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Art Programs for Children by Art Thematic Malaysia. Lets your kids to continue with art classes through online during the pandemic of Covid-19.

Visual art is a visualization program transforming ideas to a project that made a remarkable master piece in life. Strengthen your basic drawings & coloring skills.

Visual art is a work of art in 3 different activities which are visualizing, storyboard and crafting. In Art Thematic, we will teach the 3 main activities of transformation art where your children can learn to use their imagination to visualize, be creative with the storyboard and bring them to life through crafting.

• Learn & master the 3 main activities of Visual Art (Visual, Storyboard, Crafts). 
• Suitable for children that likes to draw, designing, and create at the same time!

Why arts and crafts important for child's development?

Art and craft require children to use their hands in certain ways. Children who are still developing, need to do art and crafts to ensure their brains develop. Through this, children can express themselves in different and imaginative ways. Engaging a child in creative activities helps them to develop in different ways which we’ll outline below.

1. Arts and Crafts help kids hone their fine motor skills
Many arts and crafts projects give children the chance to learn how to grasp and control pencils, markers, crayons, paint brushes, and other handheld tools, which will help strengthen and fine-tune the fine motor movements.

2. Arts and Crafts help kids Arts improve their vocabulary
Arts and crafts for kids allow them to expand their essential vocabulary. Through these activities, they will learn the names of different shapes and sizes and become aware of different patterns, shades of colors, and figures.

3. Arts and crafts help them express their viewpoints.
Children are very visual about everything that happens around them and tend to absorb what they see and learn every day. However, some kids are in-born shy and not that comfortable with expressing themselves in words. They may look for different, more visual aspects to express their emotions and thoughts. And what else is better than arts and crafts? Arts and crafts for kids are the safest environment where they can shape in any way they want by using any materials they like. This is exactly where dear parents, you will be getting a better insight into how your kid would be feeling or what they would be thinking by encouraging them to participate in arts and crafts activities.

4. Crafts for kids brings out their creativity
There are no limits to a little one’s imagination. Arts and crafts for kids are a great way for them to turn that endless imagination into something more productive and creative. Be it materials, colors, shapes, or activities, children can choose just anything they like. This allows them to explore different options and pick the most enjoyable activity as per their interest. This way, they might even discover a fun hobby, like drawing, that can later become a lucrative career, like graphic designing.

5. Arts and crafts for kids encourage neural connections.
Art is an activity that can employ all the senses––sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste––depending on the activity. Children’s brain synapses fire away as they experiment and create by squishing paint between their fingers, mixing colors & materials, or drawing from imagination or what they see in front of them.

6. Crafts help in socializing
Participating, with other students in art class, gives children a chance to interact with others while sharing common interests. The process of arts and crafts also strengthens parent-child bonding.

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