P3 Sweetener Drop - 10ml

  • P3
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  • Liquid
  • Sweet
  • Zero Kalori
  • 33.5 x 43.5 x 33.5 cm
  • Bottle (HDPE material type food grade) in small box 10 ml X 6 bottles per box, 120 boxes per carton, 27 cartons per pallet.
  • 10 Gram
  • 24 Months
  • Malaysia

Product details of P3 Sweetener Drop - 10ml

Usage: Brighten the lackluster sensation of the food and beverage with natural sweetness extracted from sugarcane, 500 times sweeter than white sugar without a high-calorie content. P3 Sweetener is the utopian adjunct to serve your guest delectable drinks and cuisine that will leave them in awe, even reckoned diabetic-friendly by the experts.

  1. Rose syrup drink: Slurp the throat-soothing rose syrup drink, the crave-worthy recipe that goes well with P3 Sweetener:

1) Dilute a capful or 75ml (2.54oz) of rose syrup with water.
2) Add one drop of P3 Sweetener into the jug of rose syrup and water solution and stir well.
3) Add on evaporated milk until the reddish syrup color fades slightly into pinkish.
4) Put some ice cubes.
5) Sip the drink to its last drop!

  1. Chocolate chip cookies: Cookies are naturally an addictive bite, a perfect treat that will make you leave no crumbs on every occasion. For people agitated about sugary intake, switch to P3 Sweetener, a natural sugarcane extract of almost zero calories, maintaining the same taste as white sugar. Incorporate the natural sweetener into your cookies so that people on a strict diet can savor the delicacy of a stunning amalgam of buttery, sugary chocolate chip cookies not haunted by the harmful effect of sugar as P3 Sweeteners are certified natural, low-calorie, and no preservatives added.

Certification(s): P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd has earned a number of certifications during its marketing efforts, demonstrating the high caliber of its goods.

  1. JAKIM’s Halal certification: P3 Sweeteners are liquid white sugar substitutes that can be included in all beverages and cuisines, suitable for everyone because their ingredients are permissible according to JAKIM's halal requirements. Some eligibility criteria for halal certified P3 Sweeteners are the absence of non-halal ingredients like alcohol, pork, dog, and non-slaughtered animal. Besides, the manufacturing process and utensils employed are cleaned as endorsed by Shariah.

  2. HACCP: The company scrupulously followed HACCP procedures when they produced P3 Sweetener to reduce contact with harmful substances. P3 Sweetener, as a result, received the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification as it conforms to food safety for human consumption.

  3. ISO 9001: P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd's competency in consistently imparting sweeteners that adhere to ordinances and client demands has acquired the ISO 9001 certification, making it acceptable worldwide because the accreditation is according to international standards.

  4. Made in Malaysia: P3 Sweetener comprises at least 51% local ingredients, defaulting to the qualification of products made in Malaysia. With the mark of origin, P3 can promote the goodness of local sweeteners proving that they are on par with foreign goods.

  5. No preservatives: Preservatives are doubtlessly worthwhile to slow spoilage caused by bacteria, fungi, molds, and yeast. However, P3 took a safer route by not utilizing preservatives in the sweeteners because preservatives are made up of chemical substances that can impede human health in the long run. The sweetness of P3 sweetener comes naturally from sugar cane extract alone, with no artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, fructose, saccharin, and sucrose.

Packaging: P3 Sweetener is a natural sweetener that comes in a liquid drop form, packed in an HDPE bottle weighing 10 ml (0.34oz) each. Wellness zealots can engulf the promising low-calorie sweeteners in a bulk order of Less than Container-Load or LCL, 1x 20-feet container with 27 cartons per pallet. One carton of P3 Sweeteners consists of 120 boxes in a dimension of 33.5 x 43.5 x 33.5cm or 13.18 x 17.13 x 13.18 inches, each with six bottles of 10ml. The individual HDPE bottle employs to store the sweetener offers plenty of advantages for transportation: high-quality, lightweight, hard-wearing, and non-leaching. The plus point of an HDPE bottle is its outstanding resistance to the effects of a broad range of chemical agents. As the strong HDPE bottle is wrapped in a box during transportation, the likelihood of damaged items will recede upon arrival to the consumers.

