Chicken Siew Mai With Prawn

  • T’Licious Delight
  • Soft & Nice
  • Chicken & Prawn
  • COOKING INSTRUCTIONS 使用方式: Defrost for 5 to 10 minutes then steam in high heat for 6 to 8 minutes.
  • 10pcs
  • 3-6 months
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Halal Certificate
  • Malaysia

Product details of Chicken Siew Mai With Prawn

Usage: You will receive your Chicken Siew Mai package frozen thus, make sure to defrost first before devouring your tasty Chicken dumplings. It would usually take five to ten minutes to unfreeze. While waiting for the Siew Mai to cold down, prepare a steamer. Use the steamer to steam the dumplings to experience fluffy yet moist texture of dumpling. Once the Siew Mai has cold down, place the dumplings inside the steamer and let it steam for six to eight minutes in high heat. When the timer turns off, use a tong to lift the hot scorching Chicken Siew Mai and place it on the plate. Be careful not to over steam your dumpling as it would be too hard and tough to eat. You can now enjoy the soft and finger-licking Chicken Siew Mai.

Enjoying the Siew Mai together with a handmade condiment can also boost the taste. Cut garlic and chili peppers to small pieces. You can either use an automatic blender or manually to mince the ingredients. Next, pour three tablespoons of oil inside a pan and let it heat for three minutes. Once the oil is medium hot, add chopped garlic and chili peppers inside the pan and stir for few seconds. The sweet and spicy scent of garlic and chili peppers enters your nose, turn off the stove and served the hot chili oil together with your Chicken Siew Mai.


  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: Since 2015, Tolbao Sdn Bhd has followed the rules provided by JAKIM to serve halal Chicken Siew Mai to all consumers. To gain popularity, Tolbao Sdn Bhd has been targeting customers from all around the world including Muslim customers and now, everyone can enjoy our halal Chicken Siew Mai without worry.

Packaging: Comes with ten dumplings in a plastic container and minimum order of one (1) x 20 ft containers are allowed to prevent any waste goods that would not give any beneficial profit for the supplier.

Customers can still reach an agreement with the supplier to order for one (1) x pallet (following USA standard pallet size which are 101.6cm x 121.9cm and 106.7cm x 106.7cm) as a trial selling point and LCL (Less than Container-Load).

To gain positive feedback from the customers, we will use certain packaging to secure the items from any unwanted destruction during the shipping progress. The supplier will provide tip top quality packaging following our standard packaging rules.

Shipping: There are three main steps that need to follow during the shipping process of Chicken Siew Mai which are to bind and manage total order details, collect, pack, select courier and tag. Lastly, sort out the orders and the products are ready to ship.

  1. Bind and manage total order details

Order details given from consumers such as address, verifying goods availability, bind orders from same addresses or different addresses and organize for shipment will be reported to prevent any misleading or incorrect information.

  1. Collect, pack, select courier and tag

Thorough observation needed for this process to run smoothly, and the supplier needs to prevent any error and mistake during the shipping process. The item will be picked, packed, and check beforehand and will proceed by selecting the suitable courier. Lastly, the item will be tag for delivery and ready to be sent to the customer’s address.

  1. Ship the orders or products

This procedure contains managing the items to the selected courier and checking the shipping data with all consumers.

Storage instruction(s): The best way to keep your Chicken Siew Mai fresh and tasty is to store it inside your fridge. You can either choose to place all your dumplings inside your freezer or seal them inside a zip-lock plastic bag. Press the air out and make sure no air is inside the bag before placing it inside the refrigerator. You can now enjoy your Siew Mai for two months and more.

To keep the dumplings warm, you can use an electric thermos. Many items have been developed since we entered the technology era. Finding an electric thermos or heat able lunch box is easier now compared to last time. You can use this method to save money. The heat able lunch box can be reused as many times as you want, and even can act as your lifesaver especially for people who like to travel. Not only keeps your Chicken Siew Mai warm but can also be used for future consumption.

Our Chicken dumplings can last till three to six months without any damage and moulding.

Chicken Siew Mai Overview

Wondering what to eat during free time? Tired of eating same food every day? Do not know what to serve your guests? Do not worry! We have the solutions to your problems!

Our appetizing and moist Chicken Siew Mai can be your hero to your problems! Not only you can serve your guest, but you can also buy our chicken dumplings and treat yourself after accomplishing the task. Chicken Siew Mai can be eaten anywhere, anytime, whenever. Worry not and let our agent serve you with our excellent customer service. Made from our capability first class chefs, we serve you our best chicken dumplings, freshly made in Malaysia.

Muslim customers are most welcome as we provide halal Cantonese cuisine.

Chicken Siew Mai Specifications

Cooking instructions:

- Take five to ten minutes to unfreeze.
- Prepare a steamer.
- Steam the chicken dumplings with high heat for six to eight minutes.
- Use a tong to lift the dumplings and place them on a plate.
- Better served warm.


- Eat Chicken Siew Mai with hot chili oil to boost taste.
- Mince garlic and chili peppers.
- Pre heat the oil inside the pan.
- Insert minced garlic and chili peppers inside pre heated oil.
- Stir for few seconds until spicy fragrance smelled.
- Turn off the stove and your hot chili oil is ready to serve with Chicken Siew Mai.

Storage instructions:

- Can be kept inside freezer for three to six months without mutilation.
- Store inside a zip-lock plastic containers or bags.
- Store inside an electrical thermos or heat able lunch box to keep chicken dumplings warm within 24 hours.

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