P3 Qocoa Chocolate Malt Drink - 400g

  • P3
  • Powder
  • Sweet
  • Natural sweet
  • 32 x 49 x 39 cm
  • Aluminium Pack 25gm X 16 sachets per pack, 24 packs per carton, 24 cartons per pallet
  • 400 Gram
  • 24 Months
  • Malaysia

Product details of P3 Qocoa Chocolate Malt Drink - 400g

Usage: Brewing chocolate malt drink is very easy. Not only does it take just a few steps, it only takes a few steps that you can do it in any order except for the first one, which is preparing the container. You may brew the refreshment in anything that you want to drink it in be it a teacup, a tall glass, a tumbler, or even a jug for many to drink if you’re having guests or serving your whole family breakfast. Second, pour the chocolate malt powder into your choice of container. If you are using a teacup, one sachet is sufficient for two servings as if there’s more than the appropriate amount of powder to water ratio, there would be a lot of clumps of cocoa malt powder sinking into the bottom of the cup that would simply be a waste of taste and ruin the overall drinking experience. Then, simply pour hot water onto the chocolate malt powder until there is just enough space left for the drink to be whisked with a teaspoon without spilling over. Since cocoa malt drinks are quite heavy, remixing the drink after it has been left for a while is recommended as it will separate itself from the water and fall to the bottom of the cup, making the drink taste bland and plain. If you intend to serve the cocoa malt drink cold, there are two different methods that you can go about it. Firstly, you can keep it in the refrigerator overnight and drink it right after remixing the libation, resulting in a very energetic and cooling boost to start up your day in the morning. The second method you can attempt to make it cold is by adding ice cubes to your refreshment. It is advised that there is a 1:1 ratio of water and ice so that the liquid can cool properly and that the ice would not melt too quickly which in turn will become diluted and unappetizing. Just remember, like the previous methods, remix the drink so that the cocoa drink powder can blend in again with the water for the best possible taste. 

Not to forget, however, you can use various types of creamers and sweeteners to enhance the taste such as sugar, condensed milk, and non-dairy creamers. This would make the drink more attractive to drink, especially to those who enjoy sweet refreshments to rejuvenate their day. 

Certification(s) and mentioning(s): Given that the manufacturer practices hygienic and stringent protocols in its manufacturing process, they have acquired several notable certificates.

  1. Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI): A requirement to apply for the Halal certificate in Malaysia, the company has maintained consistent management towards its manufacturing process that meets the Malaysian Health Ministry standards.

  2. JAKIM Halal: Having met standard Shariah laws and requirements set by the Malaysian Islamic Development Department in their manufacturing and processing methods, the company was awarded this important certificate as they passed with corners cut.

  3. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP): P3 has addressed all issues regarding food safety in its process from the raw ingredients to the output to achieve this certificate.

  4. ISO 9001: Acquiring the ISO9001 certificate, designates that P3 has produced consumer goods of high quality.

Packaging: Each packet of P3 cocoa malt drink powder weighs 400g with each pack containing 16 sachets. Each carton will include 24 packs with each pallet ordered containing 24 cartons.

Storage Instructions: It is recommended that the chocolate malt powder is stored in a dry container away from direct sunlight exposure at room temperature for the product to fulfill its full expected shelf life of 2 years after its date of manufacturing.

Chocolate Malt Drink Overview

The chocolate malt drink by P3 is an instant cocoa-flavored drink aimed at those in need of a day-long charge of energy recharge that can even substitute food if you are in a rush. Although not the first of its kind to offer such a recipe, it would be smart to try this premium drink which comes with less sugar and is enriched with 12 vitamins. Not only does it provide a plentiful amount of juice for your daily endeavors, but it also comes with benefits important to people from all walks of life including reducing inflammation, enhancing focus, and supporting your bones to be stronger.

About P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd

Established in 2013 by making their alternative sweetener that reduces the number of calories significantly to generic mainstream sweeteners, they look to offer products that are healthy and sustainable for consumers that seek a healthier and more organized diet. To accomplish such feats, they have invested significantly in their research and development of the products to ensure that not only does it fulfil its goal to provide healthier versions of your everyday beverage, but also guarantee the safety of those who trust it.

Specifications of Chocolate Malt Drink



- 32cm X 49cm X 39cm per carton
- 25g per sachet
- 16 sachets per pack
- 24 packs per carton+
- 24 cartons per pallet
- 400g per pack

Shelf Life:

- 24 months
- Keep in a dry container at room temperature

Certification(s) and mentioning(s)

- JAKIM Halal
- Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI)
- Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
- ISO9001
- Naturally sweetened

Ideally Served: Suitable hot and cold

>P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd

P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd

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  • Malaysia
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