Storage Instructions: In general, the sweetener has an indefinite shelf life. However, to retain the texture, appearance, and taste of the natural sweetener, P3 Sweeteners are best consumed within 24 months or in the span of two years. The optimum rule of thumb is that sweeteners should be kept in an airtight, well-closed container and out of the reach of water sources, humidity, and pests—mice, and insects—for prolonged preservation to their expiration. Then, keep the airtight container filled with sweeteners at room temperature in a cool, dry spot like a kitchen cabinet.

P3 Sweetener Overview

Before jumping into natural P3 Sweeteners, let's return to prehistoric times. People often say not to dwell on the past, for it has no positive influence on both mental and physical. However, this is a different case. Learning the origin of natural sweeteners is succor to wisdom—food for thought to keep consuming white sugar or switch entirely to natural sweeteners. People seeking alternative sugar to change their diet will find it helpful upon the discovery of non-artificial sweeteners because they are not as risky as artificial ones. Indeed, manmade can never beat Mother Nature. The first natural sweetener found in the ancient was honey until Alexander the Great paid a visit to India and discovered sugarcane there. Modern lives have seen excessive sugar consumption contribute to the diabetes epidemic, which has led to a rise in the demand for sugar substitutes. After quite some time, artificial sweeteners—sucralose, aspartame, and saccharin—were found and approved in specific amounts by the government for marketing. Nevertheless, artificial sweeteners have some drawbacks to human health if taken more than permitted: high blood pressure, exposure to cancer, and digestive problems.

Natural sweetener by P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd, on the other hand, is an exemplary sugar substitute that could alleviate adverse health effects as it contains zero calories, free from chemical preservatives, and has no cholesterol while retaining the same sweet taste. Extracted from sugarcane, this natural sweetener requires no more than one drop for each cup because it is 500 times sweeter than white sugar, with lesser calories: 1 drop of natural sweetener is 0.04kcal, while two tablespoons of white sugar amount to 32kcal. On top of that, continuous consumption of natural sweeteners by P3 will not increase diabetics patients' blood glucose levels. These are some dietary benefits of P3 natural sweetener in liquid form:

- Aids in weight management.
- Alleviate both children's and adults' addictions to sweets.
- Avoid weak gums and cavities.

About P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd

Malaysians have become more health conscious, but given the country has various tempting cuisines, it is challenging for the locals to eat healthily. By looking at the big picture, P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd works closely with the R&D, marketing, and sales departments to come up with sweetener products which are sweet in taste but with lesser calorie to aid the people with their eating habits that incorporate sugary intake. With a constant innovation to bring out the best in sugar substitutes since 2013, P3 Sweetener Global Sdn Bhd, operated and founded by Bumiputra, has stepped up its game into distributing the FMCG sweetener to approximately 200 distributors, hypermarkets, renowned shopping malls nationwide, such as Mydin Hypermarket, and even hospitality industry. Apart from doing business for profit, the company is keener on producing healthy goods for consumers that serve as an important message in alignment with the government campaign to reduce sugar intake as it could harm the body terribly. The manufacturing of P3 sweetener product lines enables people of all ages, including diabetic patients, to have a better alternative to sweet white sugar as they have no calories. Some of the FMCG produced by the company are liquid sweeteners, instant chocolate drinks, and instant German roast coffee. The company also takes orders for customizations packaging like wedding gifts, corporate gifts, door gifts, and more.

P3 Sweetener Specifications

- Diabetic-friendly liquid sweetener
- No preservatives added
- 80% less calorie
- Store at room temperature in a cool, dry environment
- 24-month shelf life
- 10g (0.35oz) per bottle
- 120 boxes per carton (10ml x 6 bottles per small box)
- 27 cartons per pallet
- Carton box dimension: 33.5 x 43.5 x 33.5cm or 13.18 x 17.13 x 13.18 inches
- Received sanctions like JAKIM halal, ISO 9001, & HACCP
- Made in Malaysia
- Serving suggestion: Put a drop in beverages and cuisines like cordial and chocolate chip cookies
- Suitable for people of all ages

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