Kelulut Organic Stingless Bee Honey

  • Concentrated liquid
  • Sweet and sour
  • Pure and organic 100%
  • 200 Gram
  • Livelong no expiry date
  • Penang
  • GMP, Mesti
  • Malaysia

Product details of Kelulut Organic Stingless Bee Honey

Usage: Have you ever wondered how to use Kelulut Bee Honey? Yes, all you need to do is follow the following steps here. Once you receive your Kelulut Bee Honey bottle, remove the plastic seal that is wrapped around the bottle cap using your hand gently. Next, please be extra careful while opening the cap, because we do not want the fragile glass bottle broken. Simply take a plastic or wooden spoon and dig slowly into the Kelulut Bee Honey Bottle. To taste the delightful taste of Kelulut Bee Honey, raise the spoon, bring it into your mouth and enjoy the sweet and sour taste. In another opinion, you can mix a spoon of Kelulut Bee Honey and mix it evenly together with lukewarm water. Of course, you could add a rose flower on it for decoration. Now, you may enjoy this Kelulut Bee Honey happily.

Certification(s): Since its inception, Kelulut Bee Honey by Biruni Health Care Sdn Bhd has been awarded two big certifications. The two certifications are as follow:

  1. MesTi: Kelulut Bee Honey by Biruni has been awarded a certificate from "Food Safety is the Responsibility of the Industry" (MESTI). It was originally operated by KKM (The Ministry of Health) through MESTI to help to strengthen SMEs (small and medium enterprises) brands. In obtaining this certificate, it indicated that Kelulut Bee Honey has been audited and the manufacturing practices meet the hygiene standards of the KKM.

  2. GMP: The Ministry of Health Section of Food Safety & Quality Division by The Ministry of Health (KKM) has defined the required standards for the food production process. Because the Kelulut Bee Honey product is safe and complies with all standards, it has gained the Good Manufacture Product (GMP) certificate and is suitable for human consumption.

Storage instruction(s): To maintain Kelulut Bee Honey freshness, it is essential to store the stingless honey in a cool and dry place such as refrigerator. But, The Kelulut Bee Honey can also be kept at room temperature.

Packaging: Kelulut Bee Honeys will be packed using a transparent glass bottle with a golden cap in 200 grams (7.05 oz) per bottle and sealed tightly.  The minimum order for the stingless bee honey is 1 x 20ft container, however LCL (Less than Container Load) is available and can be negotiable.

Kelulut Bee Honey Overview

Kelulut Bee Honey comes from native bees that are small in size and live in groups, comprising the tribe Melipononi. This Kelulut bee honey is obtained from beehives that have been bred by the Biruni company on their farm. As a mother medicine, Kelulut Bee Honey by Biruni has many benefits because it is made from natural and pure stingless bee honey from the native bee farm.

Biruni's Kelulut Bee Honey comes in liquid form and is packed in a glass bottle. The color of this Kelulut Bee Honey is a combination of yellow, gold and black, which makes it look premium and exclusive. What is interesting is, the taste of bee honey is different from other honey and makes it special, where the taste is sweet and sour and will surprise you.

What’s next? For your information, this Kelulut Bee Honey has MesTi and GMP certificates. That means, The stingless honey is safe for everyone’s consumption with no doubt. Oleh kerana Kelulut Bee Honey is good for health, those who are having critical illness especially diabetic patients, worry not as it is safe for them.

About Biruni Health Care Sdn Bhd

Biruni Health Care Sdn Bhd, or formerly known as Natural Wellness Sdn Bhd, is a company based in Penang, Malaysia. The company produces a variety of products, especially based on health, pharmaceuticals, and other wellness nutrition products. For example, a superfood supplement. This includes Kelulut Bee Honey too.

Established in 2020, Biruni Health's business is moving towards progress, and its products are loved by many. Every product produced by Biruni Health Sdn Bhd is only sourced from high-quality ingredients, and only uses vegan, herbs, and organic in their products.

In addition, the company's products, such as health supplements and Kelulut Bee Honey, have been developed by local university researchers from Universiti Sains Malaysia. It shows that their products are quality goods, according to standards, while also gaining trust from the science-related field. Although their products are premium and of standard quality, the prices offered are reasonable and affordable for everyone. 

Kelulut Bee Honey Specifications


 200 grams (7.05 oz) per bottle

 Sweet and sour

 Concentrated liquid

 Using 100% premium stingless bee honey

 NON EXP (Non-expiring)

 GMP and MesTi certified

 Product of Malaysia

Kelulut Bee Honey Benefits


 Control cholesterol

 Covid 19 protection

 Good for skin beauty

 Helps in relieving cough, sore throat and mouth ulcer

 Boost Blood circulation

 Maintains a healthy blood pressure and blood sugar level

 Helps in keeping lips stay moist

 Can be eaten by diabetic patients

Kelulut Bee Honey Ingredient(s)

- 100% pure and organic stingless bee honey

Suitable time to eat Kelulut Bee Honey:

- In the morning
- In the evening
- Before going to sleep

Ideally consumed:

- Can be eaten alone
- With lukewarm water
- Pour on waffle


- Plastic spoon is more preferable than a metal spoon.
- Keep away from high temperature and direct sunlight.
- Kelulut Bee Honey will have a distinctive colour and taste, due to exposure to different weather and environment.

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