Charmain Apple Cinnamon Jam - 360g

  • 50 Carton(s)
  • Charmain
  • Smooth and spreadable
  • Natural fresh apple and cinnamon flavor
  • Natural low sugar Apple Cinnamon Jam without pectin
  • 320 x 420 x 100 mm
  • 360g x 30 Jar per carton
  • 360 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Charmain Apple Cinnamon Jam - 360g

Usage: Our bestseller organic reduced sugar apple jam is produced in small quantities without chemicals, synthetic colour, or flavouring. Basic materials are prepared in a conventional direction. We've also included instructions on how to utilize this apple cinnamon jam:
  1. Remove the sealant that covers the glass jar top.
  2. Carefully remove the jam jar cover.
  3. Jelly can be utilized and smeared over the food's exterior.
Indeed, it is easier to use than people believe. This apple cinnamon jam may be used for more than just toast, and you may combine this jelly with any substance or dish that feels excellent. We'll present some ideas: homemade apple pie jam with cinnamon powder, dessert pudding with apple cinnamon jelly topping, mascarpone crepe tempered with apple and cinnamon jam, and so on. Charmin apple cinnamon jam has no restrictions, so you may consume it as you wish!
Certification: Homemadeforall Food & Beverage Enterprise works hard to eliminate general misconceptions about their items by receiving this vital qualification for their organization:
  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: Validation of the prestige that a commodity is free of every banned ingredient is critical, primarily for Muslims, because it is a religious law. How would customers or purchasers like to determine if the meals and other goods they buy are allergens-free? As a result, a corporation must adhere to and receive a Halal status from JAKIM's executives that are valid across Malaysia. This is why no Halal certifications are accepted in Malaysia, except JAKIM issues them. As a result, JAKIM awarded the firm Homemadeforall Food & Beverage Enterprise the most coveted Halal designation in Malaysia, as with this Charmain Apple Cinnamon recipe.
Packaging: Considering how this apple cinnamon jam is created with the Charmain label by the business Homemadeforall Food & Beverage Enterprise: it is prepared according to the ecology and the everyday lives of those who gradually do not have spare time to devote to leisure activities. Most of them are pressed for time to confront the pressures of a job and an increasingly tricky existence, notably in this more savvy millennium. As a result, the company aims to make this apple cinnamon jam delicacy in a shape and structure that can be transported abroad and eaten immediately.
With a volume of 360g (12.7 oz) per container, it is simple to undertake in a backpack for anybody who wishes to consume it. The firm will also package every apple cinnamon jam in 360g (12.7 oz) x 30 jars, comparable to one carton. Suppose you are interested in acquiring this apple and cinnamon jam. In that case, you may place a purchase with us, but take into account that the minimum investment is 50 cartons. Furthermore, all purchases are meticulously packaged for transportation, so we promise your goods will appear in the best possible style.
Storage Instruction: Every fresh produce you obtain requires adequate treatment to thrive by optimizing the duration during which the package's projected service life is viable. The ideal place to store this apple cinnamon jam is in a fridge with a level mostly less than 4.4°C (40°F). This cold can delay or eliminate the growth of germs, causing their consistency to deteriorate.
Assume you'd want to utilize this apple cinnamon jam. In such instances, please remove it from the refrigerator and set it aside until it is no longer too chilly to use or is at cellar temperature. Other than that, let us keep the jam jar closed while not in use to avoid attracting pests.
Shelf-Life: The most crucial aspect of any meal, liquid, or another item that people may eat on this planet should be its lead time. This is done to safeguard all customers from ingesting things that have passed their age limit and to protect each client safe from hazardous infections. This apple cinnamon jam must contain a best-before date. The storage time for items bearing the Charmain trademark is twelve months or one year.
While this apple cinnamon jam has a lengthy shelf-life, the maturity date can be modified by lowering it if the user doesn't properly dispose of it. This depends on how you maintain and keeps the merchandise.


Charmain Apple Cinnamon Jam’s Overview

Many associate jam with warm emotions, ranging from a teaspoon smeared on a bagel, jam toast as a youngster, or making jam as a personal present. This sweet relish has a considerably longer history than you may believe, and jam manufacturing has fascinating ties to old-fashioned food preservation systems. Jam has been prepared and consumed by cultures all across the millennia, from Greek Culture to Revolutionary troops. The legacy of this delectable goodness is considerably more intriguing than you may expect.
Jam-fabrication techniques are tied to a few of the ancient means of retaining sustenance, dating from the Stone Age (approximately two million years ago). Individuals found strategies to maintain meals for safe keeping throughout the Stone Age (the Paleozoic era) to simplify life when nutrition was limited. One typical storage technique was to employ glucose or honey, and the Classical Greeks also employed nectar to retain quince. Nectar and sugar molasses were also used to conserve nutrition; honey contains no humidity and includes any snacks inside it.
We are watching the evolution of a civilization that is growing more contemporary and powerful regularly, that once did employ conventional methods of production but is now beginning to apply machinery with unsurpassed expertise. Firms manufacturing diverse flavoured jams are no different, utilizing worldwide assurance machinery to verify that the output is outstanding and well received, even in Malaysia. Charmain apple cinnamon jam is no surprise, employing only natural ingredients and no preservatives, making it ideal for people of all ages to consume and enjoy the nourishing flavour of apple and cinnamon.

About Homemadeforall Food & Beverage Enterprise

Homemade4all is a genuine cuisine and beverage maker, distributor, and marketer specializing in handcrafted fruit jams, relishes, and scented seasonings. We aim to promote fitness and well-being, economic prosperity in regional communities, and excellent and lengthy-term social performance.
Homemade4all is committed to offering our clients the highest standard and assortment of pure products that include no parabens or chemicals. We want to deliver wholesome and tasty items at sensible rates so that more people may appreciate them. We aim to create goods continuously we'll gladly recommend to our loved ones and friends. We stick behind our items and guarantee client happiness!

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Charmain Apple Cinnamon Jam



Granny Smith apples, cinnamon powder, brown sugar, salt & lemon juice

Charmain Apple Cinnamon Jam’s Specification(s)

  1. Charmain branding 
  2. Shiny and creamy thickness 
  3. Genuine pure apple and cinnamon aroma 
  4. Organic reduced sugar apple cinnamon jam with no pectin 
  5. Halal certification JAKIM
  6. 360g (12.7 oz) in each jar 
  7. 360g (12.7 oz) in each jar 
  8. Wrapping: 360g (12.7 oz) x 30 jars/carton
  9. Minimal purchase: 50 cartons
  10. Preservation requirements: 4.4°C (40°F) / room temp
  11. Life expectancy: 1 year (12 months)
  12. Adaptability
  13. Done exclusively in Malaysia
  14. Port Klang

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Homemadeforall Food & Beverage Enterprise

  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
  • Business Type
  • Manufacturer,Distributor/Wholesaler,Exporter
  • Membership
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