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Product details of OEM ODM Skin Care

Usage: When you receive your customised skincare, it should arrive along with a neatly packed parcel and bubble wrap to protect the skincare from any possible damage that could occur during the delivery session. Once you get a hold of your package, you need to be cautious when taking out your skincare with scissors or a knife to get through the tapes on the box. Afterwards, you may take out the personalised skincare and place it whenever you want to. Whether in your bedroom, on your nightstand or your bathroom, or near your mirror. Whichever your choice of storing the skincare might be, make sure it’s convenient for you to reach for the cosmetics. This skin care will last you for three years top.   

Because this is a personalised skincare, you may choose using your desire regarding the packaging and what ingredients you want to affiliate with in your skincare. You may also choose to own any products; cleanser, moisturizer, serum, essence, toner, exfoliator, sunscreen, and many others.   

Feature: We can persuade our consumers that they will be joyful to be well enlightened, that with every production of our customised skincare, our highly experienced and knowledgeable chemists are involved to analyze the ingredients placed in the skincare, and to discern if it’s suitable or not with your skin type. 

We take pride in marketing our personalised skincare- therefore, we always ensure to produce only the best for our beloved consumers; with the help of our chemists, we managed to construct stupendous formulations and deliver tremendous manufacturing.   

Packaging: For the packaging of our personalised skincare, we offer our consumer the privilege to choose how big or small they want the packaging to be. For your additional information, our skincare products are usually customized to 150-200 m. We utilize polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to pack our customised skincare.  

Dimension: We would be delighted to remind our customers that the dimension of products consists of length x width x height. That is the standard format for all products in the market. As for our customised skincare, we offer the dimension of 190 mm (length) x 45 mm (width) x 135 mm (height).  

Shipping details: We always offer a shipping information of 1 x 20 feet container, with every purchase, and provide less than container load (LCL). Our customised skincare applies to this rule as well.  

Shelf life: Just like any other products in the market, our customised skincare also contains certain life span; our skincare will last for 3 years.  

Customised Skincare Overview 

Skincare is a well – known implementation that one would do to their face. There are many ranges of products to be applied onto your skin, and one the first one is cleanser, followed with essence, serum, moisturizer, exfoliators, and then sunscreen. These are the main skincare products that everyone puts on their face after showering, before bed. There are other skincare products that can be applied aside from the ones listed here, for example makeup removers, face oil, lifting creams, setting mist, face mask, clay mask, sleeping mask, just to name a few. All of these products have different variations (sheet mask can have variations such as gel mask, cream mask, clay mask- all of them have the same purpose but different components to treat your skin. Skincares have certain ingredients such as AHA/BHA, hyaluronic acids, retinol, niacinamide, vitamin c, ceramides, and benzoyl peroxide. All of these components can be put in your products. Every skincare regimen needs to be suitable for our skin (you could have dry skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, and even combination skin). You must recognize your type of skin before purchasing the ones that are perfect for your skin type; this is to avoid skin breakouts from appearing. Personalised skincare is even easier for you to purchase, since you are welcomed to inform us regarding your skin concerns and we can prepare the perfect materials that can help you with your skin type and skin concern.
Skincare helps you to maintain good condition for your skin. Every day, you are shedding new skin cells, hence it is important for you to ensure your skin has a healthy glow and in excellent condition. It is also proven to be true if you follow a skin regimen, it will fight acne problems, wrinkles, and other skin problems. The second reason why skincare is stupendous for you, it aids in boosting your self-confidence. If you get your skin concerns in check and find ways to improve, it is possible for you to heighten your self-esteem.  It’s also a great idea to practice skincare because prevention is better than curing; you need to research your skin type to avoid getting problems such as acne or dryness to pop onto your skin. It’s best to prepare for what’s to come, rather than curing what already happened. Our personalised skincare will surely help you protect your skin from damages with our many selections of materials.

Personalised Skincare’s Specification:

  1. The lifespan of our customised skincare is 3 years.  

  2. You may store our customised skincare in your bedroom or bathroom, whichever is convenient for you.  

  3. We provide customization for our products, and this also includes our skincre. Our personalised skincare can be incorporated with active ingredients such as BHA/AHA, and other components.  

  4. You can choose which ingredients to put in your personalised skincare, as well as customize your skincare packaging. 

  5. Our customised skincare is designed as 150-200 mm (normally).  

  6. The customised skincare product dimension is usually 190 mm x 45 mm x 135 mm.  

  7. The packaging material for our customised skincare is polyethylene terephthalate (PET).  

  8. With our feature to personalised our skincare, we offer the chance to fashion cleanser, toner, makeup removers, serums, moisturizers, sunscreen, and many other skincare products you can think of. 

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