T'licious Delight H.K. Handmade Dim Sum Package – Set B2

  • T’Licious Delight
  • Soft & Nice
  • Multi Flavor
  • COOKING INSTRUCTIONS : Defrost for 5 to 10 minutes then steam in high heat / Deep Fly for suitable t
  • 6 Packs
  • 800 Gram
  • 3-6 months
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Halal Certificate
  • Malaysia

Product details of T'licious Delight H.K. Handmade Dim Sum Package – Set B2

Usage: There are two approaches to preparing handmade dim sum for regular suppers or special events. Both methods of serving handmade dumplings which are steam and deep fry will be thoroughly covered in this section.

  1. Steam Method: You must first proceed immediately to the refrigerator's position in your home's kitchen. Next, to access the freezer compartment, pull on the freezer door handle.  Following that, hold, lift, and remove the handmade dimsum packing from the freezer with your right hand. Utilizing your left hand, shut the refrigerator door once more after removing the halal handmade dumpling from the freezer. Then, proceed to the cutlery storage room, take a medium-sized bowl, and fill it with a handmade halal dim sum.

    The bowl of traditional dim sum should next be held with both hands, taken to the sink, and placed under the faucet. To release clean water, twist the tap head knob next. Half-fill the bowl with water that contains the handmade dumpling. After that, you must give the bowl of handmade dim sum five to ten minutes to defrost.

    While the handmade dim sum is defrosting, proceed to the cooking equipment storage area and remove the steamer from the cabinet with both hands. After that, transfer the steamer pot to the sink and half-fill it with water. Afterwards, bring the water-filled steamer pot to the cooking area and set it on the stove. After that, grab the baking paper from the storage place. With a pair of scissors, cut the baking paper into a circle that will fit the steamer's base. Then, make small holes, about the size of a half-fingernail, all over it to allow steam to pass through. Laid the baking paper on the steamer's bottom. Next, start the fire to boiling, cover the steamer with the lid, and then wait for the water to heat up.

    Lift and remove the handmade dim sum from the water-filled basin after the 10-minute defrosting period is complete, then bring the dumplings to the cooking area. Once the handmade dumplings have been revealed by tearing the traditional dim sum wrapping, open the lid and arrange the frozen Chinese food into the steamer. The handmade dim sum should steam for 7 to 10 minutes, or until thoroughly cooked. Open the cover after 10 minutes, remove the handmade dumpling from the steamer with kitchen tongs, and set it on a platter. Finally,  you can savour your freshly handmade dim sum.

  2. Deep Fry Method: The first step that must be followed is the same as that described in the section on the steam method: you must take the handmade dumpling out of the freezer and let it sit out for 5 to 10 minutes to defrost before serving it with the deep-fried method.

    You must retrieve the pan and tongs from the storage closet while you wait for the handmade dim sum to chill. After that, light the fire and place the pan on the stove. Then, after waiting a few minutes for the oil to get sufficiently hot, add 2 cups of cooking oil to the pan.

    After that, take the freshly defrosted handmade dumplings, remove them from their packaging, and begin dropping them one by one into the pan of hot oil. The handmade dim sum should then be fried for 2 minutes on one side before being flipped over and cooked for an additional 2 minutes. Lift the traditional dim sum with tongs once the handmade dumpling has gotten brown and place it on a platter. After that, turn off the heat in the kitchen and serve the handmade halal dim sum.

Certification(s) & Award(s): The management team of Tolbao Sdn. Bhd. has successfully attained 1 significant accreditation in the food and beverage industry, in order to promote handmade dim sum goods to wholesalers and consumers.

  1. Halal-JAKIM Certified: The halal certification process in Malaysia is controlled by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia or JAKIM. JAKIM accredits the Shariah compliance of goods, especially food. Something that is permissible under Islamic law is referred to as halal in Arabic. T'licious Delight Handmade Dim Sum has received halal certification from the regulators. Consumers, particularly Muslims, will feel safer purchasing these handmade dumplings because traditional dim sum adheres to Islamic norms and cleanliness standards by adhering to the requirements listed.

Packaging: Plastic packaging is largely used for all of T'licious Delight's Handmade Dim Sum sold in markets. Plastic is used in everything from wrapping handmade dumplings to food containers for traditional dim sum. The handmade dim sum manufacturer has given careful consideration to this packing method when distributing their dumpling products. When storing and wrapping homemade dumplings & dim sum, plastic has a number of advantages.

Handmade dim sum is best protected in plastic packaging, which also helps to keep it free of contamination from moisture, humidity, gases, bacteria, insects, and light. Consequently, using plastic containers to store homemade Chinese food dim sum is a smart idea for preservation because it keeps the food fresher for longer, reducing waste by allowing consumers more time to use or eat the food.  Additionally, this packaging method makes it easier to transport handmade dim sum across long distances and saves space by layering traditional dim sum, which increases the effectiveness of transportation.


