Dr Bazrul Golden Honey - 500g

  • Dr Bazrul Madu Tropical Forest Wild Honey Bee
  • Viscous concentrate
  • Sweet
  • Original
  • 100 bottles per carton
  • 500 Gram
  • Analysis certified
  • Malaysia

Product details of Dr Bazrul Golden Honey - 500g

Usage Instruction: In a bustling retail, restaurant or office setting, incorporating this exquisite natural sweetener can add a touch of sweetness and wellness to your day. Whether you want to enhance your beverages, create delectable spreads, or simply enjoy the pure goodness of raw honey, we've got you covered. This usage guide will walk you through the various ways to consume golden honey, providing tips and inspiration to create the most of this delightful ingredient.

  1. Straight From The Jar: You can consume golden honey directly from the jar. It has a rich, sweet flavour that many people enjoy. Take a spoonful and savour the sweet syrup slowly.

  2. Sweetener For Beverages: Golden honey can be added to hot or cold beverages to sweeten them naturally. It goes well in tea, coffee, smoothies, or lemon water. Stir in a teaspoon or two according to your taste preferences.

  3. Spread It On A Toast: Golden honey can be used as a spread on toast, bagels, or pancakes. The pure natural honey pairs well with butter or nut butter for a delicious and nutritious breakfast or snack.

Certification(s) & Award(s): Customers and retailers alike have responded positively to Wawasan Maju Venture's golden honey, and the company has been formally rewarded for its efforts.

  1. Halal Certification: Golden honey comes from the forest and has no ingredients forbidden in the Islamic diet. This means unfiltered honey can be bought, served, and consumed as usual. Muslims worldwide have access to the healthiest sweetener thanks to the halal certification.

  2. UNIPEQ UKM Analysis Certificate:  The Analysis Certificate from UKM signifies that the golden honey has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation at the university's specialised laboratory facilities. This certification adds credibility and authenticity to the quality and purity of the golden honey bee. It assures consumers that the sweet liquid product has been thoroughly examined using scientific methods and meets the required standards.

Packaging Information: Wawasan Maju Venture is dedicated to delivering the finest quality golden honey to its customers. To preserve the organic waw honey's natural goodness and freshness, they use high-grade plastic containers with secure lids for storing their golden syrup.

The choice of high-grade plastic for packaging is strategic, providing several benefits. Firstly, high-grade plastic containers are durable and resistant to breakage, ensuring the golden honey remains protected during transportation and handling in retail or office environments. This helps maintain the sweet liquid product's integrity and prevents any potential leaks or spills.

Additionally, the plastic containers of golden honey used are selected carefully to be food-grade and free from harmful chemicals. This guarantees that the nectar stored inside is not contaminated by any external factors, ensuring the purity and safety of the pure raw honey product.

The lids used on these containers are designed to create an airtight seal, which helps preserve the golden honey's freshness and quality. The secure lid prevents air or moisture from entering the container, which can otherwise affect the sweet liquid's taste and texture over time.

Shipping Information: Wawasan Maju Venture is a supplier of golden honey that now provides its customers with two shipping options: 20ft container and LCL shipment. 

Wawasan Maju Venture may save time and money by delivering their golden honey bees in a single 20-foot container. The provider has the added benefit of setting aside a special area, free from potential sources of contamination, for the initial batch of their pure natural honey cargo. The sweet fluid goods can be loaded into the 20-foot container, sealed, and transported directly to the client, streamlining the supply chain. 

LCL shipping provides businesses with a versatile volume delivery option for smaller purchases of golden honey. Costs can be reduced for businesses that don't need to ship a full container. Since numerous LCL shipments can be consolidated into one and shipped out without waiting for a full container to be loaded, more frequent shipping options are made possible. This allows businesses to maintain their pure raw honey stock at optimal levels, adapt rapidly to changes in the market, and avoid running out of golden syrup products.

Storage Information: Golden honey retains its quality best when placed in a cool, dry area and any other heat sources to preserve its flavour and consistency.

Keep the golden honey fresh by replacing the seal after each usage. A sealed container will keep the sugary drink fresher for longer.

Although it is recommended that golden honey be stored in a cool, dark place, cooling is not necessary and may cause crystallisation. Since refrigerating it could lead it to thicken and change consistency, golden syrup is best kept at room temperature.

In terms of moisture absorption, golden honey scores very highly. The fermentation or deterioration of a sweet fluid will be accelerated if kept in a moist or unclean environment. Keep the jar away from moisture sources such as sinks or bathrooms. Also, only use dry implements to scoop pure raw honey to prevent the spread of bacteria.

A foul odour, mould development, or fermentation are all telltale signs that your golden honey is going bad and should be discarded. The sweet beverage should be thrown away if these symptoms are present.

Golden Honey Overview

Golden honey is sourced directly from the hive, ensuring its authenticity as 100% pure bee honey. This raw, unfiltered honey is obtained from the depths of forest canopies, where bees diligently collect nectar from various flowers, and trees. With its distinct colour and smooth texture, golden honey entices customers with its unparalleled quality. Carefully packaged in plastic or glass bottles and elegantly labelled, it symbolises sophistication and premium value. The sweet liquid's golden hue, reminiscent of a radiant sunrise, is captivating and a testament to its purity.

Golden honey goes beyond being a simple condiment or sweetener. It is a versatile culinary ingredient that adds a touch of magic to a wide array of food and beverages. Whether drizzled over cereal, used as a dip for fruits, or stirred into a refreshing glass of sparkling pomegranate juice, this sweet liquid gold enhances the flavour and elevates any dish or drink it graces. Pure raw honey can be a delectable topping for cakes, pastries, or creamy Greek delights. Its naturally sweet and crisp taste pairs perfectly with a crunchy walnut, creating an irresistible combination.

Health-conscious individuals appreciate golden honey not only for its delectable taste but also for its numerous health benefits. This halal-certified golden syrup contains essential nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants that promote well-being. It can be used in various wellness products, such as body lotions, shower gels, and creams, so the hair and skin can be pampered and restored. Golden honey provides a gentle yet effective solution for those seeking weight loss or a natural remedy for acne. It is even stingless, making it suitable for individuals with bee allergies.

The business potential of golden honey extends beyond its culinary and health applications. With its natural appeal and wholesome image, the sweet fluid caters to many customer demographics, including health-conscious individuals, parents seeking natural baby products, and those passionate about eco-friendly options. Golden honey's packaging options, such as jars, boxes, and honey dippers, offer versatility for retail and gifting purposes.

About Wawasan Maju Venture

Our raw, unprocessed, unpasteurized golden honey is our speciality. We very lightly process honey to keep all the natural deliciousness and health advantages of honey. The unique flavours, textures, and beautiful perfume of Dr Bazrul's organic raw honey make each jar an exceptional sensory experience.

Golden Honey Specifications

- Golden honey is sourced directly from the hive, ensuring its pure and natural quality.
- The sweet liquid is produced through a raw and unfiltered process, preserving its natural enzymes and nutrients.
- Pure raw honey exhibits a vibrant golden-yellow colour, adding visual appeal to its presentation.
- Pure natural honey can be used as a sweetener, topping, or ingredient in various food and beverage applications.
- Golden syrup is available in various bottle sizes (300g and 500g) to cater to customer needs and preferences.

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