Strawberry Jam - 220g

  • 50 Carton(s)
  • Abang Strawberry
  • Paste
  • Sweet and Sour Strawberry
  • High vitamin contains nutrients
  • (220g x 36 jars) per carton
  • 220 Gram
  • 12 Months
  • Malaysia

Product details of Strawberry Jam - 220g

Usage: This Purely Malaysian-made Strawberry Jam has a puree-like texture consistency and is also capable of acidic and sugary relish. Besides that, since it is a fruit spread, this jam has the characteristics of high vitamin accommodates nutrients.  We also have specially prepared for you how to use this Malaysian Strawberry Jam:

  1. Open the adhesive around the jam jar lid.
    2. Open the lid of the jam jar heedfully
    3. Jam can be used and spread on the surface of the bread

Yes, using it is not as difficult as some think. Apart from bread, this Malaysia-made Strawberry Jam has a versatile use. You can eat this jam with any product or food you like, which tastes good when mixed. We give some examples; you can make french toast with strawberry jam, ice cream sundae with strawberry jam topping, cream cheese pancake seasoned with strawberry jam and so on. Malaysia-based Strawberry Jam has no limits in its use, so it's up to you to eat this jam in any way!

Certification: YBS Agro Premiere Sdn Bhd strives to dispel doubts in the hearts of the public about their products by obtaining this essential certificate for their company:

  1. JAKIM Halal-CertifiedConfirmation of the status that a product is a product that is far from any prohibited substances, especially for Muslims, is crucial since it is a religious demand. How do consumers or buyers want to know if the food and drink products they buy do not contain any ingredients they cannot eat? So, a company needs to refer to and obtain a Halal certificate certified throughout Malaysia, coming from JAKIM's superiors. This is because, in Malaysia, no Halal certificates are approved unless the Halal certification comes from JAKIM. Therefore, the company YBS Agro Premiere Sdn Bhd has received the most prestigious Halal certificate in Malaysia by JAKIM, including this Malaysia-centred Strawberry Jam product.

PackagingSeeing how this manufacturing of Strawberry Jam of Malaysia is under the Abang Strawberry brand produced by the company YBS Agro Premiere Sdn Bhd: it is made according to the environment and the daily life of the people who increasingly do not have free time to spend. Most of them are busy because they are chasing time to face the pressure of work and progressively challenging life, especially in this growingly sophisticated millennium. Hence, the approach that the company is trying to bring is to produce this Malaysia-derived Strawberry Jam product in a condition and form that can be taken anywhere to eat immediately.

With a weight of 220g (7.76 oz) for each jar, it is easy to carry in a bag for anyone who wants to eat it. The company will also pack each Malaysian-manufactured Strawberry Jam in the number of 220g (7.76 oz) x 36 jars, equivalent to one carton. Just so you know, you can place an order with us if you want to buy Strawberry Jam products from Malaysia, but keep in mind that the minimum amount you can place is 50 cartons. Plus, all orders are lovingly prepared for delivery, so we guarantee your item will arrive in top-tier condition.

Storage Instruction(s): Every food product you buy needs proper care to survive by maximizing the period during which the product's life span is estimated to be usable. For this Malaysia-making Strawberry Jam, the best recommendation for storage is to put it in a refrigerator with a temperature of less than 4.4°C (40°F). The circumstance of this temperature can slow down or kill the movement of bacteria to spoil the texture of this Strawberry Jam.

Suppose you want to use this Strawberry Jam of Malaysia. In that case, you can take it out of the fridge and wait until it is not too cold to use or at room temperature (usually, the temperature of the product is used). Other than that, please close the Strawberry Jam jar if you are not using it so as not to invite any animals or insects to it.

Shelf-Life: What is most important to note about every food, drink or anything that humans can consume on this earth must be its life span. This is to prevent all consumers from eating products or ingredients that have exceeded the expiration date and keep each consumer from being affected by harmful diseases. For Strawberry Jam made in Malaysia, this must also have an expiry date or what we call a shelf life. The shelf life for products with a brand from Abang Strawberry is 12 months or a year.

Although this Malaysian-made Strawberry Jam has a long life span, the expiry date can also be changed by reducing the expiry date if the consumer does not take good care of it, as has been told in the 'Storage Instruction' section. Based on how you care for and store this Malaysian-made Strawberry Jam product, that's how long this product can be used.

Strawberry Jam From Malaysia Overview

The Art of Cooking, or its original name, comes from the Roman word; De Re Coquinaria is the first cookbook recorded in the world in the fourth century AD Rome, containing up to 500 recipes and dishes. This also includes the first jam recipe made in the world, composed by Francesco Leonardi. A little about the world's oldest cookbook, most of its recipes contain Indian spices. Don't forget, too, a recipe for cooking soft fruits that are warmed with natural honey. This combination of fruit and honey is then cooled and stored in a container to form one of the earliest jams produced on the face of the earth. The oldest jam is usually the last dish and was considered a special dish in ancient times.

Now, we are witnessing the development of a world that is becoming more modern and advanced from time to time, which used to only use traditional methods in manufacturing things and is now starting to use machines with unparalleled technology. The production of various flavoured jams by companies is also no exception, using apparatus of international quality to ensure that the yield is good and liked by many, including in Malaysia. Malaysian-made Strawberry Jam by the YBS Agro Premiere Sdn Bhd company with the release of the Abang Strawberry brand is also no exception by using original strawberry fruits, only from a place famous for strawberries in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands. The jam will be cooked using sugar to ensure the texture becomes viscous and has a long life span. They will also add this jam with a natural strawberry with bright and menacing colour and a good fruit flavour that can make it the best Malaysia-fabricated Strawberry Jam in Cameron Highlands.

About YBS Agro Premiere Sdn Bhd

YBS Agro Premiere Sdn Bhd is a company that has dabbled in the farm management industry since 2014 and started its business in the agricultural sector in the same year. At the grassroots level and their beginnings in this industry, this company started all their planning in a place full of strawberries in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands. They began to focus on strawberries, from planting, picking and processing. They also established another business by opening a cafe on strawberry fruits. Their restaurant's most famous signature dish is Nasi Lemak with strawberry sambal. With the existence of this cafe, YBS Agro Premiere Sdn Bhd also took the opportunity to sell all their strawberry-based products in their restaurant, such as jam, strawberries and so on. Other than that, they also produce desserts like scones which are usually eaten with strawberry jam there.

Strawberry Jam Malaysia’s Specification(s)

- Has puree consistency
- Has acidic and sugary strawberry relish
- Has lofty vitamin accommodates nutrients characteristic
- Certificate: Halal JAKIM
- 220g (7.76 oz) per jar
- Storage condition: < 4.4°C (< 40°F) / room temperature
- Life span: 1 year (12 months)
- Versatile usage
- Merely made in Malaysia

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