Earl Grey Teabags

  • Raintree
  • 702057070080
  • Tea bag
  • Dried crushed tea leaves
  • Black tea with bergamot oil
  • 100% Pure Ceylon Black Tea with Bergamot
  • 31 x 44 x 19 cm
  • 12 boxes per carton / 24 boxes per carton
  • 24 months
  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
  • Johor Port

Product details of Earl Grey Teabags

Usage: The following guideline serves as an example to brew for an everyday, any occasion beverage. Simply take a single enveloped Earl Grey Teabag of RainTree brand out of the purchased box. Tear the individually wrapped packaging found and unveil the tea within. Place that tea bag onto a cup and then pour hot water (95°C - 100°C) in until 180ml is reached. Leave the teacup to rest for up to 3 or 5 minutes, in order to dilute and dissolve the Earl Grey tea steadily.

A teaspoon may be used further to lightly stir the cup, in order to release the spices within and diffuse more of the flavours found from the Earl Grey teabag and into the water. Steadily drink or sip this tea slowly whenever it's warm to achieve the ideal tasting experience. All variations of teas introduced by App Food Industries Sdn Bhd may also be iced and blended to form the chef's choice of a milk tea—having mixed with sugar or honey, alongside milk or cream—which has been a part of a cultural norm and a beverage experience of the modern world.

Likewise, the Halal Earl Grey tea may be served alone - without any further ingredients added, and can be used to complement with your breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea, high tea and even lunch as a luxury beverage with your clients and social circle. 

Certification: The RainTree brand of brewed drinks, including the Earl Grey Tea, has been awarded with three large certifications since its inception. Aligning with the interest and goals of App Food Industries Sdn Bhd, all drinking catalogue found as part of the fast-moving consumer goods' (FMCG) niche has achieved the necessary stature to be exported, and used around the globe:-

  1. Halal-Certified: In meeting all Shariah-compliant regulatory standards; from farming, to the processing of all roasted teas found in the RainTree brand during its manufacturing stage, App Food Industries Sdn Bhd has achieved the permissible certification necessary for the ethical consumption of all Muslims worldwide. In this sense, this roasted brew may be known as a Halal Earl Grey Tea in Malaysia.

  2. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Award: Stringent time table and fixed scheduling of processes across its in-house practice made the RainTree's Earl Grey Teabag a common symbol of Good Manufacturing Practice, which is only awarded under the stability and uniformity of roasted tea production across a set of time.

  3. Rainforest Alliance Member Certification: All lands rented, owned, farmed, and even used - including the factory by App Food Industries Sdn Bhd are in permitted and regulatory-abide regions. In this sense, the tea leaves collected and mixed into the Earl Grey teabag are well-considered for environmental conscience, and are against deforestation amid the expansion of RainTree stamp of tea agriculture. This Halal Earl Grey tea of Malaysia origins can also be recycled by reusing the roasted leaves for composting purposes.

Packaging: Uniquely catering to restaurants, offices and even for parties or any event use, this selection of luxury teabags comes in 100 units per box found. Each of the Earl Grey teabag must be purchased in batch quantities of 12 or 24 boxes, under the value privilege of better discount exclusive only to corporate deals.

The tea bags used to house RainTree's Earl Grey features dual-chambers (also known as double chamber) that helps to increase exposure to warm water, thus making the diffusion of tang further.  


About Halal Earl Grey Tea Malaysia

Nothing quite ignites your senses the way a cup of Earl Grey can. Delicately balancing the level of Bergamot with our hand picked Ceylon Black Tea, sipping a cup stimulates the palate and leaves you with an ambrosial experience.

Made from 100% Premium Pure Ceylon Tea. 100 Days of Tea is the perfect way for anyone to experience Tea the Raintree way. 

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