Shipping: The wholesaler must buy T'licious Delight's Handmade Dim Sum in minimum quantities of one 20-foot container (2.5908m in height, 2.9m in breadth, and 2.44m in length). Handmade dumpling production strongly recommends wholesalers buy traditional dim sum in large quantities utilising 20-foot containers in order to save money.   Additionally, by purchasing in this 20-foot container, suppliers can ensure that there will always be traditional dumplings in stock at your retail or warehouse, making sure that consumers never run out of their supply of handmade Chinese food dim sum.

However, the production crew for the set's dim sum halal also provides wholesalers who want to try this hand-made dumpling with an affordable shipment. Furthermore, less than container load (LCL) or one pallet quantity of dim sum halal handmade is available to all distributors.

Storage Instruction(s): The frozen handmade dim sum should be kept in a cool environment, preferably at or below -18°C. Therefore, it is strongly advised that both consumers and suppliers always keep freshly bought handmade dumplings in the freezer. By using this technique, handmade Chinese food dim sum will consistently be of the highest quality, and homemade dumplings' shelf life will be extended.

Handmade Dim Sum Overview

Dumplings are a large category of cuisines that consist of bits of dough (made from a variety of starches) wrapped around a filling. The handmade dim sum filling can be made of meat, fish, tofu, cheese, vegetables, fruits, or sweets, and the dough can be made from bread, flour, buckwheat, or potatoes. Handmade dumplings are a common ingredient in many international cuisines and can be made in a number of ways, including baking, boiling, frying, simmering, and steaming. Traditional meals like handmade dim sum, mandu, and gyoza can be compared in terms of ingredients and cooking techniques. The cuisines from the Chinese community are handmade dim sum, mandu is a Korean food, and gyoza is a Japanese dish.

Did you know when Chinese cuisine, specifically handmade dumplings, first appeared in Malaysia? Handmade dim sum gained roots in Malaysia in the twentieth century, thanks to an inflow of Cantonese-speaking labourers, traders, and businesspeople who arrived in cities like Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, and Penang.

A wide variety of miniature Chinese dishes known as "dim sum" are typically eaten for brunch in restaurants. Cantonese cuisine is frequently connected with the majority of contemporary handmade dim sum items. When commercial travel increased in Guangzhou (Canton) in the tenth century, many people went to teahouses for small-portion tea dinners called yum cha, or "drink tea" meals. Yum cha is made up of two connected ideas. The first is "yat jung leung gin," which is literally "one cup, two portions." This is the practice of offering clients of teahouses two pieces of skillfully prepared food, either savoury or sweet, to go with their tea. The second is known as dim sum, which actually means "touching heart." It is a term used to describe the small food dishes that were served alongside tea.

There are more than a thousand handmade dim sum items available, which are typically consumed during brunch or breakfast. There is a huge variety of tastes, textures, cooking methods, and ingredients in Cantonese handmade dumplings. The handmade dim sum can be divided into staples, seasonal specialities, weekly specials, banquet meals, holiday dishes, house signature dishes, travel-friendly foods, as well as early-morning snacks.

A traditional dim sum breakfast includes a range of steamed buns, such as barbecued chicken or pork pau, rice or wheat dumplings, and rice noodle rolls with a selection of contents, including beef, chicken, pork, prawns, and vegetarian options. Along with serving traditional dim sum, many restaurants that specialise in handmade dumplings also provide platters of roasted meats, congee, different soups, stuffed eggplant, stuffed green peppers, and steaming green vegetables.

T'licious Delight H.K.'s Handmade Dim Sum Specifications

- The taste of handmade dim sum varies depending on the flavour.
- The handmade dumpling has a delicate texture.
- Handmade dim sum has approximately 800g total weight.
- Traditional dim sum has a three to six-month shelf life.
- The characteristic of handmade dim sum is frozen.
- Handmade Chinese food dim sum must be stored at 18°C

Ideally Served:

- Handmade dim sum is excellent for serving on its own
- Handmade dumplings can be steamed.
- Handmade dim sum halal can be served deep-fried.
- Traditional dim sum is ideal for pairing with noodle dishes.

Purchasing handmade dim sum package set B2 includes:

- 1 box of H.K. BBQ Chicken Pau (6pcs)
- One box of shrimp dumplings (10pcs)
- 1 box of Chicken Siew Mai with Prawn (15pcs)
- One box of crystal flower dumplings (8pcs)
- 1 box of chicken A1 dumplings (10pcs)
- A box of Lotus Rice: (4pcs)

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