5 Vegetables Soup Powder Form

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  • Billion 5
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  • Liquid Soup
  • Original natural flavor and Freshness of 5 colors organic vegetables
  • Stir it 5 Vegetables Powder with Boiled water for instant consumption
  • 30g x 30 packs per Box,10 boxes per Carton
  • 30 Gram
  • 24 Months
  • Japan
  • Port of Nagoya

Product details of 5 Vegetables Soup Powder Form

Usage: To consume, take an individual 30g/1.06oz fl pack of Billion 5 brand of 5 Vegetables Soup out from the box. Tear open the packet gently along the corner to avoid product spill. Pour the healthy 5 vege soup powder into boiling water (73.8°C-100°C / 164.84°F-212°F). Gradually stir the mixture for 5 minutes until the powder dissolves. Let the mixture rest before serving. For a more enjoyable experience, serve the 5 Vegetables Soup at 65.5°C degree Celsius.

Generally, a spoon is used when eating soup. Dip the spoon sideways into the vegetable soup, near the edge of the bowl, then skim from the front to the back to fully experience the taste. Sip the veg soup slowly as it’s getting warmer in order to capture the rich, creamy sweetness of authentic Japanese 5 Vegetable Soup recipes.

Ideally, the Japanese 5 Vegetables Soup is already perfect to consume on its own, without any extra ingredients added. Nevertheless, there is no harm in going the extra mile – besides, instant soup goes with almost everything. Any type of sandwich pairs perfectly with a soup, or add noodles and chicken to serve as chicken noodle soup. Garlic bread is also one of the best sides to complement vegetable soup. It can also be a soup base or chicken broth – regardless of any soup recipe that you are going for, 5 Vegetables Soup can be the main ingredient for your cooking.

Certifications: The Billion 5 brand of organic products, including 5 Vegetables Soup, has been awarded with these massive certifications since its establishment.

  1. Asia Pacific Super Health Brand 2010 - Awarded to a trustworthy brand of health-care products and services. Billion Corporation Sdn Bhd received this award for their excellent products and high quality services, outstanding functions, health and environmental friendly. In this regard, 5 Vegetables Soup can be recognised as a health-care product and safe to consume.

  2. Certificate of Appreciation - An appreciation certificate was awarded to Billion Organic Sdn Bhd as a recognition of their valuable contributions to “The Formation of BLUE Human Circle”.

  3. Top Golden Brand Product 2009/2010 - Awarded to products with excellent quality, highly effective, great potential and bright future development. The products have also demonstrated strong attraction among consumers. With this award, Billion Organic Sdn Bhd proved that Japanese 5 Vegetables Soup and other products have given an outstanding performance and exceeded the expectations.

  4. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) - A system for ensuring that the products are consistently being produced and controlled according to the quality standard, Billion Organic Home sells organic products that went through process under the control environment of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) condition.

Packaging5 Vegetables Soup contain 30g/1.06oz fl x 30 packs per box. 10 boxes per carton. Each vegetable soup is packed carefully using plastic materials, helps to protect and preserve goods while reducing the overall weight of the product.

The plastic packaging helps to keep the product together and avoid spillage. The shelf life of the product is 24 months and any important information regarding Healthy 5 Vege Soup ie: nutritional content is displayed on the packaging.

Japanese 5 Vegetables Soup Overview

Over the years, concerns regarding alternative techniques for medical treatment have increased. This includes maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Several studies have shown that consuming vegetable soup helps in reducing weight, increasing bones and muscle strengths, as well as helping lower your risk for cancer. For many years, herbs and plants have provided us with countless benefits for our minds and bodies – to treat and nurture ourselves.

Soup in general is really good for your health. One easy way to add vegetables to your daily intake is by turning them into vegetable soup. Vegetables or broth-based soup contain a lot of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and also fiber while being low in calories. Vegetable soup is high in fiber, helps to keep your digestive system healthy and prevents you from bloating. Not to mention, vegetable soup helps to boost your immune system – when you are feeling under the weather, drink warm soup and you are good to go. A great antidote for sure.

Considering that soup is an excellent source of dietary fiber, it is completely safe to consume soup everyday. Eating veggies is a part of a healthy diet, thus, a vegetable soup is highly recommended. You can make a few bowls of soup filled with your favorite vegetables each day and you will be satisfied. Since soup is mostly in liquid form, they are great to keep you hydrated and full.

Aligning with the goal and objective of Billion Home Organic, it focuses on producing numerous kinds of organic products that can be substituted as your daily meal. The Japanese have consumed healthy broth and soup for over 30 years now. As a result, they keep consuming vegetable soup as their daily health maintenance.

Derived from Five Element Theory, the harmony and balance of (Yin & Yang, Acid & Alkaline), 5 Vegetables Soup is believed to be able to provide with sufficient nutritional elements for the body. There are 5 different colors of vegetables that represent and match the universe’s 5 elements while providing sufficient nutritional elements that the body needs. Originated from Nagano, Japan – Healthy 5 Vege Soup is the best organic product to nourish and cultivate your body. Indulge in the rich original natural flavor and satisfy your taste bud with the sweetness of Japanese 5 Vegetables Soup.

Healthy 5 Vege Soup Benefits

- Rich source of fluids, hence a very good supplement for pregnant mothers and keeps themselves hydrated and energetic.
- Vegetables contain a lot of nutrients that help to boost your immunity and fight cancer cells.
- Consuming warm soup is proven to reduce cold and flu symptoms.
- Soup is nutrient dense, low on calories and very filling. Thus it is perfect to be consumed during 16 hour fasting.
- Serving vegetables at least once a day can help to fight with Alzheimer’s disease.

Billion 5’s 5 Vegetables Soup Powder Form Specifications

- 5 vegetables consists of Burdock,Radish, Radish leaves, Carrots & Shitake Mushroom
- Freeze-dried technology
- Contain over 32 essential ingredients
- No artificial coloring, preservatives and additives
- Body detoxifying and cell rejuvenating
- 24 months shelf life
- Liquid soup texture
- Originated from Nagano, Japan

Best served: Delicious on its own, add a hint of parsley or chives for extra kick.

Optimal steps:

  1. - 1 pack per use
    - 500ml/0.02oz fl boiling water (73.8°C-100°C / 164.84°F-212°F)
    - Pour the powder into the boiling water
    - Stir 5 Vegetables Soup continuously until powder dissolve
    - Wait 5 minutes before consuming

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