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  • FoodWorth
  • Soft and creamy
  • Sweet
  • Made with real fruit
  • (30g x 4 pieces) per box, 24 boxes per carton
  • 120 Gram
  • 18 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Durian Matcha Mochi | Strawberry Mochi Supplier

Usage: Try a popular snack, durian mochi, drizzled with ice cream. You might carry this chilly, gooey durian mochi treat on your path to meet your loved ones or even the municipality. Enjoy it while serving it with raspberry or strawberry cheese or even durian cheese ice cream. Are you contemplating travelling worldwide, like Perth, on your subsequent honeymoon? Durian Mochi may be consumed 24/7 and adored by all of us.

Certification(s) and Mentioning(s): Consumers' trust in pre-packaged goods may increase their enjoyment of those items. Therefore, Foods Wise Network Sdn Bhd has decided to use this certification to legitimise its products:

  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: JAKIM can grant a Halal status to any company that complies with the conventions set in place via a thorough inquiry of the organisation's nutrition commodity primarily focused on the Shariah rules. This review determines whether or not the company complied with the standards. Items that have been granted the JAKIM Halal classification can be offered for sale to the general public, most notably to Muslims, without giving rise to any moral objections. The JAKIM standard has determined that the durian mochi produced by Foods Wise Network Sdn Bhd is suitable for Muslims to chew.

  2. All Natural Ingredients: Food Smart Network Sdn Bhd puts forth great effort to verify that their Durian Mochi is delicious by using only the purest, most natural resources and without adding artificial flavours or contaminants. When you buy Durian Mochi from Foods Wise Network Sdn Bhd, you'll know that the company truly values its customers' happiness. No synthetic dyes, toxins, or herbicides are utilized in the crafting technique, all of which could be dangerous to the health of any human creature. Nothing but the finest, most cutting-edge, and genuinely fantastic genuine materials are used.
Packaging: Your request for mochi durian matcha shall be carefully and quickly wrapped after being placed. To ensure that these Durian Mochi snacks for customers are not damaged en route to their journey, it is indispensable to have a favourable view when they are being packaged. An arrangement of this Durian Mochi may be placed in either a 120g (4.23oz) or a 30g (1.06oz) x 4 individual types, and the entire carton containing 24 separate boxes.

FoodWorth clients craving durian mochi might continue to purchase one 20-foot container each to satisfy their appetites. If this serves as any indicator, one pallet is the highest quantity you could barter for while purchasing durian mochi from FoodWorth. Consider making LCL trades, which are "less than container load," to ascertain client enthusiasm for these offerings.

Shelf Life: As a treat, the Mochi Durian Matcha must meet a termination or viability time. According to the manufacturer, this Durian Mochi has a best-before date of one and a half years (18 months). If customers adopt the retailer-recommended preservation method for this Durian Mochi, the delicacy should last a while. The remaining regulation is to keep the mochi snack wrapped to protect it from spoiling.

How to Store It: 

  1. Please keep it in the refrigerator below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-17.78 degrees Celsius).
  2. Refrigeration is required at negative 18 degrees Celsius.
  3. Kindly refrigerate it upon unpacking and consume it throughout the day.
  4. Material information may be found in the packaging notes.

Foods Wise Network Sdn Bhd’s Durian Mochi Overview

Japanese rice cakes, known as mochi, are often produced from mochigome, a quick japonica sticky rice, and other components such as liquid, glucose, and flour. After the rice has been crushed into a pulp, it can be shaped as preferred. It is usually prepared in Japan through a ritual known as mochitsuki. While enjoyed at any time of the year, mochi is most popular around the Japanese New Year.
Natural polymers, fats, energy, and moisture are all present in mochi, making it a multi-component foodstuff. Mochi is made up of different components with different textures and flavours. Mochi rice has a low moisture concentration and a substantial amylopectin value to achieve its jelly viscosity. Japanese japonica rice, employed to generate mochi, has a greater energy density than regular short-grain rice.

Mochi resembles dango, except instead of corn starch, mochi is prepared by crushing whole wheat kernels. When rice production was brought to Japan around the latter of the Jmon era (c. 14,000-300 BC), boiling sticky rice and converting it into a slurry likely made its way to Japan from South Asia. The first mochi was made with red rice cultivars.

Mochi has a special meaning in Japanese culture, while it has some characteristics with several Asian cultures' lucky meals. Historical evidence suggests that mochi was first mass-produced at residences in eastern Japan during the sixth century when pottery rafts became commonplace in all kitchens.

About Foods Wise Network Sdn Bhd

Foods Wise is an organic meal company specialising in durian and fruity tropical items. We are committed to providing high-quality productions and primarily promoting commodities that are 100% pure. All of the entities we supply are raw and healthy. That indicates that our organic cuisine and its components include no Glutamate, synthetic sweeteners, chemical-tasting substances, or synthetic chemicals.

To provide the most fabulous assortment of commodities in the business, we are devoted to using slightly elevated production techniques with efficient and sanitary processing approaches to keep dietary purity and nutrients. We value knowledgeable customers in Foodstuffs since we are also clients. Fantastic cuisine may encourage superb fitness since individuals are genuinely what they devour.

Foods Wise Network Sdn Bhd’s Durian Mochi Specifications

  1. Trademark: FoodWorth
  2. It looks as though it were made of velvet, and it's pretty smooth
  3. The durian mochi relish is sweet
  4. Actual one hundred per cent all-natural fruit and constituent construction
  5. Has been certified as Halal by JAKIM
  6. The item weighs about 120g (4.23oz) after packaging
  7. Wrapping: 30g (1.06oz) x 4 chunks per box and 24 boxes per carton
  8. Lifespan: 18 months or a year and a half
  9. Port Klang
  10. Made in Malaysia by a reputable company only


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