Sprouted Brown Rice Tea Powder Form

  • 10 Box(es)
  • Billion 5
  • 9555568702237
  • Liquid Soup
  • Roasted smell of the rice tea
  • Stir it Brown Rice Tea with Boiled water for instant consumption
  • 30g x 30 packs per Box,10 boxes per Carton
  • 3 Gram
  • 24 Months
  • Japan

Product details of Sprouted Brown Rice Tea Powder Form

Usage : There are two methods on how to prepare the Brown Rice Tea (as recommended by the Kim Meng Organic).

  1. Boiling method (normal method): Pour 600cc-700cc (600ml-700ml) of boiling water into a glass or pure stainless steel pot, reduce heat once the water begins to boil. Next, take out a packet (2 sachets) of Brown Rice Tea powder out of the purchased box. Tear the seal and put the two sachets of the rice tea into the stainless steel pot. Boil for 15 minutes before removing the sachets. Do not soak the sachets in the tea; instead, drink the tea.

  2. Thermal cooking method (normal method): Fill a glass or pure stainless steel thermal cooker with 600cc-700cc (600ml-700ml) of boiling water 95 degrees Celsius (°C) or 203 degrees Fahrenheit (°F). Then, take a package (2 sachets) of Brown Rice Tea powder from the purchased box. Open the seal and place the two rice tea sachets in the steel thermal cooker. Close the lid and let it thermally cook for about 20 minutes before serving. Make sure that the sachets are not soaked.

    Just a quick fact, the key to the greatest taste brew is to let it rest for six minutes before consuming. Allowing the tea to remain in this manner prevents it from scolding since it has cooled to 140°F/60°C, which appears to be the perfect temperature for the flavours to flow. Nonetheless, if you leave it for 17 minutes and 30 seconds, the tea will be past its prime.

Storage instruction: Avoid keeping Brown Rice Tea in humid spaces of your kitchens. Store it in double-lid metal tea canisters with odor-free silicone seals or multi-ply bags with resealable plastic 'zippers,' and keep a distance from anything with a strong aroma. This rice tea may be stored for up to 24 months if properly kept (2 years).

Packaging: This Brown Rice Tea selection has 30g(1.05oz) x 30 units per box packed. In terms of logistics and shipping, the product will be wrapped in 900g(31.7oz) x 10 boxes per carton for bulk purchase.

Certifications And Awards: Since its establishment, the Billion Organic Home Sdn. Bhd brand of halal food products, including Brown Rice Tea, has achieved three major certifications, which are;

  1. Asia Pacific Super Health Brand Award: The Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Committee (APC) has recognised Billion Organic Home Sdn. Bhd. as a company that produces a high value, safe conditions, and excellent product features, as the product lines, including Brown Rice Tea, undergo a few safety quality certification to prove that there are no any contaminants, artificial hormones, and harmful chemicals included.

  2. Asia Pacific Top Golden Brand Products Award: Billion Organic Home Sdn. Bhd. has also been awarded by the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Committee (APC) as a brand that produces goods of outstanding quality, high effectiveness, lots of potential, and promising future progress. Furthermore, this demonstrates that the product range, which includes Brown Rice Tea, has a significant appeal to the customers.

  3. Certificate of Appreciation Award: The product at Billion Organic Home Sdn. Bhd, especially the Brown Rice Tea, has been awarded by Sau Seng Lum Diabetes Care Center for their contribution to "The Formation of BLUE Human Circle" in conjunction with World Diabetes Day 2011. This demonstrates that Billion Organic Home Sdn. Bhd efficiently manufactured healthy products such as Brown Rice Tea, which has a high nutritional quality and is beneficial to our bodies.

Billion Organic Home Sdn. Bhd’s Brown Rice Tea Overview

Kim Meng Organic is one of Billion Organic Home's main suppliers of 5 Vegetables Soup and Sprouted Brown Rice Tea. Furthermore, it concentrates on offering a variety of healthy and natural goods for your everyday meals, such as Sprouted Brown Rice Tea, High Fiber Baby Porridge, Organic Sea Salt, Grains, Honey, Oils, and so on, giving you a comprehensive answer for your diet and lifestyle.

Billion Organic Home opened a shop to make it easier for locals to get healthy items. This business was modestly opened on December 25, 2013. They sell healthy food goods in order to raise awareness regarding the significance of wellness and sustainable food products. Furthermore, they supply organic food therapeutic items, which have been used by Japanese for more than 30 years as nutritious soup till they were utilized as daily health maintenance.

Billion Organic Home also produces Brown Rice Tea, an organic dietary supplement providing over 30 different vitamins and minerals. It cleanses the body from toxic chemicals and lipids while boosting digestion and decreasing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The Brown Rice Tea was cultivated naturally. As the latent seed is able to germinate, it is bathed in warm water and exposed to a particular thermal processing before sprouting. When compared to other types of brown rice tea, this procedure increases the enzyme level.

Brown Rice Tea, the harmonizing of balancing [Yin & Yang], [Acid & Alkaline] based on the 5 Elements Theory. The five colours of vegetable soup corresponded to the five components of energy in the universe, which harmonize, control, produce, and encroach on natural forces. While the five colours of vegetable soup can provide sufficient nutritious ingredients for the body's needs.

For your reference, this product, which originated from Nagano, Japan, has a lot of nutritional content and advantages for our body system. For example, this rice tea includes a high concentration of enzymes, which aid in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease and the treatment of brain dysfunction. It also has a high fiber content, which helps avoid constipation and discomfort, promotes blood circulation, eliminates cholesterol, and washes the colon. Furthermore, this rice tea includes nutrients such as magnesium (which protects cardiovascular disease and regulates blood pressure), calcium (which strengthens bones), zinc (which avoids arteriosclerosis and hardening of artery walls), iron, and Vitamin B6 (enhances the immune system and vitamin E, good for skin and help in anti aging.)

Rice Tea Specifications

- It is an organic food supplement
- Has the taste of roasted smell of the rice tea
- Comes in the powdered form, but turns into liquid soup after the cooking process
- Originated from Nagano, Japan.

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