BoBoiBoy Chocolate Ball

  • Goldcrest
  • liquid
  • Chocolate
  • ready to eat
  • 60g x 5 Pieces Per Pack, 30 Packs Per Carton, 77 Cartons Per Pallet
  • 60 Gram
  • 18 months
  • Malaysia

Product details of BoBoiBoy Chocolate Ball

Usage: This Goldcrest brand Chocolate Ball has a liquid texture and an elementary characteristic: ready to eat immediately after opening. In addition, the rich chocolate flavour in this Chocolate Ball makes it will be melted in your mouth for every single bite you take. We warned you that once you taste this Chocolate Ball, we guarantee you will want more. How to use and open it is like a child-play; no problem at all: First thing first, you unseal the pouch packet containing the Chocolate Ball, then you remove as many pieces of Chocolate Ball as you want from the pack, and finally, open the wrap that is on each piece of Chocolate Ball and ta-da, ready to enjoy!

Over and above, you can go extravagant with this Chocolate Ball by making it with various innovations. Here are some illustrations of how you can try recipes you've never tried before and eat these Chocolate Balls in premium ways:

  1. 1. If you feel bored having breakfast with plain cereal poured with milk every day, you can try to add the Chocolate Ball to taste the deliciousness when both are mixed

  2. 2. If you like baking cakes and want to try putting new ingredients to diversify your cake, you can try putting Chocolate Ball topping on the dessert you made

  3. 3. Other than that, you can also try to add this Chocolate Ball to the ice cream and feel the crunchy pleasure in every munch that comes from the Chocolate Ball when matched with the ice cream of your choice

And the list goes on.

Certification: Goldcrest F&B Sdn Bhd has achieved various supreme certificates to ensure that each and every products that they manufacture will not be doubted by anyone since 2011.

  1. JAKIM Halal-CertifiedThe conditions imposed by JAKIM on food and drink manufacturers must be carefully followed since Muslims cannot eat any food they should not eat and is prohibited by Shariah. Products such as Chocolate Ball produced by Goldcrest F&B Sdn Bhd have been proven to be halal when given this certificate.

  2. HACCP CertificateTo enable them to expand their sales coverage to the universal market, Goldcrest products, especially this Chocolate Ball, can obtain a certificate from HACCP. The HACCP certificate aims to ensure that a product sold can meet universal standards and avoid any harmful risk.
  1.  GMP CertificateA very high integrity attitude without any lax attitude in processing any form of food or drink is essential to reap a GMP certificate as stipulated by SGS. Goldcrest F&B Sdn Bhd flourishingly reaped this certificate to manufacture Chocolate Ball food products.
  2. MeSTI CertificateMOH has given the MeSTI certificate to the Goldcrest brand for the products they have produced because they strictly adhere to the characteristics set. For illustration: Chocolate Ball. Among the characteristics that Goldcrest F&B Sdn Bhd has followed to get this certificate is that they process food and drinks with full responsibility and ensure that their food products are full of quality so that they are not risky to consume.

Packaging: The mechanism used to pack this Chocolate Ball is tremendously well-organised. This is because, just like you could see from the packaging, you can bear it with you wherever you go. Then, if you feel like eating something easy and do not have to cook first, grab the Chocolate Ball and go. It is very plain sailing since this Chocolate Ball has ready to feast feature that Goldcrest F&B Sdn Bhd made. For every pack that the manufacturer has packaged, this Chocolate Ball contains 60g (2.11 oz) x 5 pieces of Chocolate Ball. Not only that, but this Chocolate Ball has also been packaged with 30 packs for every carton and 77 cartons for each pallet.

Suppose you have ever had a strong inclination about buying this Chocolate Ball product and do not even know which Chocolate Ball brand you should buy. In that case, you can always go with the Goldcrest brand, as it will never disappoint your desire. Just request how many quantities you want for the Chocolate Ball, and we will arrange what you ordered right away without further ado. One more thing, you do not have to feel hesitant to purchase this Chocolate Ball from us as we are very pro in managing all the packing, so we will always ensure that the Chocolate Ball will arrive at your doorstep in an up to scratch state so that the quality will not be decreased.

Goldcrest’s BoboiBoy Chocolate Ball Overview

Starting in 2011, Goldcrest F&B Sdn Bhd began to chart steps for supplying fruit juice products when they first started operations in food and beverage manufacturing. After some time, Goldcrest F&B Sdn Bhd started to present by introducing new products they released to supply such creations as biscuits and frozen food. The leading workplace that is the field for the manufacturing of food and drinks they produce is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and also Johor Bahru which is also located in Malaysia.

Goldcrest F&B Sdn Bhd has begun to focus on expanding the sale of food and beverage products from the children's cartoon story BoboiBoy, which is now gaining attention and becoming a favourite in most Asian countries apart from Malaysia. Goldcrest F&B Sdn Bhd aims to become a supplier that supplies their products in other Asian countries, for example, India, Brunei, Indonesia, etc.

This Goldcrest brand Chocolate Ball is a food product made by Goldcrest F&B Sdn Bhd. This Chocolate Ball makes it less trouble for anyone who purchases it because after you open the package that wraps the Chocolate Ball, you can taste the savoriness without mixing any chocolate and biscuit balls to make it like a Chocolate Ball. This Chocolate Ball is very tasty to enjoy where the core is chocolate cream, and the physical exterior of this Chocolate Ball is made with biscuits in addition to getting several prestigious certificates that allow Goldcrest F&B Sdn Bhd to continue their operations producing the Chocolate Ball. Don't forget, for every pouch pack you buy, and you will get 5 pieces of Chocolate Ball.

Goldcrest’s BoboiBoy Chocolate Ball Ingredients and Specifications

Ingredients List:


 - Wheat Flour
 - Sugar
 - Palm Oil
 - Cocoa Powder
 - Full Cream Milk Powder
 - Corn Starch
 - Vanillin
 - Sodium Bicarbonate

Goldcrest’s BoboiBoy Chocolate Ball Specifications

- Has a chocolate taste
- Liquid texture
- Characteristic: Ready to eat
- Certificate: JAKIM Halal, HACCP, GMP, MeSTI
- Net Weight: 60g (2.11 oz) per pack
- Produced from biscuits ball jammed with chocolate cream
- 5 pieces per Pouch Pack
- 18 months shelf life
- Truthfully made in Malaysia

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