Homemade4All Mushroom Salt - 190g

  • 50 Carton(s)
  • Homemade4All
  • Powdery
  • Fragrant and salty
  • No preservatives, artificial colour & artificial flavor
  • 360 x 410 x 100 mm
  • 190g x 60 Jar per carton
  • 190 Gram
  • 12 months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Homemade4All Mushroom Salt - 190g

Usage: Our best-selling natural mushroom salt is made in discreet batches minus the use of pollutants, artificial colors, or flavors. The essential ingredients are produced traditionally. Our firm has also provided directions for using this mushroom salt:
  1. Take away the coating from the outside of the plastic jar.
  2. Discard the salt jar lid gently.
  3. During the food preparation, sprinkle the mushroom salt on your delectable fare.
This mushroom salt is frequently deployed to improve the flavor and beauty of your food in various culinary traditions or recipes. And you can incorporate this mushroom salt with any item or dish, whether dry or fried, that tastes great. We'll provide a couple of recommendations: This mushroom salt can be used with other ingredients in one entree, such as mushroom pepper, porcini salt, porcini mushroom, mushroom powder, wild mushroom seasoning, and so on. Homemade4All mushroom salt contains no limitations, so eat every bit as you like!
Certification: Homemadeforall Food & Beverage Enterprise executes tirelessly to dispel common misunderstandings about their products by obtaining this critical prerequisite that defines their company:

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: Authentication of the statement that good is exempt from all forbidden ingredients is crucial, especially for Muslims, given that it is a practicing motion. How might clients or investors like to know if the food items and other things they invest in are allergen-free? As an outcome, a firm has to stick to and get a Halal designation from JAKIM officials that are enforceable throughout Malaysia. This is where, apart from JAKIM, no Halal certificates are approved in Malaysia. As a consequence, JAKIM granted Homemadeforall Food & Beverage Enterprise Malaysia's highest-profile Halal classification, like the aforementioned Homemade4All mushroom salt preparation.
Packaging: Observing how this mushroom salt with the Homemade4All mark is manufactured by the company Homemadeforall Food & Beverage Enterprise: it is manufactured following the environment and the daily routines of individuals who increasingly have little free moments to dedicate to recreational pursuits. Most of them are pressured for leisure to deal with the stresses of work and a more complicated living, especially in the present more complex millennium. As a consequence, the firm intends to produce this mushroom salt pleasure in a form and configuration that can be easily transferred and utilized anywhere in the world.
It is easy to carry in a piece of baggage for everyone who intends on eating it, with an approximate weight of 190g (6.7 oz) and dimensions of 360 x 410 x 100 mm (14.17 x 16.14 x 3.94 inch) in every little jar. Each mushroom salt will also be packaged in 190g (6.7 oz) x 60 jars, equivalent to one carton. Assume you want to get your hands on some mushroom salt. In such a scenario, you may order from us, but remember that the smallest amount you can order is 50 cartons. Additionally, all orders are adequately wrapped for transit, ensuring your items arrive in the most satisfactory condition.
Storage Instruction: Whenever you decide to keep this mushroom salt, you must learn how to hold salt for quite some time. Keeping salt free of humidity is the most effective method for preserving it. As a result, the mushroom salt-holding receptacle should prevent damp from entering. The jar should be capable of remaining closed for an extended period to avoid polluting the salt or enabling wetness to enter. 
  1. Ceramics or clay box: If covered with a material such as a plastic cap, porcelain, or earthenware, vessels can keep salt. 
  2. The package within a barrel: Salt can also be stored in its native wrapping but within different vessels. A transparent cover can be used to enclose the vessel while preventing damp out.  
  3. Jars made of glass are another acceptable alternative, as long as they are sealed with an acrylic top.
The essential words for long-term salt storage are fantastic and also dry. We recommend storing the salt for a long time and avoiding allowing water in the surroundings to harm the salt. Salt like this mushroom salt should be stored in dry and cold areas and in secure, moisture-free vessels.
Shelf-Life: The primary characteristic of every food, beverage, or different product that humans on the surface of the earth may consume is supposed to be its starting point length. This is accomplished to preserve everyone's health from consuming items that have already exceeded their deadline for expiration and to keep all of their clientele protected from dangerous diseases. This mushroom salt must have a best-by mark. Goods having the Homemade4All brand have a retention lifetime frame of twelve months or one year.
Despite this mushroom salt's extended life span, if the individual using it does not correctly care for it, its expiration date might be lowered. This is determined by how you retain and archive the product.

