Charmain Gooseberry Jam - 360g

  • 50 Carton(s)
  • Charmain
  • Thick and crunchy
  • Concentrated and tangy taste of fresh gooseberry
  • No preservatives, artificial colour & flavor
  • 320 x 420 x 100 mm
  • 360g x 30 Jar per carton
  • 360 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Charmain Gooseberry Jam - 360g

Usage: You might be wondering how to best consume the sweet and sour Gooseberry Jam to properly taste and enjoy its tart and tangy properties. Here are several different ways to truly enjoy the jelly-like gooseberry jam with quick and easy consumption methods. As known to many, nothing goes better with gooseberry jam than a slice of crusty buttered bread. Toast your bread of choice and slather on a generous amount of the jam on top and dig in directly, or you could make a charcuterie board with savoury cheeses and this sweet jam added in for a fancier meal. Alternatively, start your day with a healthy breakfast such as a bowl of oatmeal, then top it with this vitamin-packed gooseberry jam.

You can also put some of this wonderful gooseberry jam and butter on some scones if you prefer a sweeter meal. It'll be the ideal combination of salty and sweet with all the citrusy notes from the gooseberries. You can also change the usage of this jam altogether and opt for beverages instead. Combine the gooseberry jam, elderflower cordial, and chilled sparkling wine to make the Fizz of Gooseberries cocktail, loaded with floral and citrusy notes. Undoubtedly it will make the ideal beverage for the hot summer months. Or, you could make a perfectly balanced, sweet and tart undertoned cocktail by combining gooseberry jam, gin, elderflower liqueur, lime juice, and simple syrup in a mixing glass to get your universally loved gooseberry gin.

Certifications: The Homemade4all brand of goods has been tried and tested under rigorous conditions to verify that the quality and standard of the brand's byproducts are up to par in all regulatory aspects, and has been awarded the following accreditations to demonstrate legitimacy and excellence:

  1. JAKIM Halal certified: All of Homemade4all's goods have been certified Halal as approved by JAKIM, based on thorough product examinations to assess their level of authenticity and conformance with Syariah-approved regulatory criteria and rules. With this assurance, Muslims all over the world can safely consume Homemade4all's sour gooseberry jam.

Storage: The textured gooseberry jam is made with fresh and organic components, such as fresh cape gooseberries that are imported from their respective best sources and therefore should be properly stored at a certain temperature to ensure a continued assurance of quality and taste. The ideal temperature to store the shrub marmalade is at a temperature below 7 degrees Celsius or 44.6 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain its freshness and authenticity. It should also be mentioned that the Ribes jelly should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and dampness.

Gooseberry Jam Overview:

Gooseberry jam is a fairly new invention that is said to have been discovered around the mid 1970s. These currants are large, juicy, and tart berries found in most parts of the Asian region and are synonyms with those who love tart and sour flavours, especially in India. Gooseberries are known for resembling grapes but are more closely related to currants within the family tree of berries. Gooseberries are often visible in green, yellow, and reddish-purple forms with their varied sizes that can range from small to very large, almost as big as a ping pong ball. The most common cultivars of this berry are either American or European, or a hybrid of the two, resulting in a massively wide usage of the gooseberries within those regions.

Products made with these shrubs such as the gooseberry jam are not only delicious to eat but are also ripe with plenty of health benefits that are sure to assist you in addressing at least one or more of your health concerns. It is no secret that FMCG products such as the gooseberry jam are abundant in fibre and vitamins, making them an excellent source of nutrition, and fibre seeing as gooseberries contain up to 6.5g of fibre per cup. Fibre consumption, particularly soluble fibre that is found in berries, is closely linked to a lower risk of heart disease. Fibre also, in conjunction with the potassium in gooseberries, can assist to reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Some tannins found in gooseberries, such as ellagic acid, gallic acid, and chebulagic acid, have considerable antioxidant properties.

Although there isn't enough proof of cancer treatment or prevention in human studies, it cannot be denied that gooseberries are essentially miracle berries. The high fibre level of gooseberries can take some getting accustomed to, especially if you don't eat a lot of fibre, however, to assist the digestive system in adjusting and minimising gas and bloating, gradually increase your intake, drink plenty of water, and keep an active lifestyle.

About Homemade4All Food and Beverage:

Founded in 2013 by Stephanie Chan, Homemade4all is a natural food and beverage manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer specialising in handcrafted fruit spreads, sauces, and flavoured salts. With several products like the Gooseberry jam, Fig and Date, Mango Passion Fruit and Strawberry jam, the objective of the brand is to promote health and well-being, economic growth in local communities, and good and long-term community impact. Homemade4all is committed to offering its customers the highest quality and assortment of natural products that include no preservatives or additives.

The aim of the company is to deliver healthy and nutritious items at a reasonable price so that more people can enjoy them. To always produce a product that the establishment would be proud to serve to friends and family remains a priority to the business. With nutritious products like the gooseberry jam, the satisfaction and the joy from the customers are always prioritised and are held in great regard for the continued support of their clientele.

Tangy Goosebery Jam Specifications:

  1. Net weight of 360g (12.6oz)
  2. Shelf life of 1 year
  3. Thick and crunchy texture
  4. Concentrated tangy taste
  5. Without added preservatives, colourings and flavourings
  6. JAKIM Halal certified
  7. Handcrafted, premium jam
  8. Authentic flavour of Cape gooseberries
  9. Ideally eaten with pastries or added to beverages

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