Sprouted Brown Rice Tea Broth Form

  • 10 Box(es)
  • Billion 5
  • 9555568702107
  • Liquid Soup
  • Roasted smell of the rice tea
  • More worth as the Sprouted Brown Rice Tea(Broth Form) able to boils for second time
  • 30g x 30 packs per Box,10 boxes per Carton
  • 80 Gram
  • 24 Months
  • Japan

Product details of Sprouted Brown Rice Tea Broth Form

Usage: Kim Meng Organic recommends two methods for drinking Sprouted Brown Rice Tea Broth Form.

The first method is the boiling method. First, measure 600-700 ml (600-700 cc) of water with a measuring cup. Then, pour the water into a stainless-steel pot and boil the water. Turn down the flame after the water starts boiling. After that, open the purchased box and take out a packet of brown rice tea. Then, tear across the tear notch to open the packaging of the tea. There will be two sachets of sprouted brown rice in a packet, put two tea sachets into the boiling water. Boil the water for 15 minutes before taking out the sachets. It is advised to remove the sachets. Do not soak the sachets in the tea. You may serve the tea in a teacup.

Another method for cooking brown rice tea broth is the thermal cooking method. First, boil the water. Then, pour in 600-700 ml (600-700 cc) of boiling water (95°C/ 203 °F or above) into a pure stainless steel thermal cooker. After that, simply open the purchased box and take out one packet of brown rice tea. Tear across the tear notch in order to open the packaging. One packet contains two sachets of sprouted brown rice tea broth. Put two sachets of brown rice tea into the thermal cooker. Close the lid lightly and let the thermal cook for 20 minutes before consuming. It is suggested that you do not soak the sachets in the tea. After removing the tea sachets, consume the brown rice tea while it is hot.

You may enjoy the rice tea by serving it alone. You may also serve the tea with biscuits as a complement to afternoon tea or breakfast. Furthermore, you can use this rice tea to make Ochazuke, a Japanese dish that pours tea over steamed rice and tops it with toppings like seaweed and sesame seeds! As this product is in broth form, you may re-steep or boil the tea sachets for a second infusion.

Storage Instructions: Kim Meng Organic recommends you store Sprouted Brown Rice Tea Broth Form in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing the product to direct sunlight or heat. The brown rice tea may be stored for up to 24 months with proper storage. It is advised not to consume the product if the packaging of the product is damaged.

Packaging: A packet of the Sprouted Brown Rice Tea Broth Form has a net weight of 80 g (about 2.82 ounces). Two sachets will be included in one packet. One purchased box contains 30 packs of brown rice tea broth. Each carton will be packed with 10 boxes. A minimum order of 10 boxes of brown rice tea is required to be purchased at a time.


  1. Asia Pacific Super Health Brand 2010: Asia Pacific Super Health Brand is a certificate to be awarded to reputable brand of health-care products and services that offers products and services that are high quality, safe to use, remarkable in features, healthy and environmentally friendly. In this case, Kim Meng Organic is a trustworthy distributor of healthy organic products.

  2. Top Golden Brand Product 2009/2010: By acquiring this certificate, all variations of products distributed by Kim Meng Organic have been authorised as excellent quality products and products that are able to form a strong attraction among consumers.

Brown Rice Tea Overview

Brown rice tea
, frequently referred to as genmaicha tea or hyeonmi-cha in Korean, is a Japanese tea made from a blend of roasted brown rice and green tea. The rice tea is also known as "popcorn tea." The term comes from the shape of the brown rice after it has been roasted, which resembles popcorn. Brown rice green tea is consumed as daily health maintenance by Japanese people to maintain body health.

