Dr Bazrul Tualang Honey - 1 KG

  • Dr Bazrul Madu Tropical Forest Wild Honey Bee
  • Viscous concentrate
  • Sweet
  • Original
  • 100 bottles per carton
  • 1 Kilogram
  • Analysis certified
  • Malaysia

Product details of Dr Bazrul Tualang Honey - 1 KG

Usage: The gigantic honeybee—Apis dorsata—makes the renowned Tualang Honey of Malaysia (normally spelled as Malaysian Tualang Honey) that normally found in the jungle of Southeast Asia, specifically Malaysia and Thailand. It is deemed valuable and premium because of its various health benefits that even religions approve of. This stellar honey, among the many variations, is a champion because of its distinctive flavor with a handful of benefits—effective wound healing, reduce inflammation for sore throat and cough, natural remedy for infections, and protect the body against free radicals—and suitable for culinary purposes. Even if you are not sick, you can still employ Tualang Honey in your desserts by pouring the liquid honey onto the pancake or making a cup of tea with Tualang honey as its sweetener. Even better, eateries owners can make a healthy set out of Tualang Honey by combining honey tea with honey pancake as their bestseller menu.


  1. JAKIM’s Halal certification: Sourced from the Tualang tree, Tualang Honey naturally employs raw honey to retain its benefits for human health. Upon inspection by JAKIM's authority, Tualang Honey receives the halal certification because its honey production is free from impermissible sourcing or cross-contamination that could cause food poisoning to the consumers. Furthermore, JAKIM will conduct regular supervision to ensure Tualang Honey complies with JAKIM's requirements at all times, including the comprehensive Halal Assurance System in the overall process from documentation, record-keeping, procedures, and ingredients.

  2. Certificate of Analysis: Tualang Honey is certified with a Certificate of Analysis that serves as scientific evidence and assurance regarding the quality and safety of honey through detailed scrutinization in the lab. After several tests were conducted on Tualang Honey, it specifies the honey as having the highest enzymes in the world with no harmful particles detected, denoting the honey as safe for consumption.

Tualang Honey Packaging Information:


 Packaging Design

 Tight-capped translucent plastic food-grade bottle

 1 Bottle

 1kg (35.27oz)

 1 Carton

 100 bottles

 Minimum Order Quantity

 1x 20-ft Container

 Shelf Life

 Long expiration date

Storage Instructions:
In most cases, Tualang Honey does not expire because honey, regardless of its variations, is shelf-stable—will remain in good taste and texture for a very long time. Nevertheless, this portion of the writing will explain the proper storage guideline for Tualang Honey to ensure it is in its best condition. Place Tualang Honey in a cool and dry area that is out of reach from heat sources, moisture, and air to prevent the degradation of the honey. As time passes, you may notice some changes in the appearance of Tualang Honey in the sense that it color will darken, turn gloomier, and crystallize. Sit back and relax; this occurrence is nothing alarming—you can safely consume Tualang Honey in this state or water bath the bottle in warm water to restore the honey to its original form. Scientifically, honey crystallization results from its saturated form from its glucose content. Though it rarely happens, in order to spot whether or not Tualang Honey turns bad, you can monitor its aroma and spot mold growth. If it does not exhibit any sign of spoilage, you can consume the honey until the bottle is empty as long as it is tightly sealed after every use and stored per the storage guideline. As a matter of fact, the poor closure of the bottle lid will encourage pollution and summon ants due to the sweet nature of the honey liquid.

Tualang Honey Overview

As an ingredient in the cooking recipe—desserts, sweeteners, bread spread—and traditional medicine for overall natural health, honey has been valued for thousands of years. Its health benefits outweigh its disadvantages if proper consumption is followed. In terms of honey production, bees will collect nectar from flowers and transport it to beehives. Then, bee enzymes will transform the nectar into the sweet honey we enjoy in its pure liquid form. Although a swarm of bees solely does the method of producing honey, do not underestimate their hard work, for they can generate honey of various types. This affair is made possible not because of a work of magic or witch, but it depends on the source of nectar and the process.

Regardless of honey type, each one of them has a distinctive profile of flavor, textures, nutritional properties, and health benefits. These are examples of honey variations: Tualang honey, Manuka honey, raw honey, monofloral honey, poly floral honey, clover honey, eucalyptus honey, and sidr honey.

In this section, the focus will be given to Tualang Honey by Dr. Bazli. Tualang Honey is termed as such from its root—its nectar is found in the Tualang tree (botanically named Koompassia excelsa), a tropical rainforest located particularly in Malaysia and Thailand. This 80 meters or 260 feet tall tree has a unique value in the production of Malaysian Tualang Honey because the benefits of Tualang Honey are uncanny. Due to the lofty location of Tualang Honey—bees typically build intricate honeycombs on Tualang branches—a beekeeper might hire skilled honey gatherers for this challenging task of climbing Tualang trees to collect the honeycombs of Tualang Honey. Not only is the height threatening, but if honeycomb removal is not done correctly, it will disrupt the bees and their habitat.

Furthermore, Tualang Honey is harvested on a seasonal basis. Thus, it is a rare item that people sought after. If you want to get your hands on this premium pure Tualang Honey, be sure to be fast because it is usually produced in limited quantities. Wondering how does Tualang Honey look up close? Texture-wise, Tualang Honey is viscous and sticky because it clings to surfaces—you can test its viscosity via spoon as Tualang Honey will slowly flow off the spoon. As stated, Tualang Honey's price is costly due to its robust and bold flavor, which is entirely different from other variants. Its strong honey flavor with a hint of the bitter and earthy blend is the key to its premium attribute that balances honey's sweetness. For some, they will describe Tualang Honey as a toffee-like sweetness or having a caramel-like flavor—thus explaining the complexity of the seasonal Tualang Honey.

About Wawasan Maju Venture

Founded in 2019, Wawasan Maju Venture is a raw honey supplier for B2B marketing and end-users. The wholesome raw honey is sourced from Dr. Bazrul because he formulates the best honey with all-natural ingredients to ensure the nutrition will be maximized from the raw derivation.

Tualang Honey Specifications

- Brand Name: Dr Bazrul
- Raw honey sourced from the Tualang tree
- Thick density honey
- Wild bees producing honey of the highest enzymes in the world: 36.2
- 1kg (35.27 oz) per bottle
- 1000g x 100 bottles per carton
- Shelf-stable
- Testify to JAKIM’s Halal and Certificate of Analysis
- Made in Malaysia
- Serving suggestion: As a sweetener, drizzle on pie and pancake
- Tualang Honey Benefits: Energy booster, assist wound healing, inhibit harmful bacteria growth, high antioxidants, strengthen immunity.

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