Sambal Strawberry Ikan Masin - Original

  • 50 Carton(s)
  • Abang Strawberry
  • Paste
  • Spicy, Salty, Sweet and Sour Strawberry
  • Ready to be served with bread and rice or anything that suits your personal preference
  • (200g x 24 jars) per carton
  • 200 Gram
  • 12 Months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Sambal Strawberry Ikan Masin - Original

Usage: You can open your bottle jar as soon as you have your sambal strawberry ikan masin. To do this, you can use a cloth and your dominant hand to screw the bottle cap oppositely. You may easily open the product with the aid of the cloth. The jar's cap can also be loosened by submerging it in a basin of boiling water, on the other hand. The greatest amount of time you can wait before opening the jar is one hour. You are welcome to eat your strawberry ikan masin sambal with a slice of bread or try it with rice. You may store your sambal in the refrigerator for up to a year and a half.

CertificationsAfter the formation of YBS Agro Premiere Sdn Bhd, they have received a few certifications that enable their business to continue. The certifications are JAKIM Halal. All their products including sambal strawberry ikan masin are Halal-approved.

  1. JAKIM Halal Certification: YBS Agro Premiere Sdn Bhd has received halal authorization from the Malaysian Development of Islamic Development (JAKIM) for the perks of its Muslim consumers in Malaysia. This proves that they abide by the halal requirement provided by JAKIM. Their sambal strawberry ikan masin is safe for Muslims to consume.

Packaging: This sambal strawberry ikan masin is packaged in a glass container. The item will be sent to your home in a carton that measures 8 inches, weighs 200 grams, and has 24 jars in it. The bare minimum for each order should be 50 cartons. The same rules for LCL apply to this strawberry sambal.

Texture: The sambal strawberry ikan masin has a pasty consistency. Because the product is mixed to create strawberry ikan masin sambal, it is already anticipated. The sambal is regarded as a distinctive meal since it combines components from both the west and Asia. As is customary in Asian cuisine, you can either eat your strawberry sambal with rice or on a piece of bread.

Taste: The distinctive sambal strawberry ikan masin has a distinct flavour of its own, just like other foods. This strawberry sambal has a flavour that is mildly spicy from the sambal ingredients, sweet and tangy from the strawberry fruit, and salty from the salted fish. Although strawberries and ikan masin are used as ingredients, traditional sambal ingredients are also included to enhance the spicy flavour since they are aware that this is sambal and not another type of paste.

Shelf-Life: Although refrigeration is necessary to maintain the flavour, you can use this sambal strawberry ikan masin for a year.

Storage Advice: Store your sambal strawberry ikan masin in your refrigerator at 4°C (39°F), which is the recommended temperature. Make sure your container is well sealed to prevent air from getting in and breeding bacteria.

Sambal Strawberry Ikan Masin Overview

Generally, sambal is a commonly known condiment from throughout Asia country, as well as Malaysia. Sambal usually comprises shallots, palm sugar, shrimp paste, garlic, chili peppers, scallion, and lime juice. This is the essential ingredient for making sambal. Sambal mainly known to be put in rice, ikan goreng, ayam goreng, ayam penyet, ikan bakar, and soto soup. Traditionally, sambal is arranged with a stone pestle or mortar. Sambal can be prepared raw or cooked. Cooked sambal has endured the cooking process while raw sambal is included with extra ingredients and is usually eaten immediately. Sambal of every kind is stored in a glass jar and airtight container and put in a refrigerator for a minimum time (a week). In Malaysia, sambal is a common ingredient in many well-known meals, including nasi lemak. We refer to the well-liked sambal for this meal as "sambal ikan bilis." As everyone is aware, sambal is different from many other kinds because every variation's major ingredient is unique. Because it combines fruit with salty fish, the distinctive sambal strawberry ikan masin is a one-of-a-kind dish. Many local establishments would not offer this type of condiment. It's unusual to combine the strawberry's sweet and tart flavour with salted fish. However, customers seem to like this sambal.

About YBS Agro Premiere Sdn Bhd

YBS Agro Premiere was established in 2014 under the Companies Act 1969. They started their company as a retail and exchange business. Ever since the start of their business in 2014, they have grown their name. Focusing on strawberry cultivation, picking, and processing, the company based its operation on Cameron Highlands. There, they build their foundation. The strawberry garden cafe and retail goods trading are two other major business ventures. These ventures are marketed as 200 Seeds Cafe and Abang Strawberry. Their most popular dish is nasi lemak using sambal strawberry, crispy fried chicken, and anchovies. With the establishment of the company, they produce a few products which are sambal strawberry ikan masin, pastries, scones, and desserts.

Sambal Strawberry Ikan Masin’s Specification(s)

- This sambal strawberry ikan masin will last you for 12 months.
- Sambal strawberry ikan masin by YBS Agro Premiere Sdn Bhd are JAKIM Halal approved.
- This sambal strawberry ikan masin packaging information is (200g x 24 jars) per carton.
- This sambal strawberry ikan masin is 7 ounces and 8 inches.
- This sambal strawberry ikan masin can also apply to LCL.
- Just like any other type of sambal, this sambal strawberry ikan masin’s texture is pasty.
- This sambal strawberry ikan masin tastes sweet, sour, spicy, and salty.
- You may refrigerate your sambal strawberry ikan masin in your refrigerator at the ideal temperature of 4°C (39°F).

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