an accreditation given by an organic organization based in Europe. The company has been known to conduct audits in over 80 countries. Making them a powerhouse organic company all around the world.

Storage Instructions: The best way to store your aerosol spray is to place it in a well-ventilated room. They should never be frozen and nothing should be placed on top of them in storage. Although all TCT aerosol sprays do not contain flammable properties unlike regular aerosols, be sure to stow away your aerosol sprays dry and cool place. Since aerosol sprays contain gases, high temperatures can lead to explosions. So be sure to keep your aerosol spray away from cars, windows, and direct sunshine.

Packaging: A great thing about having OEM & ODM services is that labels and packaging can be custom-made to suit client's preferences. Whatever it is you have in mind, TCT Nutraceuticals OEM & ODM services can make it happen! 

Aerosol Spray Product Overview

As a company that is constantly working towards reducing waste, all TCT aerosol sprays are recyclable. All aerosol spray cans are equipped with airtight seals and are spill-proof. Each can of aerosol runs through automated machinery that ensures hygiene and keeps the contents fresh. The company takes great pride in implementing simple designs with no complicated pieces.

TCT Nutraceuticals Company Overview

Established in 2008, TCT Nutraceuticals is a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with producing innovative and cutting-edge skincare and personal care products. The company utilizes quality ingredients sourced from creditable suppliers all around the world.

TCT nutraceuticals are constantly working towards creating customer satisfaction by implementing natural high-performance skincare with innovative technologies. The company also attributes its growth and liberal attitude to the dedicated team who are consistently coming up with advanced technology according to market trends.

TCT Nutraceutical also specialises in OEM & ODM services equipped with professional sales assistants to consult with throughout your one-stop journey with TCT Nutraceuticals.

Aerosol Spray Specifications


Brand Name:



Mosquito repellent, deodorant spray, air freshener, hair spray, perfumes

Product Dimensions:


Net weight:





Non-Flammable, Hygienic, Recyclable, Spill-proof


Natural Ingredients, Eco Friendly

Packaged in:

Spray cans

Product of:


Shipping Details:
Before delivering your order to its final destination, all purchases of the aerosol sprays are protected with bubble wrap. They are then aligned in cardboard boxes and sealed and wrapped with a stretchable plastic film before being shipped from Port Klang. For all purchases of TCT aerosol sprays, there is a minimum order quantity of 1 × Pallet in LCL or 1 × 20 feet Container.

Contents: Propellent Gas

- LPG, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, DME (Dimethyl Ether)
- Nitrogen (inert, high-stability, non-flammable)

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