Sprouted Brown Rice Tea Broth Form is an organic food supplement that is distributed by Kim Meng Organic under its brand, Billion 5 and store, Billion Organic Home. Kim Meng Organic is one of the largest F & B wholesalers of 5 Vegetable Soup in Malaysia. The founders also appointed the company as a distributor of another organic Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) product, which is Sprouted Brown Rice Tea. Kim Meng Organic desires to increase the awareness of people towards health and food safety in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Sprouted brown rice is also known as "GABA rice" due to the high amount of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the rice itself. GABA may have a calming effect on our brains. Therefore, consuming sprouted brown rice may bring health benefits such as balancing our moods. Brown rice is also unpolished rice, which means only the outer layers of the rice have been removed. Most of the nutrients have been retained in brown rice if compared with white rice.

The brown rice that was used to produce Sprouted Brown Rice Tea Broth Form was organically grown. The organic sprouted brown rice is soaked in warm water and given a special heat process before they sprout as the dormant seed is able to germinate. This process gives it more enzymes, which may aid in preventing Alzheimer's disease and work against brain malfunctions compared to ordinary brown rice tea.

Brown rice tea can be taken as a daily beverage. Since the brown rice is being roasted, the rice tea has an extraordinary roasted aroma. Besides, cooked sprouted brown rice may taste slightly sweet, which adds a sweet flavour to the rice tea. The roasted aroma with a sweet flavour makes the brown rice tea distinct from the traditional green tea.

Sprouted brown rice tea contains over 30 kinds of vitamins and minerals. It gets rid of harmful substances and fats in the body. Brown rice may increase digestion and lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Furthermore, brown rice tea contains "3 CLEAR" functions, which help with blood circulation, enhance urinating functions and help clean up the colon.

Brown rice may aid in dissolving cholesterol in the blood vessels. When there is good blood circulation, the blood cells that carry oxygen can reach the organ cells. Therefore, it can increase organ health, which in turn enhances our immune system. Moreover, healthy blood circulation may prevent or lower the risk of us suffering from hypertension and stroke.

Another function of rice tea is that it may enhance the urinating function of the body, thus ridding the body of harmful substances and over-dose nutrients. Besides that, brown rice contains a high fiber content. Therefore, consuming brown rice tea may prevent us from developing colon cancer, colitis cancer and anus cancer as brown rice may aid in cleaning up the colon. High fiber content makes brown rice tea a beverage that is full of nutritious values and benefits. Fiber may aid in preventing constipation, improving blood circulation and ridding the body of fat.

Sprouted brown rice tea is also a good source of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and vitamins. Brown rice that consists of magnesium may protect us from heart disease and lower the risk of hypertension. Calcium may strengthen our bones, whereas zinc contained in rice tea may lower the risk of arteriosclerosis and hardening of artery walls. Sprouted brown rice may also be rich in vitamins B6 and E, which may enhance our immune systems and help with anti-aging. Moreover, one of the nutritious values of brown rice is that it is able to improve the performance of the pancreas, thereby controlling blood sugar levels. This makes the rice tea a good drink for diabetics.

Rice Tea Specifications

- Organically grown brown rice
- Roasted smell of rice tea
- In broth form: more worthwhile as it is able to boil for a second time
- Contains 30 kinds of vitamins and minerals
- Has "3 CLEAR" functions: helps in blood circulation, enhances the urinating functions of the body, cleans up the colon
- Contains 30 packs of 80 g Brown Rice Tea in the purchased box
- Has a net weight of 80 g per unit
- 24 months of shelf life
- Made in Nagano, Japan


- Blood circulation
- Urinating function
- Cleaning up the colon

Nutritious Value:

- Contains a high concentration of enzymes, which aids in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease and the treatment of brain malfunction

- Contains a high amount of fiber, which helps prevent constipation, improve blood circulation, get rid of fat and clean the colon

- Contains minerals like magnesium, which prevents heart disease and lowers hypertension; calcium, which strengthens bones; zinc, which prevents arteriosclerosis, hardening of artery walls; iron; Vitamin B6, which boosts the immune system, and vitamin E, which is beneficial to the skin and aids in anti-aging

- Improves the performance of the pancreas, thereby controlling blood sugar levels, making it a good drink for diabetics


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