Homemade4All Mushroom Salt’s Overview

Salt is an electrical substance composed of chlorine and sodium atoms. It is commonly known as ordinary salt or simply by the chemical name NaCl (sodium chloride). To live, every organism is dependent on its chemical characteristics. People have utilized it for countless decades, from keeping food fresh to flavoring. The capacity of salt to safeguard sustenance was a crucial element in the evolution of civilization. It reduced reliance on cyclical crops and enabled supplies to be transported across long miles. Nevertheless, since salt was frequently hard to get, it was a tremendously prized commerce element. It was regarded as a type of payment by some. During the Bronze Age, extensive salt highways, starting with the way Salaria in Italy, had previously been created.
Throughout the ages, the supply of salt has proven critical to civilization. The prefix "-wich" in a geographic designation in Britain occasionally suggests it was previously a salt source of information, as in Northwich and Droitwich, however many - which cities are called based on the Saxon 'wic,' which meant defended residence or citadel. The Natron Valley was an important location that provided the Egyptian Empire to the northeast with an assortment of salt known as natron. Currently, salt is globally available, reasonably priced, and frequently iodized.
The importance of salt when deciding the strength and position of the biggest cities on earth cannot be overstated. Liverpool grew from a tiny English harbor to the primary importing point for salt extracted from the enormous Cheshire salt mining operations, becoming the entrepôt for most of the globe's sodium in the nineteenth century. Salt both built and devastated kingdoms. In the sixteenth century, Poland's mineral quarries gave rise to a massive throne, merely to be overwhelmed when Germans introduced sea salt (which, in turn, nearly every nation globally thought better to rock salt).
Handmade in tiny quantities without additives and synthetic color or flavoring. Child's play constituents combined classically, enhancing the taste of your food with this mushroom salt. The most excellent salt alternative for adding flavor to your recipes. Sprinkle everything savory with it while preparing food or at the last moment. Ideal for dishes like rice cultivation, veggies, stews, congee, and meals with meat.

About Homemadeforall Food & Beverage Enterprise

Homemade4all is an authentic food and refreshment manufacturer, supplier, and advertiser specializing in made-at-home fruity marmalades, condiments, and aromatic spices. We want to advance physical health and prosperity, revenue generation in nearby neighborhoods, and long-term societal improvements.
Homemade4all is dedicated to providing our customers with superb quality and a variety of genuine goods free of phthalates and preservatives. We wish to provide healthful and pleasant foods at reasonable prices so that a wider audience can relish them. We strive to deliver things we would enthusiastically suggest to those around us. We stand behind our products and promise customer satisfaction!

Homemade4All Mushroom Salt’s Specification(s)

  1. Homemade4All mark 
  2. Has powdery concictency
  3. Aromatic and salty relish
  4. Contains no preservatives, artifical colourings and flavours characteristics
  5. Halal confirmation from JAKIM superiors
  6. 190g (6.7 oz) in each jar 
  7. Packing: 190g (6.7 oz) x 60 jars for each carton
  8. Minimal ordering: 50 cartons
  9. Preservation requirements: 4.4°C (40°F) / room temp
  10. Life expectancy: 1 year or 12 months
  11. Flexible usage
  12. Manufactured solely by a  Malaysian business
  13. Port Klang

Additional Information of Homemade4All Mushroom Salt



 Dried Mushrooms, Sea Salt

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