Dr. Bazrul Tembaga Emas Golden Honey - 300g

  • Dr Bazrul Madu Tropical Forest Wild Honey Bee
  • Viscous concentrate
  • Sweet
  • Original
  • 100 bottles per carton
  • 300 Gram
  • Analysis certified
  • Malaysia

Product details of Dr. Bazrul Tembaga Emas Golden Honey - 300g

Usage: Breakfast calls for a simple meal that can be savored on the go. Whether you are selling a quick bite on the street, or running a café, be sure to have golden honey in your kitchen to spice up your menu. With just a simple magical touch from the thick liquid honey, you will be surprised to see customers line up early in the morning, not for a brewed coffee, but for the beloved recipe involving honey. Here are some menu suggestions that you can employ for your eateries to instantly gear up the consumers the same way you gear up on your cooking time:

  1. Pancake:

- Heat a non-stick frying pan with light butter.
- Pour pancake batter onto the pan.
- Cook each side of the pancake for around 2 to 3 minutes until golden brown.
- Serve the pancake with a drizzle or pouring of golden honey according to your desired sweetness.
- Finish with whipping cream as a topping.

  1. Pie:

- Preheat oven to 175°C (350°F).
- Gently press the pie crust in a tart pan against the sides and bottom.
- Arrange sliced fruits, nuts, or any of your preferred fillings evenly on the bottom of the pie crust.
- Coat the top of the fillings with a generous amount of golden honey.
- Cover the fillings coated with golden honey using another layer of pie crust.
- Bake the pie until the crust turns golden brown.


  1. JAKIM’s Halal certification: Golden honey receives a halal certification by JAKIM because it is obtained from an ingenious natural source—from under the tree swarmed by bees. Besides, the authority of JAKIM has acknowledged and guaranteed that the golden honey is produced in a clean state—including hygienic environment and machinery.

  2. Certificate of Analysis: Golden honey has undergone a scientific test to prove the food product is safe for human consumption for meeting the standard parameters of its moisture content, sugar composition, pH level, color, and any potential contaminants. Due to the quality control and safety assurance requirements, golden honey has received the Certification of Analysis (COA).

Packaging: Golden honey by Dr. Bazrul is packed in a glass bottle weighing 300 grams (10.58 oz). Apart from the individual packaging for the use of end-consumers, golden honey is available for business-to-business clients sold at a minimum of one 20-foot container. Each carton of golden honey comprises 100 bottles that will be packed properly for the convenience of shipment and handling in and out of the container. For every 300 grams of golden honey, it will be filled in a glass bottle paired with a tight-fitting cap to prevent spillage. Have you ever wondered why glass containers are the best pick for storing most food items? As a rule of thumb, the glass material provides preservation to golden honey due to its ability to remain inert and unbothered with chemical substances. Hence, the original taste and texture of the golden honey will be maintained to ensure it is of the highest quality at all times. In addition, glass packaging offers maximum protection against light, moisture, oxygen and contaminants due to its impermeable condition. From the point of view of environmental, glass packaging is eco-friendly because it is made of recycled materials with the ability to withstand high temperatures with minimal risk of breakage and leaching.

Storage Instructions: This section serves as the guideline to store golden syrup honey for extended preservation—refer to the back packaging or date printed on the bottle. Although most golden honey has a long storage life as it contains lower water content, it is still required to store it appropriately. As excessive heat and moisture will foster the degradation of golden honey, it must be kept in a cool and dry place—normally denotes a temperature of 24°C to 26°C (75.2°F to 78.8°F), such as a cupboard, pantry or cabinet. Upon following the guidelines, you might notice the golden honey crystallizes over time, even before its best-by date. Fret not; the crystallization of honey is a natural process that can be returned to its original state through warming the glass bottle in a water bath gently. Shall the golden honey show no signs of spoilage—off smell, mold growth, or fermentation—consume it within two years of its production date.

Golden Honey Overview

The deep yellow color of pure liquid golden honey is a nutritious-dense natural sweetener produced by honeybees from the nectar of flowers. It is a sweet substance with vibrant color, rich aroma, and distinctive profile depending on the type of flowers that the bees collect nectar from. The sweet and viscous properties of golden honey are the result of bee’s processing from collecting the nectar, processing it in its body, and depositing it into honeycomb within its hive. Through enzymatic evaporation, the nectar then forms honey.

Throughout history, honey has been around for over 8000 years, which the ancient civilizations value: Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Despite its uses in the culinary and medical field for a long time, golden honey still stands strong up to this day because people enjoy its versatility and health benefits. Apart from that, honey also exists in various forms: raw honey, pasteurized honey, and more. In order to ensure the authenticity of golden honey, purchase it from reputable beekeepers or producers that have gone through laboratory screening. This is to ensure that the golden honey meets the specific quality standards by regulatory bodies, such as verifying its origin, purity, and adherence to quality control measures. The thick, concentrated golden honey is the epitome of fine-grade honey as its enzyme is regarded as the highest in the world, with 36.2, indicating that it has undergone reliable accreditation.

About Wawasan Maju Venture

Wawasan Maju Venture is a company formed in 2019 to sell raw honey produced by Dr. Bazrul. Dr. Bazrul is best known for his variety of honey acquired from 100% original ingredients with complete nutrition for human health. Some benefits of honey are being an energy booster, assisting in reducing fatigue, improving immunity, and being good for children’s mind. Apart from the complete nutrition attribute of honey, Dr. Bazrul sells them at an affordable price.

Golden Honey Specifications

- Brand Name: Dr Bazrul
- Sweet liquid golden honey
- Liquid that comes in viscous density
- Pure honey with high content of enzymes in the world: 36.2
- Available in 300g (10.58 oz) net weight
- 300g x 100 glass bottles per carton
- Verifications: JAKIM’s Halal and Certificate of Analysis
- Malaysian manufacturing
- Serving suggestion: Drizzle on pie and pancake

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Wawasan Maju Venture

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  • Malaysia
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