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  • FoodWorth
  • Soft and creamy
  • Sweet
  • Made with real fruit
  • (30g x 4 pieces) per box, 24 boxes per carton
  • 120 Gram
  • 18 Months
  • Malaysia
  • Port Klang

Product details of Durian Mochi | Strawberry Mochi Supplier

Usage: To what end do you put durian mochi? The correct response is "as you see fit". Durian mochi can be eaten in a myriad of fashions. There is no wrong way to eat a durian mochi ball; people have been known to simultaneously pop the whole thing in their mouths.
Durian mochi, topped with ice cream, is a highly regarded dessert option. You may take this cold, creamy durian mochi delicacy with you along the trip to the office, college, or just a promenade around the city and appreciate it while topping it up with strawberry, mango, or pandan ice cream. Are you planning an excursion to Singapore or Perth for your next holiday? Durian Mochi may be taken any place and cherished by everybody.
Certification(s) and Mentioning(s): From its foundation, the Foods Wise Network Sdn Bhd company has been authorised to create a wide choice of unique tastes and rewarding goods, particularly its outstanding Durian Mochi. The most relevant requisites for participation and qualifying are as follows:
  1. JAKIM Halal-Certified: You require Halal JAKIM-approved Permission to provide to prospective purchasers if you plan to market any food or beverage products, including sweets and coffee. Due to its establishment, this JAKIM's Shariah law is crucial to developing the government's economy. Our advisory board scrupulously deconstructs all the procedures when choosing a respectful firm that deserves the certificate. Members of JAKIM are free to publicise the Durian Mochi to Muslims across Malaysia without nervousness about reprisal, just as Foods Smart Network Sdn Bhd Company is.
  1. All Natural Ingredients: To guarantee that every bite of Durian Mochi from Foods Wise Network Sdn Bhd is downright delectable, the firm takes enormous pains to ensure that each ingredient included is entirely authentic and devoid of potentially dangerous preservatives. Foods Wise Network Sdn Bhd cares deeply about the well-being of its clientele, and its Durian Mochi reflects that commitment. Nothing that might be harmful to sentient welfare, such as artificial colourings, chemicals, or parabens, is used in the manufacturing technique. All the purest, newest, and most fantastic authentic resources are employed.
Packaging: Your order of Durian Mochi should be expertly and promptly packaged. It's imperative to be in a good mood while packaging these Durian Mochi snacks for clients so that they arrive at their destination undisturbed. A 120g (4.23oz) and a 30g (1.06oz) variety, with four pieces in every box and 24 boxes to a carton, will be made eligible for an order of this Durian Mochi.
To satiate their Durian Mochi cravings, FoodWorth customers could maintain to purchase in increments of 1 x 20ft containers. If it's any indication, one pallet of Durian Mochi from FoodWorth is the most amount you might bargain for. Take into account doing LCL (less than container load) transactions to gauge customer interest in these goods.
Shelf Life: Like any perishable food item, the Durian Mochi has a time limit for consumption. The producer states the longevity of this Durian Mochi to be 18 months. However, it could be calculated to be one and a half years. If shoppers follow the retailer's preservation assistance, their Durian Mochi can keep for many months. Durian mochi must always be retained in an airtight case, but that's the primary rule.

Foods Wise Network Sdn Bhd’s Durian Mochi Overview

How about mochi? Have you previously tried it? I'm guessing that you've had a variety of mochi flavours previously, but perhaps not durian. The company, Foods Wise Network Sdn Bhd, is expanding into new territory. Still, it is currently in the product trade industry, which is the durian trade. To be sure, we'll be introducing durian mochi today.
Durian mochi, or "Mua Chi" as it's pronounced in Malaysia, is a confection of sticky rice stuffed with finely chopped walnuts and sweetness. On the other hand, the earliest version of this item came from Japan. It included neither an interior nor an exterior finish. Someone in a separate nation added sugar, almonds, frozen yoghurt, and maybe even durian to make it even tastier.
Durian mochi has a structure and flavour that people either love or loathe. Several individuals enjoy stuffing their mouths with its chewy, stretchy, and subtly sugary texture. Yet, for some, the fact that it adheres so readily to their teeth and might compel them to mastic in a way that seems to take up a lot of power is enough to put them off. The durian mochi here is of a uniquely Malaysian kind.
D24 Durian is the source for some of the durian mochi available for people who love durian mochi. D24 durian is preferred above other varieties because of its superior flavour and smooth consistency. Both of these are further incentives to try it at least once. While the D24 durian has a balanced sweetness and sour flavour, the Musang King variety is more acidic. The rich sweet taste of mochi may be easily adjusted using a D24 durian.
Please contact this medium to inquire about the price and specifics of our durian mochi.

About Foods Wise Network Sdn Bhd

Organic merchandise is Foods Wise's forte, specifically Durian and other tropical fruit-based items. We are committed to offering exclusive items made with genuine ingredients and solely supplying commodities of the best value. We only provide authentic, authentically developed products. This ensures that neither our food nor any components used to make it include any unnatural substances such as monosodium glutamate (MSG), chemical preservatives, synthetic artificial flavours, or unnatural sweeteners.
As a company, we are dedicated to producing the most fabulous excellent goods on the marketplace via the cutting-edge technology in the production phase, along with efficient and sterile formulation techniques that preserve the food's freshness and nutritional value. As fellow shoppers, the opinions of Foods Wise customers mean the great majority to us. As the saying goes, "you become what you eat," which means good food may help you be healthy.


Foods Wise Network Sdn Bhd’s Durian Mochi Specifications:

  1. Brand: FoodWorth
  2. It has a soft and velvety appearance
  3. It has a sugary durian mochi smack
  4. Genuinely 100% made of natural fruits and elements
  5. Has a Halal approval given by JAKIM
  6. It has a net weight of 120g (4.23 oz)
  7. Packaging: 30g (1.06oz) x 4 chunks for each box and 24 boxes for each carton
  8. Service life: 18 months or one year and a half
  9. Port Klang
  10. Exclusively produced by a credible Malaysian firm

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