Big Nuts Dried Mango Slices (Low Sugar) 110g

  • Big Nuts
  • Chewy
  • Sweet
  • High in fibre
  • 110 Gram
  • 6 Months
  • Thailand

Product details of Big Nuts Dried Mango Slices (Low Sugar) 110g

Usage: Gone are the days of messy mango juices seeping through your fingers and ants swarming everywhere. There is no need to keep a mango in the rice bin to ripen it before you enjoy it. As a tropical fruit, mangoes are enjoyed across continents. Yet, the messiness of eating a juicy mango can be minimized without the stickiness of sap and stained clothes. Big Nuts Dried Mango Slices (Low Sugar) is an innovative way to enjoy mango anywhere these days. A unique blend of nuts and dried mango slices is so low in sugar that even diabetics can enjoy them without a spike in blood glucose levels. Sash, many of us relish eating sweet things! Big Nuts Dried Mango Slices (Low Sugar) is so unique that even diabetics can enjoy a packet of these!

Most of us can’t resist the sweetness of mangoes that that tempt out taste buds Mangoes so versatile that they can be eaten in a variety of ways, dripping in juicy slices or pickled in tangy flavours. Some people even use home-brewed traditional recipes by putting delectable slices of mangoes and even its seeds in curries concocted in spices and simmered to perfection. Thus, enjoying a mango need not be a complicated and long-drawn process of skinning and cutting as our days get busier. Big Nuts Dried Mango Slices (Low Sugar) gives you an awesome mango sensation dried and kept in a pristine plastic crackling freshness. As these packets are big on nuts and topped with low-sugar volume mango pieces, more people can enjoy it without worrying about sudden blood sugar spikes. Nuts allow for a chewy experience that relaxes, rejuvenates and calms us as we go about out busy lives. Each slice can be eaten to give you a boost anytime. Mangoes are a great source of energy that gets us into a good mood and perks up our day. Big Nuts Mango Slices (Low Sugar) also allows diabetics to enjoy mango in an awesome new way as our lives change.

Dried mangoes actually keep the flavours in without the need to carry a Tupperware of fresh fruits. As we all need healthy meals but sometimes we need a power lunch to get us through the day, Big Nuts Dried Mango Slices (Low Sugar) energizes us so that we can get through the long hours of work or school or even jam-packed classes at university. The choices are endless for that road trip to the hometowns as these mangoes are dried so they don’t wilt in the car.

Packaging: A typical mango fruit can be so tall that it sometimes requires a deft whist of a pole to bring a fruit down in a net. These mango trees loom in our backyards. As there are so many types of mangoes, some trees are small with little roundish fruits. Mangoes can also be as sour as they are sweet.

Big Nuts Dried Mango Slices (Low Sugar) gives you just the right taste in a package so lightweight at 110g at just 0.24 lbs. Thereby, easily tuckable into a handbag or backpack. A light plastic green cover for that awesome mouth-watering orange colored dried slices right at your fingertips. Small enough to fit in your hands but enough to get you through the day!


  1. JAKIM-Halal Certification: Stay assured that Big Nuts Dried Mango Slices( Low Sugar) is Halal certified so you can consume them without that niggling worry. Safely packed and convenient and even available for purchase online!

Dried Mango Slices Overview

Mangoes have always been around and it has been touted the king of fruits in some other countries. In India, mango has been traced in the huge sub-continent to as far back as 4000 years. The mango is considered a special fruit in India and a symbol of love. The mango is not just one fruit but there are actually at least a thousand varieties of mangoes cultivated throughout the world. With the progression of time, the inception of mangoes gradually took place to other regions of Asia and other far-flung countries in the world.

A lesser known fact is that the humble and popular mango is actually related to the cashew or pistachio. As such, the fusion of Big Nuts dried Mango Slices (Low Sugar) as a fusion of nuts and dried mango is actually a combination that allows a better digestive experience. Filled with nutrients of vitamins and fiber, Big Nuts Dried Mango Slices (Low Sugar) allows the body to boost energy levels while minimizing a sugar rush. Nuts allow for a chewy experience and dried mango slices allow a quick treat anytime, Mangoes are a great source for vitamins A, C and D. Actually, it is the perfect snack for diabetics when they suddenly experience a moment of low energy levels.

Mangoes are usually enjoyed as dessert with whole slices disappearing in minutes. Our busy lifestyles sometimes only allow rushed meals at the office and dinner time has become simpler. But, some of us still may have those low-slung mango trees in our gardens or outside our homes. As more people become diabetics, mangoes need not to out of lives totally. So, you still love mangoes? Big Nuts Dried Mango Slices allows you to still enjoy your favorite fruit, the combination of big nuts and dried mango actually blend the necessary vitamins together to give us the energy for the day without all that sugar! So, ssshh, you don’t need to sneak away to eat a mango slice! Big Nuts Dried Mango Slices helps you to keep your sugar in check with a bang of chewy taste! So, it is still fine to love a mango…and not let it be just a sweet memory!


- High in fibre, aiding bowel health and lowering cholesterol levels.
- Rich in calcium that strengthens your bones and preserves nerve function.
- Rich in Vitamin A which builds up the immune system, encourages cell growth and keeps those eyes sharp.
- Mangoes contain a high level of vitamin C, fibre and pectin that help with controlling cholesterol level and promotes healthy hair and skin. 
- Mango is a good source of vitamin A, which encourages hair growth and the production of sebum — a liquid that helps moisturize your scalp to keep your hair healthy

Dried Mango Slices Specification

- A Chewy Texture
- High Fiber Content
- 110 grams / 0.24 lbs net weight per unit
- Sweet-tasting
- 6 Month Shelf Life
- Big Nuts Brand
- Made in Thailand

Ingredients: Mango

Allergen Information: Made in a facility that also handles tree nuts, peanuts & eggs.

Storage Best Practices: Please store in a cool, dry place for maximum freshness.

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